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  1. It is. We've sold loads of these about 80% go to the US its better carbon than I got on my Evora.
  2. Thanks chipp a few people dropped me a line on this one always very much appreciated. I'm in contact with the OP so looking forward to seeing it.
  3. I've emailed the fabricators to get the drawings
  4. 🤣 It was a while back now Dave but yeah. Stick a date in whenever you can.
  5. Yes there was something specific to it being automotive. The bend on it is quite tight as well.
  6. Wow it's been a while since the last update! Not really too much to report the Evora is sitting I think at about 5000 miles currently. As the weather has dropped I've not continued to daily it as I did last year. My situation with logistics has changed as we moved units at work and it's not as easy to store the Evora at work as it was before so it tends to get left in the garage more these days. I still have an outstanding rattle that I think is a hangover from when it had the new roof. Andy is trying to sort it but for various reasons (mainly my crazy schedule) we don't seem to be able to get it in. Will probably wait now until service time. JCT moving their workshop away from Leeds just as I bought the car is most annoying I really wish they would consider moving back to town. No other problems or issues at all with the car. Other than all the original QC related stuff the car has actually been fault free 100% So early year wobbles have dissipated I have continued to keep an eye on 570s and indeed 991 GT3s and earlier this actually got the opportunity to drive both on track. I was happier on the drive home in the 410. It's really quite something and I think I'm really still yet to drive anything that touches it for dynamics. No action on the modding front its all still totally stock. Still waiting for Dave to book me in The second set of rear Cup 2s are almost done so I will be making the swap to PS4s and also having a look at the geo. I really should have had a geo done before now as my car was certainly rushed through the factory the chances are the geo won't be optimal. We will probably do a bit of work to slow the turn in a little on the PS4s and it might help it work a bit better in the cold weather too. The difference in "plantedness" in the cold weather between the 410 and Cayman GT4 on the same tyres was quite marked. I think if I was using it a bit more the seats might start to bug me. Even with the recliner brackets I don't find them comfortable and it's always bugged me a bit that they look too small for the cabin. Unlikely to bother doing anything. She probably won't see too much action this winter as we are crazy busy and I have some stuff to do with the VX track car before next season and a Sport 190 Elise to restore so those two projects will take up all the winter period by the looks. In March it will unbelievably be 2 years old! Not sure where that time has gone! The panic now sets in where to find the second bit of the 50/50
  7. Discounting is certainly an Achilles heel for Lotus. It's ok if you bought one for the discounted price but a kick in the nuts for probably more loyal customers who jumped in and paid nearer list. McLaren are much worse though. Most owners that bought new will lose a gt410 in depreciation but that's the penalty for suffering from the need to have the latest supercar. Due to the proliferation of these high end cars they all lose money now. Over 3 to 5 years the Evora is pretty good what are 410s now? Still 65? Virtually just the vat lost if you paid 80k and they are likely to drop pretty slowly over the coming few years. It was a huge extravagance for me personally to buy a 410 but I reckon over a longer term of say 6 years you could lose more having a pretty mundane car on a lease or PCP.
  8. Hi guys I've had one or two people message about the brackets unfortunately the place that does them have a minimum run I think it worked out about 18 pairs as the sheet metal they buy is specific for the application apparently. Im more than happy to supply the drawings if anyone wants to get an odd pair made up.
  9. Great video from the King of youtubers for middle aged men. I did think mentioning the 410 in the same context as a Renault Alpine was perhaps a bit disingenuous to the Lotus as I would view the 410 as a whole sector or two above the Alpine. He doesn't appear to reference it much in the vid although it's on the title of the vid which is a bit odd. People are still looking at me in an odd way when I tell them the 410 is much better than the equivalent Porsche (GT4) but more vids like this will hopefully help to convince people. It looks of late like Lotus actually have a press department now which is great. Would be good to see a 410 or 430 get some proper mainstream media.
  10. Am I right in thinking that the CF seats are only on the Sport 410? The side brackets I did aren't compatible with the Exige so there's not really much point in doing another run of 20 just to have 19 spare sets sadly.
  11. Mine was on 50/50 but happened to be the exact colour and spec I would have had. It was an unregistered dust collector at the dealer. It was the announcement of the GT cars that spurred me in as the 410 is an absolute bargain being effectively identical.
