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  1. Not really sure on the need for paid membership and the photo restrictions on basic membership. Surely with free membership there would be more people posting and therefore more traffic and more revenue for the site?
  2. I'm still around. Still tinkering away on this resto. I can't seem to post photos anymore though so haven't been updating this thread.
  3. I have the same problem with my new iPhone that has HEIC instead of Jpeg as the default format. Superior format apparently but not compatible with a lot of websites.
  4. Mine has the two holes as well. The foam covers them I believe.
  5. From memory there was a piece of foam that sits on the bottom and holds it more or less in place.
  6. The tailgate cable just goes over the rear wheel arch and then follows the body around to the lock in the middle of the rear hatch. There isn't a specific route as such it just kind of snakes around the corner to the rear deck lock.
  7. Yes there's a bracket on the engine side which holds the shelf on top of the fuel tank.
  8. Fridge is right, bumper goes on first, throught the recessed centre hole he describes. So the bumper is held on by a single bolt/screw either side. Then the lens unit goes over the top of the bumper, and screws through the four holes either side of the bumper and into the bodywork. You will work your own way of doing this to avoid using screws into the glassfibre bodywork, as per factory. I used jacknuts in the body.
  9. The war on screws continues. The clips which hold the trim piece above the doors are screwed into the fibreglass. I removed them, and replaced with titanium nuts and bolts.
  10. Yes it looks like the waistline trim tucks in underneath the bumper. I went to a local rubber shop with the bumper and trial fitted various sizes of u-rubber until I found one that felt right.
  11. Looking at the LH, you can see on the right there is a row of three jacknuts. The centre one holds the bumper in place. Then the indicators go over the top, and screw through the bumper and body. My indicators came from Mini Spares UK. The four holes are threaded and had bolts and nuts that probably fit a mini properly. It doesn't work for the Esprit because you don't have access to the inside of the front boot where the bumper screws in. I removed these nuts and bolts and put M4 bolts through the lens frame holes, fixing them to the jacknuts in the body. This makes the bumper and lenses very easy to remove any time, and prevents further damage to the bodywork. I have banned screws into fibreglass on this car and am coming up with alternative solutions wherever I can.
  12. Front bumper is screwed into the bodywork. I couldn't have this, so installed jack nuts so I can bolt the bumper in: New titanium (what else?) bolts: And new lenses: Bumper on:
  13. The seals you have which are not a good fit, are these the SJ ones?
  14. I'm not bothering with the correct texture. I am pedantic about most things but not about seeking to match the finish of the original car.
  15. Unfortunately I've lost the bits that have snapped off...
  16. The left one was intact. The right one, if you look closely at my first pic, the plastic has snapped off where the top two rivets/screws go. I think one of the bottom corners has also snapped off. I'm going to have to do some research to see if plastic can be fixed and who can do it in Sydney! The SJ parts are fibreglass and completely stiff, so they can't be bent to the natural curve of the body. I found them to be a different size and shape and because of this impossible to fit.
  17. Affixed the B post trim today. Bought new ones from SJ, here they are with the stickers on them: The SJ parts are much thicker, and made of fibreglass instead of the brittle plastic of the original. Unfortunately they do not fit because they do not follow the contours of the body the way my orginal parts do, so into storage they go. My left side trim was in pretty decent condition, so I started on that one first. Repainted with VHT primer and Hood Bumper & Trim Black: The bodyshop had filled and painted over most of the holes, so there was a lot of trial fitting and fettling before I found all the original holes: Fitted with stainless M3 nuts and bolts and nylon washers: I've read so much about noisy/rattly S1s and S2s, so I've insulated the hell out of the interior. This section is a bit messy but will be covered by the rear bulkhead trim:
  18. Another (more expensive) option:
  19. Waitaminute I have an S2. Will this fit my chassis?
  20. Ah yes I have all of that, even the heat shield! Thanks so much for clearing that up it was driving me nuts.
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