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  1. Starting to come together, with the new carpets etc I don't think the seats are 'lost' and actually look pretty good. Still a work in progress but from what I started with (last pic) I am fairly happy
  2. The older Celica Wheels are 14" which is too small but only just. It seems anything above 16" definately OK but possibly even a 15" wheel might be alright, luckily I have both 15 and 17 . I guess there is only one way to find out....
  3. I have been thinking the standard front brakes on my '88 are from a Celica of the same era. it seems alot of the Celica guys upgrade with later Toyota brakes from a supra or celica , some as late as '99 four piston caliper and matching rotor, some state they fit straight onto the 70's celica with larger wheels as clearance is the only issue. I have found some Calipers locally from a mid 90's supra with twin pistons which should surely be an upgrade, from just looking at them they seem like they should fit straight onto exisiting bolt holes, has anyone got experience of going t
  4. I think they look absolutely fine, and when i sell the car it will come with both sets of seats. Travis did you make new runners or mount on the old ones? I have currently mounted on old ones but still need new holes to mount them further back. just seen the old holes so answered my own question. I am putting new carpets in at the same time so I will at least cover that up. ta James
  5. I am in the process of redoing my interior. The leather itself was in great condition (no holes or tears) but looked tatty and a terrible colour. I bought a leather dye kit, stripped it out and have been redying Black (from 80's blue). It looks fantastic. the carpets were grey and falling to bits, a new carpet kit was about 300 quid from Coverdale also in black. I have replaced all the rusty screws spraying the new ones to match the interior, refurbed the original speaker covers, new steering wheel, seats (Elise) , hydro dipped all the crap black plastic, v8 alloy trim to add. Only
  6. Not when the driver is 6'5 and 110 kilos. I am fed up of having to twist my leg to the side in order to change gear and having to always have the sunroof open so I don't bang my head on every bump. everyone has a different perspective. I need more room as I currently avoid driving it because its uncomfortable,
  7. there will be in a couple of weeks .... I have seen pics of them in the older G cars and I know of a couple in later Esprits. I will post some when I finish the project.
  8. Hi Jacques, yes the elise seats are alot smaller but far more comfortable. For me the added bonus is the extra foot of leg room. They are also really easy to get onto the original runners and are exactly the same width as the originals.
  9. james280779


  10. I have had several TVR's over the last 15 years, in fact I recently sold my custom 4.7 Chimaera to a guy from Nederlands. If set up properly they handle fantastically well, It (as a marque) doesn't handle as well as the Esprit for sure but they make up for that in noise and exhilaration. They handle a lot better than the vettes I have driven, I always find the LS to be such a lazy engine, none of that from the speed 6. Its probably also the quickest car/s I have ever driven and would leave the Esprit standing (on a straight road). I find them extremely comfortable to drive however I am 6'
  11. I have had this same dilemma, I have now opted for the seats from a mk1 elise with the inflatable back support. Very similar to the GT3 seats minus that side pinching issue. Will be installed very soon, I have put them onto the original runners but because the seats are so much smaller than the originals there is now a huge gap behind the seats. I am going to have to drill 4 new holes and move them back further. They also have the fibreglass backs so I am spraying them same colour as the car.
  12. fair huh I ordered some parts for a car that was being exported. They were quoted a four week turn around. This was in April, come June I am still chasing parts - I wanted them fitted and exported with the car. End of July I have to cancel the shipping as still waiting for parts. The arrive early August and I have no choice but to put them into the car and send as is- fair enough, I swallowed the extra couple of hundred quid it cost to rebook. The fun starts when I try to claim back the VAT (exported = no VAT) HMRC states I have to claim back from supplier, He is simply refusing to giv
  13. Funny I have never had anything but problems, currently got ongoing court action against SJ - probably the most obtuse rude person I ever had the displeasure of meeting....... and I was a cop for over 10 years
  14. I will try and get a photo later, basically the bonnet is almost touching the headlight pod when both closed on the drivers side. there is about a 1cm gap on the other. If I open the bonnet the headlight opens fully every time so its not the bushes. The bonnet hinge seems to go under the front plate part of the car and I cannot feel anywhere to adjust it. Its a new problem which has only just developed so its puzzling the hell out of me.
  15. Anyone got any experience of the bonnet moving?? Mine seems to have dropped a cm or so on the drivers side and its stopping the headlight pod from opening fully. If I push it a couple of times it comes up fully. Its not the usual motor turning not moving/ worn bushes, it seems to stop it opening fully by the bonnet being too low then the motor stops . Push again and it comes up a bit more and again until its fully up. I cannot see how to adjust the bonnet - anyone help
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