  12. Yeah you just need the brackets for the carbon seats. The stock position is truly awful but apparently dictated by regs. You get the missing upper inner leg support back in addition to the whole of the back of the seat coming into proper contact with your back. Ive actually sold the run of brackets I did as it was roughly enough for the 410 run but it looks like there are still a couple without them. I could do another small run if the was interest. This is not a commercial post by the way Bibbs! more of a service to the community as IMHO if you don't have the seats in the right position you aren't really experiencing the car properly. I have had a small wobble of late and almost bought a couple of cars to replace the 410 but you drive it and boy it's just such a good car. @Hangar 111 when are we doing the komotec??
  13. How do you know which car # it is just by having the cert done?
  14. Yes there are a number of parallels within McLaren such as patchy dealership coverage/standards/parts availability etc. that make you feel quite at home as a Lotus owner. Ditto huge off internet discounts and overproduction stock. The temptation is reversed for me as I don't track the 410 and much prefer to have an auto daily. If they ever drop to 80/90 the temptation will be too great Im quite sure. I think they have stopped making the 570 now but if they introduce a slightly cheaper car now it will totally screw up the prices. Can't really see they would want to pursue a price point any lower though.
  15. Well H111 are pricing up the go faster bits for the 410. The 570 certainly feels like more speed than you would ever realistically need. I can't begin to imagine what the 720 feels like or even if you'd be able to use it really. 570 was in the dry and there was no hint of it loosing traction but then it does have a pretty sophisticated TC system. My pal I think summed up the Mc Cars they are probably more for people that like to be flattered as a driver a bit like the new Porsche cars. The Evora although obviously a new car still is very analogue. That said I think it would warrant spending more time in. I did ask the local dealer if they ever did a 24 or 48 hour test driving thing. A big ask indeed but it's quite hard to make a proper decision of that magnitude from a 45 minute drive though it was very generous of them indeed. Much more than I would be able to do with my insurance! I have an impression that it might be one to have a play with the electronics to allow a bit of slippy slide. Maybe there is some detail in that steering but it's so so light. The perhaps unfortunate/fortunate thing depending how you look at it the way the used prices are going I reckon working a bit of my magic it's a 30/35k swap from the 410 into a decent 570. The numbers the dealers are offing on new are just crazy which in turn makes 115k used cars look silly. A bit like Lotus McLaren (to my surprise actually) are dumping overproduction onto dealers at a discount and this is where the real harm is getting done to their residuals. I would say they are doing it on a bigger scale than Lotus too. So figures my pal got were about 158k on a mid spec new 570s I saw a pre reg with 100 miles on the clock in almost identical spec...132k was the offer on that. that was without really expressing proper interest as well. 2 year old ones will be the smart buy but I think another year in the Evora beckons!
  16. Well it's been a bit of a while since the last update. The 410 went in for its first service but despite having a look I've still got one last rattle to get sorted. Oakmeres thought they had it but looks like we need another go. Im struggling to find time to get over. Other than that everything has been fine we are up to just under 5000 miles now which is a lot for me to cover in my own car as im usually tooling about in the van. It continues to impress. As previously detailed it genuinely outclassed the GT4 I was quite surprised. The next car was always going to be a 991 gt3 but I don't think that for me the steering will be good enough assuming it's the same as the GT4. Its epas and I just don't think it works. Recently I had chance to have a go in a surprising contender for the Evora in the shape of a McLaren 570. A chance call into the Manchester branch for a quick drool and it's amazing the deals they are offering on these things. You can be in a new one for about the retail on a 430. They seem very keen to shift stock which is no surprise in the current climate. I went over to the Leeds dealership. I really like these guys. Nick is ex Lotus some may well have bought from him. The 570 is quite a thing. Brutally quick. Super chassis and ride. Again for me that old thing of the steering comes back in and for all its other attributes I would still maintain that for a drivers car our humble Evora has it by a point. May be one to revisit but the stronger Lotus residuals are appealing plus the Mac running costs are truly next level. No Lotus have the best car on the market for it's price that's for sure.
  17. Tim it's a real shame that you are such a negative snipey person. You bring nothing but irritation to this forum and to the playground. Why?
