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  1. I am not in Adelaide (actually near Canberra) but I have some experience with 900 series engines. Neil Neil Trama Engineering
  2. Neil Trama

    Neil Trama

  3. Buddsy, There is a 1987 HCi (K jetronic) here in Canberra Australia that is absolutely original and has black bumpers. Extremely rare G-Car, only 2 RHD ever made I am told, but definitely original black bumpers. Only 14000km as well. Neil
  4. I bought a copy from Sydney Airport on Thursday. Neil
  5. Roger, If you come down this way, make sure you drop in. Neil
  6. How do you post pictures? Neil
  7. I have fitted Motec M800 engine management to my 1985 Turbo. I used Jenvey throttle bodies and fabricated linkages. I bought a new distributor, machined the housing in the lathe and fitted an adaptor to fit the sensors from a Toyota Corolla. I made a custom distributor shaft to adapt the cam and crank position wheels. I made a custom fuel rail, fitted a Webcon swirl pot with inbuilt fuel pump, welded a bung into the exhaust downpipe to fit a wideband lambda sensor, mad an adaptor to fit an engine temp sensor, drilled/tapped the turbo to plenum pipe for an air temp sensor and a few other bits
  8. Iain, A good way to introduce yourself and car is to attend "Wheels" in March 2015. Look up the site for the ACT Council of Motor Clubs. Neil
  9. Thank you for the welcome. Yes, Queanbeyan is where Mark Webber is from. I have known his father, Alan since about 1980. Alan once called me a bad influence, because I used to 3 wheel my Mini through the roundabout outside his service station and he thought Mark might pick up bad habits from me. Neil
  10. Iain, That would be great. We have a small Lotus community here, mostly Elise and Exige models. Neil
  11. I have been involved with engines on the Toyota powered Exiges and Elises for about 7 years. My involvement with Race and Rally Toyota engines goes back to the 1990s. I own a 1985 Turbo Esprit to which I have fitted Motec engine management, Jenvey Throttle bodies and a Motec SDL dash logger. Neil
  12. I reckon Steve Taylor at Lotus Marques is a very good choice as well. Having said that, if you are planning to race an Esprit and (I mean and) Steve is not able to help with any of the work, I would like to put my hand up as a race engine builder/tuner/engineer with a personal interest in the Esprit, as I own one myself. Even if you are not interested in my help, I would very much like to see what happens with the project anyway. Neil Trama
  13. Hello all, I am new here. I have been building engines for Elise and Exige cars for 8 years but finally bought a Calypso red 1985 Turbo Esprit a few weeks ago. I am in Queanbeyan NSW but you may consider the ACT to be close enough. Neil
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