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  1. The traction control fault is coming up intermittently. It usually clears after restart but comes back after 100 miles or so. Likely a sensor but would be good to get it cleared so I can use Race mode. Anyone know somewhere near Spa I could get it cleared? Thanks!
  2. I’m definitely planning to be there if I can and would be great to be at TLF stand - good to hear you’ve gone for Silver wheels Tony!
  3. Crap at keeping up on here - I’m in Petersfield
  4. GT430 on track at Portimao. This car’s natural home!
  5. That’s proper. Congrats!
  6. Yes. Also thinking of going to Silverstone with an engineer and doing some live work there in early April
  7. So I took the car to Millbrook in the wet last week and thrashed it round the skid pan. Basically simulated a hairpin, approach fast, brake late, trail to apex, point and floor it. In normal tour mode it was impossible to get the car unstuck even in the wet. Power was cut, understeer. Good to know. In Sport the car snapped in the wet much more quickly but was just about rescuable. TC did cut in eventually though and still not optimal. Race was initially not good in the wet and the car kept spinning out (admittedly with the throttle wide open on nearly full lock!). But quickly it became manageable and progressive. In the dry the combo of tyres, aero and chassis will make Race much the best mode. Didn't really play with the variable TC though suspect this will be fun in the dry if not the quickest way round. The car did understeer at the limit and I wonder if this can dialed out through the suspension. Any thoughts?
  8. Ha - never saw this. It was me probably running in!!
  9. Loving my car so of course I think you can’t go wrong with that spec!
  10. For those buying - I invested in Gtecniq ceramic coating. Well worth it and a doddle to clean
  11. Think I might know who that is!
  12. Late to the party chaps! Been on the road. Essex Blue, Silver wheels, sound dead, stereo (!!), red cat scratches, carbon buckets. Black interior (though loving Jonny’s red buckets I think the black suits this car better). Likely bar and harnesses to follow. All run in now and at full throttle. A remarkable car with the balance of a Lotus as we know it, incredible poise, infinite grip, epic noise and extreme power
  13. Great to see how positive the reviews are. I can say after 300 miles and running in that it is a special car
  14. Thanks mate Great review Jonny and Bibs. A question - what is your thinking on the best ESP/TC for track. Race or off and use the variable traction control?
  15. Thanks @Bibs and all. What a feeling. And it will be the only time in my life I am customer #1! More pics and thoughts to follow. But I can say this is a special car, very special.
  16. Slightly sick with excitement. Pick up Friday. Pics to follow!
  17. So as some of you have seen on FB my GT430 has arrived at Silverstone! More pics and stuff to come when I finally get my hands on it.
  18. Makes total sense to post here- and thank you for doing so. Will PM you
  19. Hey Anthony I went down the same route as you and spoke to the factory - didn't bring it on here though. In the end I am keeping the order for now but will continue to consider. I do think the GT430 (ours) will be a special car and the promised exclusivity of this and the Sport are reassuring. As Jonny says elsewhere - in the end this is still a car I want and can afford. Lotus needs to grow up but the car will be wonderful I have no doubt. Am planning a visit to see it in build if you want to connect on that.
  20. Spot on mate. Colour us driving me mad but in a good way. Harness and aircon obvs! Yes please. Daytona Blue, Essex Blue with red pinstripe and Burnt Orange! ?
  21. What other tracks on the list Jonny? Already know the 430 will be loud. OK for Spa and Ring and I think Silverstone. Donington has noisy days too I think? What colour is that Paul? Just speccing my 430 and this is really nice
  22. Gorgeous. Thanks guys
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