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  1. I don't know if this is the right place but letting people know a genuine lotus elan sprint is coming up for sale at Mathewsons auction, had a small fire under front right but otherwise a genuine car, some personal history from the owner if required
  2. don't mind the subject drift - just shows the forum is active which is a positive - my insurers (Adrian Flux) look like they have accepted the forum as just had reminder to forward mileage form & no mention of club membership so will keep you posted......on another note had first proper run out this weekend without any drama and even got to wave to fellow wedge driver at Barnetby top !
  3. fonz156


    My 1975 Elite
  4. fonz156

    HI all

    just to say hello to all on here - just purchased a 75 Elite ..taxed n tested so had first spin tonight - gearbox stiff but otherwise drove the same as the 75 Elite i owned nearly 30 years ago ..... always an ongoing project but i know more now than i did then so the saga begins !!!!!!
  5. DOH !!!! - just getting in touch with my insurers to see if the Lotus Forum full membership counts for the discount
  6. I have just purchased a 75 Elite (had one 30 years ago so gone full circle!!) but my insurance offer discount for joining owners club .... so , who do we recommend to join - been in owners clubs for other cars before and found the best ones are recommended by users ...cheers
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