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  1. Coming a bit late to this thread - my great grandfather served as a surgeon with the Royal Army Medical Corps during the Boer War. By some twist of fate his future son-in-law, my grandfather, lied about his age and joined one of the yeomanry regiments serving in S Africa. His future wife, my grandmother, drove an ambulance in France during WW1, meeting the trainloads of wounded and taking them to the base hospitals. The generations skipped WW2 and my dad joined the army at the end of 1945, was part of the 1st peacetime intake at Sandhurst and served 22 years, including active service in Korea with the 5th Inniskilling Dragoon Guards. He transferred to the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars (latterly the Queen's Royal Irish Hussars after amalgamation with 4th Hussars), served with the British Army on the Rhine, a stint at Royal Armoured Corps HQ at Bovington Camp and instructed at various tank gunnery training establishments in Dorset, N Ireland (pre-troubles) and Scotland. He left the army in 1967 with the rank of Major, feeling he had done his bit. He will be 92 in November and despite being in a care home and having no short-term memory, he remembers his army days with remarkable clarity. He has always been my hero! Ever since I read Cornelius Ryan's "The Longest Day" and saw the film I have been hooked on the D-Day story. Using family holidays and various road trips I have managed, over the course of some 25 years, to cover the whole D-Day battlefield. The heritage trail, monuments and museums have been improved greatly over that time and I would recommend it to anyone. For me the standouts are the British Airborne Museum at Pegasus Bridge, Museum of the Battle of Normandy in Bayeux, Mulberry Harbour remains at Arromanches (from where came that very moving ceremony yesterday), German battery at Longues, on the cliffs above Arromanches, Omaha Beach and American Cemetery, Pointe du Hoc (taken by the US Rangers) and the US Airborne Museum at Ste Mere Eglise. The D-Day veterans thoroughly deserved the commemoration yesterday - an amazing unselfish generation who should never be forgotten.
  2. Had the AA out this morning to start mine after sitting outside for 6 weeks with a flat battery - needed a new battery but fired up fine and ran sweetly - it's now at Bell & Colvill for some pretrack TLC and body treatment. Roll on 3rd March and Anglesey.....
  3. This brilliantly articulated monologue sums up the situation perfectly.........
  4. OK so you have a bigger wing(s) than any one else! I think we'll allow you the bragging rights! Really looking forward to seeing how I go through Eau Rouge - as you say, should be flat! See you there....
  5. At Last! Eltech wing and Cup R splitter now fitted.Car felt really good at Pembrey last Saturday but the real test will be at Spa 1st and 2nd October....
  6. "Always proud to be British. We will find a way. we will overcome. We always do." Totally agree - v well written piece. Trade and pragmatism will always overcome. Lets talk UK up not down. BBC reporting is sloppy and no longer to be trusted.
  7. The P&O website doesn't mention clearance that I can see. Week before last did a trip to the Netherlands (Zandvoort) with DFDS Seaways Dover-Dunkirk-Dover - the online booking has an option "Car low clear" which I have used successfully a couple of times. The downside is it looks like a long haul home for you....!
  8. Saturday 1st September - Pembrey Circuit, south Wales with Opentrack Monday 1st October, Tuesday 2nd October - Spa with Circuit Days
  9. Just back from a road trip to the Netherlands with my drivers group, taking in a track day at Zandvoort (more of that later - brilliant circuit) and realised I needed satnav rather than relying on close quarter convoy driving - have had real problems with Google maps on my HTC android phone so have just taken delivery of a TomTom 5200. Not sure how I am going to mount it yet but will have fun trying!
  10. RIP. A true legend, although he would never have described himself as one. His book "First Light" is an enthralling read.
  11. Interesting update and great pics. I did Anglesey and the N Wales roads including the Llanberis Pass in October 2016 and it was an epic trip in the company of some like-minded drivers (Exige S2, 2 x BMW M3, Nissan GTR, Suzuki Swift). We did the international in the morning and the coastal in the afternoon (my profile pics are from the Anglesey day). Our group is off to Pembrey in September this year for a track day and a road day thrown in - can't wait!
  12. I had complete engine cutout at Brands Hatch a couple of years ago - my instructor was driving and he is more aggressive than I am - he took a huge amount of kerb at Graham Hill Bend and everything died. Fortunately we had enough momentum to coast along Cooper Straight and then pull off to the right just before Surtees. The green button is the ignition cut-off switch - I turned off then back on again and the engine fired up straight away. We were able to pull into the paddock but caused a brief red flag period. I got Bell & Colvill to check everything but it was a complete mystery to them. It has never happened again.
  13. Bassman

    TLF Trackday?

    I'd be up for a private TLF trackday on a Thursday with 20-25 cars
  14. Good to see everyone at Castle Combe yesterday, both old hands and some new faces. A great day's driving, loads of quality track time and good company to boot. A wonderful curtain-raiser to my 2018 driving season. Thanks to Maxine and Jamie.
  15. I booked this track day yesterday - looking forward to the first serious drive of 2018 and catching up with fellow Lotus drivers...
  16. Agree totally - hit 20k miles last weekend - car is driving beautifully!
  17. Not by me but by my son going home early this morning from his shift as doorkeeper at The Troubadour - Alex, this must be your brand new and beautiful car!
  18. Bassman

    Snow Day!

    Putney 8.30am Wednesday
  19. Run to the hills Iron Maiden Heading out to the highway Judas Priest
  20. Hi all Have booked Zandvoort with Bookatrack 19th July and Spa with Circuit Days 1st & 2nd October. Going with my driving mates - see link below:
  21. Spot on - have thought this for some time. It is not in Labour's interest to help people up the ladder - they need to keep people oppressed otherwise their raison d'etre disappears. With reference to Mark's post above my 21 year old son thinks Corbyn is a muppet, as do most of his rugby team-mates!
  22. Eltech wing waiting to be fitted - update and pics to follow in due course... 2014 V6 Cup Black Edition
  23. Bassman

    Exige Cup

    That's really useful info. My Black Edition is over 3 years old now and after nearly 20,000 miles is looking a bit tired - definitely needs a pre-season facelift!
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