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  1. I hope to be there as well, but in my suzuki vitara 'lady jeep' as my wife refers to it as!!
  2. Hi, I have only just joined this site, and was really surprised to see your entry, I had a house in Ploulec'h a short while ago, still have land there for sale with permission to build a house granted. I love the area, especially Le Yaudet, Loqueric, Perros, Lannion and the 'cote granit rose'! I wanted to live there but 'madam' say 'non' so I had to sell the house. A great place and I would definitely visit if there was a Lotus meeting in the area again. Regards Grahame (Ker Glas house name in France)
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    Got there in the end, thanks for the welcomes everyone
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    Hi Everyone, I am slowly finding my around the site (with some help!) and would like to introduce myself as a Lotus Elan M100 owner, specifically an S2 version, 1995 number 450/800. It is my second Lotus, the first being some 30 years ago, a tired plus 2 130/5 Elan which graced the front cover of Classic car long after I sold it, (DBP 27L). I live in Tavistock, Devon so quite some distance from most of you! My current Elan is missing sun visors, (I think people took them off as they were a hindrance so I have been told,!!) so I could do with tracking some down, the breakers don't seem to want to sell for some reason, any help would be good. Having looked through the site, there appears to be a wealth of varied subject matter / knowledge and I have spent the last (my first on here) two evenings looking through and having a few giggles, very interesting. Maybe I can meet some of you somewhere at a meet or similar, sometime? Regards Grahame
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