  18. Well I realised it's coming up to a year of ownership soon. Collection when I remember was delayed slightly as the 1st March last year we were in the midst of the Beast from the East and the country had shut down! I think I collected it about the 3rd or 4th of March. It still feels pretty new to me partly due to the time away from it and then we went into winter. In the end I decided to stick with the cup 2 tyres and park her up in the worst of the weather. Being a Yorkshireman I thought what I would do is wait for the fronts to expire first and then swap the tyres to PS4's I think. An opportunity may have arisen to stick a letter in to Porsche for a new GT4 and I'm in a genuine quandary about it. I would only want the GT4 if it becomes available with a PDK box but a bigger worry is the steering. The electric steering to me just doesn't work on the 981 GT4 so I would assume that a 991 GT3 has the same or similar components as will the 718 GT4. I'd be gutted to have spent such an amount of cash on a car not for it to be totally fulfilling as a drivers car. I think if the owners of these types of cars are totally honest with themselves they must miss the old 987 steering which was wonderful on my old Cayman. I may stick a letter in and if it comes off it comes off but I think other than that the 410 is probably one of those irreplaceable cars. The steering feel is I would say something you could now almost call "old school" in that nobody else really does it any more! As a side note whilst out car shopping yesterday (for the wife!) we saw an NSX in the Land Rover dealership I have to say it looked quite oddly proportioned. At £114k for a 2 year old car with 3500 miles I think I'd be swinging by to steal a 570 for under 100k! Oh no...I said it...570... Too much choice! 570's have hydraulic steering as well!
  19. That's actually a really good point and one I hadn't considered before. Would agree this needs bringing into line with Porsche/McLaren
  20. Yep the brakes are typical Porsche. They are the but they feel almost unassisted so you really have to stamp on them a bit like the old Elises. It's the bit that Porker people always bottle out of the cost of the PCCB ceramic brakes usually with some excuse about how they hold up on track but they are much better than the steels. I had them on my old 987 and although pads were expensive at £600 They are transformative for the steering. I don't know what the reduction in the weight is but it's significant. Certainly the Evora brakes are mighty and feel it with fantastic initial bite. The Porsche brakes are in reality probably as good but they take some tuning into. They are probably easier to modulate on track.
  21. So after a long wait for some dry weather I finally got a proper drive in this today: Got to take in my long standing test route one which has made and broken many a car for me over the last 15 years. The route takes in mainly B roads of varying types some tight and twisty some at the top of 3rd gear lots of challenging surfaces. I'm getting used to the seats this was always a bit of an issue on my old 987 Cayman which had the Carbon folding buckets. The GT4 is a Clubsport with the 918 buckets so the seating position is "correct" but not immediately comfortable. By correct this means angling the arms to use your upper body to give steering effort which is right for race drivers but not really natural at first for road driving. They are supportive though and you really lean into them when there is some heat in the Cup2's. So really just putting a bit of flesh on the bones of what's been said before really I think I do pick cars up quickly as a result of driving so many for work you have to be very quick to pick up issues etc so I settle into cars very quickly. The GT4 has a superb chassis remember it's the only car they make with the engine in the right place! Having chance to really press on though exposed something I have seen before in one of their other products namely the Cayman R. It's a very flattering car to drive it tends to iron out all the rough surfaces to a point where other than the rear wiggling a little you do feel the sensation that the car is doing everything for you. I don't think this is a good thing for a drivers car. Also as the Cayman R was the front feels a bit aloof it doesn't weight up in the corners like the Lotus so you just kind of trust that the grip is there without getting any sensation of the limits building. One of the most surprising things is that it doesn't feel that quick. Doing a bit of googling I'm speechless to find that it has 10NM more than the 410. I guess the GT4 saves it for the top 1000RPM as it does feel quick right at the very top of the revs the 410 just feels quick all over in addition to having that little punch at the top. Still getting to grips with these numbers but I would have put the Evora 50nm up on torque by guessing. Genuinely amazed. In short the Evora feels like more of an event than the Cayman. The steering is next level in the Lotus it's just so much better. The Porsche is a bit more relaxed on the bumps but the Evora gives more feedback unsurprisingly and although firm the Evoras suspension on the challenging route I have was better than the Cayman in both of it's modes. The Cayman sounds amazing Lotus aren't quite able to supply cars with true race pedigree just yet and the throttle response is typically NA really instant pickup. Could well have painted myself into a corner with the 410 it will make a future test drive of a GT3 even more interesting. Bearing in mind the price points of the GT4 have taken a bit of a tumble they are at the point where if you were so minded you could jump out of an Evora 410 into a GT4. I can safely say by some margin that for all it's annoyances this year the Evora towers over the GT4 where it matters and is in no danger of being replaced. These Porsche guys dont know what they are missing. Interestingly the GT4's owner is pondering either getting a GT3 or chucking some money at the brakes and suspension on the Cayman. I will be getting him to drive the 410 as soon as we can manage it. I think a 430 would tick all the boxes for him.
  22. 4 years is not a bad interval don't forget it the supercharger drive belt and you want that to be performing to its best. The old S2 was a 2 year check and replace and it was always prudent to replace every 2 I would say. Not because of failure just because you can start with belt slip which is is good for the car.
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