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  1. Ste Bedford

    Ste Bedford

  2. still looking for door seals, if anyone is breaking an elite and has the seals let me know, also looking for a full carpet set
  3. Anyone know where I can find a set of these from? The 1s on mine are completely gone and its pouring in water. Cheers, Steve
  4. yeah I can see what you mean, to be honest I probably don't have the time to do it up. I think ill just sell it as is. I had someone round last night looking at it who lives down the road and whos dad had 1 so he wants 1 to do up and keep, hes bringing his mechanic round this week to check it over. If anyone else is interested in it let me know, looking for around £1250 ono
  5. Just had a look at the elite today and was thinking about doing some of the bits to it myself and see how far I get. The first thing was the roof, it needs new vinyl, can I do this myself? if so where do I get the vinyl from? and would it be worth priming and painting the roof first? also, would it need an adhesive on the roof before the vinyl? im guessing the chrome trim on the roof comes off to release the bits of vinyl that are left on there? The second thing I was looking at was the interior, theres a full roll of new flooring material in there that needs putting down but I was won
  6. just got a bit of info on it from my cousin (who gave it me) 1979 lotus elite wants interior sorting needs roof lining needs carpets needs painting all mechanical work sorted had second hand chassis & hammerited also complete old rolling chassis with lots of new parts on it, plus lotus excel body shell with lots of parts still on it including leather interior. all glass reg plate worth £700 on its own had 4 speed gear box fitted had lots of new mechanical parts fitted, not much work to get through MOT, even the lights stay down too much work done to break for parts That'
  7. just found out the rolling chassis that comes with it is a lotus excel
  8. Thanks very much, ill pop a post in there shortly
  9. Hi all, Im new to this forum as Ive just been given a lotus elite that needs restoring. Unfortunately I really don't have the time to do it up so Im thinking about selling it and I was wondering if theres any demand for a lotus elite project? its mainly complete, just needs a new interior and a few small bits. can anyone give me advise on selling it and how much theyre worth? If need be I can post more details about it when I get home if that helps. It does come with a rolling chassis/body of another lotus (esprit I think) Cheers, Steve
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