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  1. Yeah I think he posted in my earlier threadnon seeing an Evora in the PWC.
  2. Ahhh, I see. My mistake. Its still a beautiful car though. I'll have to try and catch it on the tc sometime soon. KW
  3. I forget, what are the engine specs od the 3eleven? But it is good to see Lotus racing in one of our top tier GT Racing series. Though PWC isnt ALMS, IMSA, etc. KW
  4. SDR, thanks for the information about the #46 Evora. Alas, this year I have not been able to keep up with the PWC like I used to do. Maybe I'll get the app that allows me to catch the livestream of the PWC races. By the way, is that the old Alex Jobs Evora? If not, what are the specs that you are running for the Pirelli World Challenge. ~&~&~ Neda, think we should revisit this topic this year?? KW. SDR, is it possible to get a poster (or some other swag) of the #46? :-) :-) KW
  5. DVR'ed the race on FS1 (big mistake. FOX Sports gooned it{effed it up} as usual with their split FS1/FS2 coverage. Had to work yesterday and missed 90% of the good stuff. Got home and watched the remaining bit I had recorded and those idjits at Fox Sports switched to the US Open with maybe an hour or so left. Was most ticked off at Fox Sports. Still am. I miss the original and independant Speed Channel-Speedvision. Hell, I wish I could see the FIAWEC races here in Louisiana as they happen. For next year,I would like to see if a GTEPro spec Evora [or four] racing for the class win.
  6. According to the previous article: "On that point, contrary to a recent story, Lotus is not pulling out of the US. It says it will not build a 2015 model year Evora while it works on a compliant car for 2016 with the right airbags". {I tried to C&P this quote but it wouldn't let me. Sorry} SO us yanks can expect a US-compliant Evora in two years? Once that is done could we see the return of US-compliant Elise and Exige's to the States? ~&~&~ One thing that could bring more notice of Lotus in the US, IMO, is the return of a Lotus factory team to US touring car ra
  7. Did I read the last part of that article correctly? Lotus hasn't left the US and is contemplating a convertible Evora S for 2016??? OH HAPPY DAY!!!! Of course, I still won't be able to afford it but I can dream!!!
  8. Now that I'd have to read about. Just because it is my dream Evora S.
  9. yeah, watched the Dyson Bentley in some PWC races I watched on my laptop today. For a such a big lady that Bentley can dance. You're right about PWC being cheaper than WEC and the like, so I wonder if the 3.5L supercharged would be somewhat competitive. If not, have it bored out to either 3.7L or 4.0L. With the proper tuning that might bring about 500 or so HP. Did not know about the two drivers you mentioned. But if I did ave the cashish to run a team, they'd be my first calls to drive. The one reason I'd want a veteran in m driver lineup would be to help out the others with the op
  10. Hehehe, of course this is all hypothetical. Hell, I wish I had $100 mil for real. Alas, ,one can only dream. ~&~&~ World Endurance Challenge, i could imagine that. I'd want to run at least one car in either the GT or GTS class of PWC. Would run 2 Evora S' and switch to twin-turbocharging instead of supercharging. Would have one veteran driver and one rookie or new driver as well as running either 2 or 4 mid-career drivers in Exige V6 Cup as a training ground/substitute proving ground. That would probably run about $20 mil there to get the cars, drivers, engineers, and wha
  11. Okay, let's just assume an unlimited budget for now. roughly about $100 mil or so.
  12. Hmm, been awhile since I last visited this discussion. ~&~&~ If you could build the perfect GT, GT-A, GTS, GTE, GT3, and GT4 Evora that fits into speifications r the various groups, what would you do?
  13. Pour all the and strike up the ! Keep the loud pedal pinned and the quiet pedal alone! Happy 40th Birthday Bibs!!! KW
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