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  1. That's actually a really good point and one I hadn't considered before. Would agree this needs bringing into line with Porsche/McLaren
  2. Yep the brakes are typical Porsche. They are the but they feel almost unassisted so you really have to stamp on them a bit like the old Elises. It's the bit that Porker people always bottle out of the cost of the PCCB ceramic brakes usually with some excuse about how they hold up on track but they are much better than the steels. I had them on my old 987 and although pads were expensive at £600 They are transformative for the steering. I don't know what the reduction in the weight is but it's significant. Certainly the Evora brakes are mighty and feel it with fantastic initial bite. The Porsche brakes are in reality probably as good but they take some tuning into. They are probably easier to modulate on track.
  3. So after a long wait for some dry weather I finally got a proper drive in this today: Got to take in my long standing test route one which has made and broken many a car for me over the last 15 years. The route takes in mainly B roads of varying types some tight and twisty some at the top of 3rd gear lots of challenging surfaces. I'm getting used to the seats this was always a bit of an issue on my old 987 Cayman which had the Carbon folding buckets. The GT4 is a Clubsport with the 918 buckets so the seating position is "correct" but not immediately comfortable. By correct this means angling the arms to use your upper body to give steering effort which is right for race drivers but not really natural at first for road driving. They are supportive though and you really lean into them when there is some heat in the Cup2's. So really just putting a bit of flesh on the bones of what's been said before really I think I do pick cars up quickly as a result of driving so many for work you have to be very quick to pick up issues etc so I settle into cars very quickly. The GT4 has a superb chassis remember it's the only car they make with the engine in the right place! Having chance to really press on though exposed something I have seen before in one of their other products namely the Cayman R. It's a very flattering car to drive it tends to iron out all the rough surfaces to a point where other than the rear wiggling a little you do feel the sensation that the car is doing everything for you. I don't think this is a good thing for a drivers car. Also as the Cayman R was the front feels a bit aloof it doesn't weight up in the corners like the Lotus so you just kind of trust that the grip is there without getting any sensation of the limits building. One of the most surprising things is that it doesn't feel that quick. Doing a bit of googling I'm speechless to find that it has 10NM more than the 410. I guess the GT4 saves it for the top 1000RPM as it does feel quick right at the very top of the revs the 410 just feels quick all over in addition to having that little punch at the top. Still getting to grips with these numbers but I would have put the Evora 50nm up on torque by guessing. Genuinely amazed. In short the Evora feels like more of an event than the Cayman. The steering is next level in the Lotus it's just so much better. The Porsche is a bit more relaxed on the bumps but the Evora gives more feedback unsurprisingly and although firm the Evoras suspension on the challenging route I have was better than the Cayman in both of it's modes. The Cayman sounds amazing Lotus aren't quite able to supply cars with true race pedigree just yet and the throttle response is typically NA really instant pickup. Could well have painted myself into a corner with the 410 it will make a future test drive of a GT3 even more interesting. Bearing in mind the price points of the GT4 have taken a bit of a tumble they are at the point where if you were so minded you could jump out of an Evora 410 into a GT4. I can safely say by some margin that for all it's annoyances this year the Evora towers over the GT4 where it matters and is in no danger of being replaced. These Porsche guys dont know what they are missing. Interestingly the GT4's owner is pondering either getting a GT3 or chucking some money at the brakes and suspension on the Cayman. I will be getting him to drive the 410 as soon as we can manage it. I think a 430 would tick all the boxes for him.
  4. 4 years is not a bad interval don't forget it the supercharger drive belt and you want that to be performing to its best. The old S2 was a 2 year check and replace and it was always prudent to replace every 2 I would say. Not because of failure just because you can start with belt slip which is is good for the car.
  5. The ABS you'll need something pretty fancy to get into (Snap on etc). Normal codes just any generic ODB reader will do. Airbag stuff you download opcom for the Vauchall cars.
  6. Bookmarked that thread. Let's see if Porsche do it or the cars owner embarks on a 6 month battle of wills with the supplying dealer and manufacturer and ends up without the car for 3 months. My guess he'll be given a very nice courtesy car and a bunch of flowers for the wife and have it all sorted within 4 weeks.
