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  1. Hi Andy, Do the SGS struts work Ok and do they fit without an issue as I think they are much cheaper than S & J's and I was a bit unsure which to go for. I have an S1 and I assume you purchased 1982 Turbo struts. Thanks for your help. Alec
  2. Hi John, I would definitely go polished. I think bead blasting may be a bad idea as they will take some polishing afterwards. I just did mine by hand and with a buffing mop on an electric drill. Not perfect but much better than when I got the car. I have attached a before and after picture. I hope this helps. Alec
  3. It does look really nice. Is there a different air vent on the dash, passenger side?
  4. Thanks Joolz, it has been better of late but I will certainly check this out. Thanks for your help.
  5. Alec Grimsey

    Alec Grimsey

  6. Thanks Paul, I had a look on how many left and it certainly does list the Esprit but doesn't seem to break it down enough to see the S1.
  7. I always think of classic cars as a little bit of history. When you look back at some of the engineering and what was achieved, often its quite amazing. I guess it is inevitable that the prices of cars and spares will rise as they become rarer and there are less in existence. There will always be some that are kept original and others which are less so but all the same loved by their owners. But likewise someone will always be trying to make a few pounds. Is there a master record of how many S1 Esprits are in the UK or a way of finding out as this would be an interesting thing to know.
  8. I know how you feel Paul, that's always the question I ask myself with my S1. It may sound daft but I am finding the more I drive it, the more reliable it gets.
  9. How much????? I agree the interior would need re-doing and with the steering wheel is so far off the original. The door lines don't look good and was that a WHITE spare wheel??
  10. Thanks Barrie, I have no idea on value though.
  11. Alec Grimsey

    S1 value

    Hi all, That's really interesting. Mine is roadworthy, MOT and taxed and I would say in average to good condition. Body is OK but could do with a little work on the interior like the seats re-doing. My agreed value with the insurance is £10k it sounds to me as if you are all saying this is a bit low? Pictures attached. Alec
  12. Hi all, I have my S1 fully comp with agreed value through Hagerty on limited mileage classic car insurance and it is £115. They were really helpful on the phone and may be worth a call. Alec
  13. Hi Paul, I had a similar problem on my S1, I also had them set up by S&J. I increased the size of the idle jet as this is incorrectly named, its nothing to do with the idle but is the transition between no throttle and opening up the main jets. The difference was remarkable. You can get new jets from Dellortos in Reading who are very helpful.. They are not expensive and if it doesn't solve the problem you can change them back. Hope this helps. Alec
  14. I know exactly what you are all saying about the Clutch master Cylinder push rod and a picture of the other end would help prove this. However on my S1 it is not pressed steel like this but a square block of Aluminium machined out.
  15. Good Luck Paul, I am sure he will sort it out for you. Alec
  16. I hope Steve sorts it OK Paul. Please let us know what he says and finds. Fingers crossed its not too costly for you. Alec
  17. I'm thinking maybe Handbrake? A bigger picture would help, as Pete says with the other end. Good Luck..
  18. Wow! Some great looking cars all in one place and well done Paul for getting her going, I am sure you will resolve those issues quickly. I bought mine in 1989 as a non runner and after many hours of work, engine rebuild etc it passed its MOT Jan 2014. They are just fantastic and totally worth all the effort. Good luck and please keep posting to keep us all up to date.
  19. Thanks Guys all great suggestions. I will give them a call. Thanks for all your input.
  20. Hi all, I would love your opinions please. I am still a little unhappy with our Lotus Esprit S1 as when it is hot it tends to cut out at idle and not want to re-start. It could be carbs, timing or something else. I don't think my expertise or equipment is going to resolve it without a lot of chasing my tail. I am thinking of taking it somewhere to get it checked out and set up properly, possibly on a rolling road, but hopefully quite close to Andover so I don't breakdown on the way. I have come across Ray West at Thruxton who says no problem they can sort it and I wondered if anyone had any experience of them, knew anything about them or could even recommend someone. Thanks for your input, I look forward to hearing your everyones thoughts. Alec
  21. Hi Pete, Sorry to hear you are having problems. I had exactly this when I cam back from Silverstone last year, like you a gradual loss of being able to change gear, the peddle felt fine and there was liquid in the reservoir. I changed the Clutch Master and Slave cylinder and all is now OK. I hope this helps. Alec
  22. Hi all, I have been trying to purchase my advance tickets for this years (2015) lotus festival at Brands but even though the header on the website says 2015, when you try and buy the tickets it seems to revert back to 2014 and says online tickets are now closed. Can anyone help, am I doing something wrong or is the website faulty. Thanks. Alec
  23. Hi all, Any thoughts, help, advice and comments would be very welcome. Since getting my S1 back on the road earlier this year I have done about 450 miles. Prior to getting it on the road the engine was rebuilt and the timing and carbs were set up by S&J. The problem I am having is that when the car is up to temperature (its not a problem when cold) and I stop at a junction when I touch the throttle to pull away the revs die and the car cuts out. Any ideas? The car is normally a little hesitant when pulling away at low revs (less than 2,000), but I just put that down to my driving style. I am thinking that the revs die and engine cuts out could be either timing or Carbs. What do you think? Any other possibilities? Any thoughts would be very welcome. Thanks. Alec
  24. Hi Paul, Mines got a Pioneer KE4300. I have no reason to think it wasn't original. I hope this helps. Alec
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