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  1. What a stunning looking car, well done Jonny, an amazing looking beast. Look forward to hearing how you get on with her.
  2. They had an LF1 next to it, stunning car. Look!! Sorry about that, will get the LF1 pic tomorrow!!.
  3. I saw the JPS Evora 410 at Silverstone today and was lost for words!!, it's just perfect. I thought I was convinced that pearl yellow was the way to go but the Silverstone car is sublime, the rear end is stunning.
  4. Nice one Jonny, looking forward to your thoughts on the car when you get it. Ive been sat on the fence for a while with the 410, it wouldn't take much to convince me. Can't wait to see the spec, Sport 300 inspired?. Phil
  5. I've just been looking through all the views of the car and must say that Lotus have really got this one so right. It's so well thought out and the new front end is way more sexy and masculine than any current Mclaren. The only sticking point is finding the funds soon enough!!!. Apparantly only 6 for the Uk and nearly all have gone. Welldone Lotus. Phil
  6. I know we are straying off topic a bit but my last comment on the subject concerns Porsche interiors, which people seem to salivate over: Surely I'm not the only one who finds the matching colour of seats, dashboard and steering wheel as vomit inducing!!!!!!, . Usually red,brown and beige being the worst. Oh and the Evora 410 interior is much improved over the standard 400 offering in my view, although the original Sports Racer interiors were the best.
  7. I agree on power to weight Jonny, I do think the masses get fixated on the headline figure. More important to me is the engine orientation, it should be rotated and sat lower. As per Kevin Riley's GT race car which is obliterating the Ferraris and Mclarens, even though they are running much more power!.
  8. JG220 said "911R and 410sport. Now that is nonsense and not really worth expanding more on. " Take a look at the Lotus with the body removed, massive difference between the two, that's what you are paying for. Porsche do a great job and the product lineup is very well honed. But Lotus, despite being run by the wrong person who thinks every time he releases a new product it has to be quicker round the track,, still make cars with soul. The chassis and suspension being easily adapted to take racing and win . The issue I have is the 410 offers just 10bhp more and that quite frankly, at the price premium over the 400 is a joke. Lets just say I'm growing impatient for a serious mid engined product from Lotus with the engine mounted the correct way!!!. Phil
  9. JCT600 in Leeds will have a 410 and Exige 380 available for test drives in January.
  10. Jonny, I think I am falling for this car now. Yellow or Motorsport green with roof scoop for sure, looks awesome!.
  11. Having seen the modified photos I am beggining to like this car. I wonder if it was done in pearl yellow with decals in green and same style as my old sport 300 decals?. Jonny?.
  12. I've been waiting for this car to be revealed for the past three months and find myself underwhelmed. The 360 Cup has become even more appealing now. I will reserve final judgement until I see one close up. The colour certainly doesn't help matters. Bring back the Motosport Department please. Oh and if this is appealing to more Porsche boys, then that worries me. I also don't think much of the clown running the show, spouting about Colin Chapman all the time but not really "getting it". Phil
  13. Def not sig silver for sure.
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