  7. Prices have come thumping down this year. The owner of this one was just offered 65k as a PX on a GT3 (GT3 prices have also dropped like a stone this year) this is a clubsport too although for a GT4 it has an intergalactic 29k on the clock not that you could tell as it looks brand new. The geo setup has improved it a lot but it's not super quick. I still reckon the 410 is probably closer to a GT3 experience than GT4. The 430 seems to get grouped in that way anyway. It's mainly the torque I think that makes the Evora feel much mightier. Maybe the figures indicate otherwise. Still a fab car in it's own right no doubt.
  8. So this is interesting. A while back I mentioned I would be getting a bit of a chance looking after a Cayman GT4 for a while well it arrived yesterday so I'll get some chance to get to know it a bit more following a short drive I had in it earlier this year. Had another half hour in it yesterday in cold damp conditions and I must say it feels much more planted than the Evora. It runs the same tyres. One of my previous observations on the 410 Vs the GT4 is that the steering/chassis feel much more alive than on the Porsche I will have to have a little dig into the geo settings and see what the differences are. I should add that the Porsche has had a professional set up at centre gravity and it appears they know their stuff as the steering feels much better than last time I drive it. Lovely detail and real confidence to get your foot down where the Evora would be wanting to make a bid for freedom. I think the Evora's much higher low down torque will also have something to do with this. The top end fizz on the Evora tops it though and the Evora feels much quicker. So second batch of initial thoughts on the GT4 it's a lovely car. Sounds fantastic and I prefer the looks. It's so dinky! Hate the seats. 918 buckets as ever they are at the wrong angle. You do get used to this as I did in my previous 987 Cayman which had carbon buckets.
  9. I have the same approach with the Evora couldn't care less what the mileage gets to. There's no premium for 3k over 9 or 10k really until the car is a lot older.
  10. I would agree and have said before after the first time I drove one the Cup cars are essentially the S2 Exige continuation. The cup cars are a bit Marmite I mean they do look a bit like a ram raid at Halfords to be fair but the looks are softening a bit over time particularly as some of the supercar stuff gets looking wilder. However man maths taking you to buy a cup over an S2 Exige I don't entirely get as Cups are still depreciating (and not slowly for new cars) and even in what is at the moment a very tough market the best of the S2 Exiges are still going up. I wouldn't expect change from 35 to 40k for the sort of thing I would be looking for probably an RGB or early Cup car. Right now these are way more collectable than the Cup which will always be a very very niche car. They will have their day I'm sure again aided by low production numbers and changing of the aero pack will drive demand for the early ones. They still don't have a 2ZZ though that's something that is finding it's feet in the market. A few years ago nobody really thought about it much but when we do get the S3s in it's surprising how many people ask "has it got the 2ZZ?" There are about 50 2.5's that have the 2ZZ those are worth a premium I would think now over a full S3. Gashead1105 your post there although saying the opposite actually perfectly illustrates why the S2 Exige would be the one to buy.
  11. Must admit I've found myself looking at 250 cups. I wouldn't replace the 410 with one but I can see why people especially longer term lotus owners may look at the Evora and the associated running costs and return to an Elise. I was quite astonished that I only had 3500 from a set of rear tyres but then again they are cup 2s which are currently being ditched for regular pilot sports. For me the Evora is a tarty daily driver I would never bother doing a track day in it as we have a vx220 for that. Funnily enough while the Evora has savaged two rear tyres with 3500 very steady road miles (800 running in remember!) The VX on R888s has done 6 trackdays with barely and wear to the tyres and brakes. I'm fortunate to have another VX which I'm currently looking at selling with a view to replacing with an Exige s2 but I do keep looking at those Cup 250s! The exige will probably win out as they are a proper classic now and that 2ZZ engine is just a bit more entertaining but the cups particularly with the proper big aero I think will be highly sought after in the future.
  12. Suppose I better take one for the team any January sales on Dave?
  13. Cruise control or doing 80 in the hammering rain I think I know where I'd place a bet....
  14. I see Lotus Silverstone have one in that looks the same as mine and the colour is quoted as Carpathian Grey. At this rate I might have to look at the colour code on the actual car.
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