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  1. Are you still on the lookout - ive got a low mileage launch edition in white I am considering selling if you are interested. Its a manual with all packs, radium intake, exhaust (original included), improved radio with much improved reversing camera.
  2. Thinking of selling my white NA Launch edition soon if anybody is looking for one still drop me a PM
  3. Ryanmt


  4. On the earlier evora the door lock motor is from a Kia (Rio iirc, maybe the boot on other kias) chances are the motor has got some water in and its corroding the motor leaving it a bit weak/sticky (the motor is the lowest part of the unit on the car so when it gets water in it drowns first). Plenty on ebay for sub £10 so its worth a go
  5. Yep, I just replaced the entire window motor in the end. Very easy job to do and its been spot on since. As far it being a Austin/BL parts I think its actually made by an Italian company the electric side but I didn’t get much further than that, was easier to just by a new one!
  6. when you close the door it should pop up a 1cm ish. If its not, check the door indicator on the dash, if it says the doors still ajar its probably the switch on the latch. If it knows the door is shut then its possibly the regulator When mine broke the window itself worked fine but the 1cm close thing went haywire. It stopped working, then started randomly bobbing up and down when I was driving followed by other odd behaviour. Swapped the motor and its been spot on since!
  7. Regarding the leak try some water with a small amount of washing up liquid in around the valve, if it bubbles try turning the nut half a turn
  8. Both Lotus Silverstone and Christopher Neil didnt bat an eye when I test drove evoras at 28 years old. Recently looking at a somewhat tatty 5 year old range rover at a Kia Dealership they wouldnt even let me test drive it as "the manager wants to make sure your serious and need to agree you will leave a deposit today first". Their loss went and got an Autobiography thats much better for less the following week. Sometimes I think the dealers ask what I do for a living and when I say software development they make allowances for me being a bit scruffy
  9. Nothing special really, it should just unscrew. Have you tried pushing it from the back? via the glovebox hole?
  10. I would start with the cables first, sounds like an issue with those over the gearbox itself.. but if they are ok it does point to the gearbox
  11. Sounds like the regulator has gone awol, theres a few people on here who have had to have replacements fitted due to similar problems.
  12. For future refrence. I used some 28mm ID pipe that was sold as bilge hose. Its rubber reinforced with plastic. Old one was utterly knackered like this all the way along. Forgot to take photos of the one finished but here it is mid fitment before it was neatend up. Easy enough job to sort out and worth keeping an eye on when you fill the washer that its not starting to leak!
  13. The wiring diagram is in the lotus manual, or he could have looked at the alpine manual and got the pin outs from there. Reverse engineering it is not something a professional would do when he has the original head unit with easily downloaded manuals for it online.. I think you suffered some lotus tax there im afraid. Seriously though, there’s 4 speaker wires, a live, switched live, earth, handbrake, amp feed and feed for the lights oh and optionally the speedo if the headunit supports. Is totally within the realms of somebody to DIY..If anybody's stuck with it I can make an image to show how the wires cross over!
  14. Its in no way a bastard of a job. 15 mins with a soldering iron tops. Theres a only a handful of wires and you don't even have to do it in the car as the loom unplugs!
  15. First test drive I had in an Evora was at Oakmere Lotus, they were very accommodating. I will be there later if you want to come over and say hello.
  16. the second one is on par with the alpine quality one (which is fairly average). The LEDs do nothing at all really, least on the IR version I had. They tend to have lines on most of the china versions though so be wary. I actually removed the lines by grounding the pin on the eeprom on the camera but since the PCB inside them vary a lot you cant guarantee that they can all be modified in the same way I actually fitted that camera into a 05 Range Rover L322 to replace the OEM one. Was a huge improvement both during daytime and night.. quite comical really that a 13 quid camera blows the 300 quid oem version out the water. I tracked down one with a sony CCD which was better quality again. Once you’ve got standard video cable to the boot its fairly trivial to test and swap cameras if they fail too as opposed to faffing around with the alpine control unit rubbish underneath the sub
  17. lots on ebay, need a sim card which needs to have the ability to sms. If you use p&g sims you need to remember to keep topping it up as they expire after a few months. Generally they respond to codes sent via sms. Its a bit clunky but it works
  18. as above, the regulator has probably had it. The window mechanism is only sold as a complete unit so you just have to bite the bullet rather than try work out of its an ecu/cable problem. Its about £250 to buy and fitting is an hours job for a DIY.
  19. I recently had an issue with a car I was selling and HPI. They take into account the DVLA/MOT history but also run their own mileage history service called National Mileage Register. The NMR gets their data from asking traders, previous owners and generally scraping data from anywhere about car mileages. IE if you get recovered at any point and the firm makes a note of the mileage that could end up as a record against your car. Accurate or otherwise With my old Audi it had a random 90k mileage record in 2013 when it was closer to 80k. I owned the car at the time so i know it never had a speedo swap/got clocked etc but it still caused a headache when selling it. I had to conact the HPI company with all the proof of MOT/Service history data before they removed the error, if I hadnt had that information to hand I would have been stuffed by a record of a mileage that was entered by somebody who I know had never seen the car.. Ive got no idea where the 90k mileage record came from still, could have been a lazy trader or a previous owner making a guess. Maybe it was when I entered a rough mileage in for an insurance quote.. very annoying!
  20. I have a 2ubular and radium cai. Both are quiet in the right driving conditions and only really get noisy if you up the revs! Mines a daily drive and I don't regret it for an second.
  21. Ryanmt

    Lotus Evora 400

    I think the evora badge on the dash was just on the LE / early cars
  22. Yes Colin that corrugated filling tube. I don’t really want a brand new one never mind a second hand one as I’m thinking there’s got to be a better alternative out there. I am going to try track down somewhere that sells the smooth bore reinforced flexible pipe that it used in ponds and the likes today and see if it fits the filler neck.
  23. 1) Common fault with them, replacing them is the only fix or fit carbon fiber versions.. 2) I would check if the reverse lights are effected by the same issue, the reversing camera is triggered by the reverse light feed into the headunit. The reversing camera is prone to getting damanged due to water ingress but it doesnt really sound like thats your issue. If the reversing lights are effected aswell I would look at either the switch in the gearbox or adjusting the gear linkages 5) I would remove the doorcard and inspect the locking motor. Possible linkages are refitted back to front after 6. 8) Probably no gas due to a leak, get it leak tested and see how it goes after refilling. If not probably the compressor at fault. Lotus is very expensive but you can fit an OEM toyota one for much less. 9) Which headunit? Is it alpine, if so scrap it and fit a pioneer or other reccomended headunit off here, they are much much better. 10) Plastic car = crap reception, i fitted a DAB headunit and antenna. Best modification I have done so far.
  24. Has anybody had any issues with the washer filler fluid pipe? It was raised on my last service the one on my LE was perished. When i come to fill it up the other day it just poors onto the floor and nothing ends up on the bottle. Today i removed the arch liner to take a look and the hose is totally knackered, its split in at least 3-4 places, its basically paper thin so it was never going to last. (If you think of the funnels you get in the poundshop, its that kind of quality/plastic) A new one is over £100 from what I can tell as it comes with the neck and other bits. The money doesnt really bother me but the fact the existing one isnt fit for purpose puts me off going for an OEM replacement. Has anybody swapped theirs for anything else? I didnt get chance to check the bore of the pipe so if anybody happens to know that it could be useful.
  25. when mine was leaking it just needed 1/4 of a turn to tighten it - no seal required. Worth a try before trying to get bits replaced. get some water with a tiny bit of washing up liquid in it and poor it on the valve, if you see lots of small bubbles its still leaking
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