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  1. I'm surprised by the reviews very surprised. I've just sold a GT3RS because it was a bit dull I have a GT4 at the moment as a stop gap but also quite a dull and soft edged car. Neither of the Porsches are a patch on my old 410 Sport Evora to drive. Sometimes I do wonder what these reviewers are actually looking for other than a place held on the Porsche payroll which I have no doubt at all exists. Porsche do screw the cars together well and do all the owner experience stuff that Lotus will never be able to match but they are dull as dishwater cars. These publications are supposed to be representing the last of us dinosaurs that really want an analogue driving experience yes with the addition of some mod cons. One of the reviews criticised the Emira for bit having anything "new" in terms of tech. What do you rent a teasmaid satnav? Taking a positive it may well spur Lotus on to expedite the frutier variants. I'm waiting with deposit in hand for a road GT4 car.
  2. Situation with Andys was really very odd. One thing that's always outstanding on Lotus cars is paint. My FE Has been prefect my door handle hasn't broken yet which is great. Paint and finish was A1 no rattles which feels very strange! Given that the factory are doing to be doing the QC on the Emira they clearly have a very long way to go. They don't look like a company that's going to deliver the Emira to universal acclaim they appear to be the same chaotic setup they always have been. Still struggling to get parts..... they are supposed to be awash with cash but the same is problems persist!
  3. I have some Pagid RS42s to go in mine and will be bleeding the brakes and pulling some decent fluid in at the same time I've found the exact same thing with mine I think its just the pads are pretty basic. The RS42 should improve the initial bite. The brakes and still not having a soft top 4 months after delivery are the only issues I've had with mine which is a huge improvement over my terrible experience with the 410 Evora. Looking forward to Spring and getting the run in miles completed.
  4. Hi guys I've recently acquired Farooks old 460 Cup which is fitted with ohlins TTX dampers. I wondered if anyone had a manual for them or any advice on setup? It's mainly going to be used for track but having some road settings would be handy too. Cheers
  5. It is. We've sold loads of these about 80% go to the US its better carbon than I got on my Evora.
  6. Thanks chipp a few people dropped me a line on this one always very much appreciated. I'm in contact with the OP so looking forward to seeing it.
  7. I've emailed the fabricators to get the drawings
  8. 🤣 It was a while back now Dave but yeah. Stick a date in whenever you can.
  9. Yes there was something specific to it being automotive. The bend on it is quite tight as well.
  10. Wow it's been a while since the last update! Not really too much to report the Evora is sitting I think at about 5000 miles currently. As the weather has dropped I've not continued to daily it as I did last year. My situation with logistics has changed as we moved units at work and it's not as easy to store the Evora at work as it was before so it tends to get left in the garage more these days. I still have an outstanding rattle that I think is a hangover from when it had the new roof. Andy is trying to sort it but for various reasons (mainly my crazy schedule) we don't seem to be able to get it in. Will probably wait now until service time. JCT moving their workshop away from Leeds just as I bought the car is most annoying I really wish they would consider moving back to town. No other problems or issues at all with the car. Other than all the original QC related stuff the car has actually been fault free 100% So early year wobbles have dissipated I have continued to keep an eye on 570s and indeed 991 GT3s and earlier this actually got the opportunity to drive both on track. I was happier on the drive home in the 410. It's really quite something and I think I'm really still yet to drive anything that touches it for dynamics. No action on the modding front its all still totally stock. Still waiting for Dave to book me in The second set of rear Cup 2s are almost done so I will be making the swap to PS4s and also having a look at the geo. I really should have had a geo done before now as my car was certainly rushed through the factory the chances are the geo won't be optimal. We will probably do a bit of work to slow the turn in a little on the PS4s and it might help it work a bit better in the cold weather too. The difference in "plantedness" in the cold weather between the 410 and Cayman GT4 on the same tyres was quite marked. I think if I was using it a bit more the seats might start to bug me. Even with the recliner brackets I don't find them comfortable and it's always bugged me a bit that they look too small for the cabin. Unlikely to bother doing anything. She probably won't see too much action this winter as we are crazy busy and I have some stuff to do with the VX track car before next season and a Sport 190 Elise to restore so those two projects will take up all the winter period by the looks. In March it will unbelievably be 2 years old! Not sure where that time has gone! The panic now sets in where to find the second bit of the 50/50
  11. Discounting is certainly an Achilles heel for Lotus. It's ok if you bought one for the discounted price but a kick in the nuts for probably more loyal customers who jumped in and paid nearer list. McLaren are much worse though. Most owners that bought new will lose a gt410 in depreciation but that's the penalty for suffering from the need to have the latest supercar. Due to the proliferation of these high end cars they all lose money now. Over 3 to 5 years the Evora is pretty good what are 410s now? Still 65? Virtually just the vat lost if you paid 80k and they are likely to drop pretty slowly over the coming few years. It was a huge extravagance for me personally to buy a 410 but I reckon over a longer term of say 6 years you could lose more having a pretty mundane car on a lease or PCP.
  12. Hi guys I've had one or two people message about the brackets unfortunately the place that does them have a minimum run I think it worked out about 18 pairs as the sheet metal they buy is specific for the application apparently. Im more than happy to supply the drawings if anyone wants to get an odd pair made up.
  13. Great video from the King of youtubers for middle aged men. I did think mentioning the 410 in the same context as a Renault Alpine was perhaps a bit disingenuous to the Lotus as I would view the 410 as a whole sector or two above the Alpine. He doesn't appear to reference it much in the vid although it's on the title of the vid which is a bit odd. People are still looking at me in an odd way when I tell them the 410 is much better than the equivalent Porsche (GT4) but more vids like this will hopefully help to convince people. It looks of late like Lotus actually have a press department now which is great. Would be good to see a 410 or 430 get some proper mainstream media.
  14. Am I right in thinking that the CF seats are only on the Sport 410? The side brackets I did aren't compatible with the Exige so there's not really much point in doing another run of 20 just to have 19 spare sets sadly.
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