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  2. hey good job.well spotted brian.iv bnow gotta refit mine as they were also fitted inboard too !!! steve
  3. woops ! thanks vanya,contacted steve and the ones I need are indeed on the website.£17.60 and there on the way.cheers guys steve
  4. hi all,no ramjet I cant.they were missing from the original calipers.I always had a bit of a rattle,but I think that the only thing with the old calipers was that the pads were rusted to the sliding bit .its basically 2 clips per pad and also on the sliding part of the caliper there is another clip.vanya thanks for the response.i shall recheck sj's website and email steve as well .if he doesn't stock them,and I don't think he does,then maybe he can point me in the right direction.i cannot,still,believe that these were fitted at some point with the clips omitted ! guesss some previous owner lost them or they were broken ? thanks ,steve
  5. hey guys,not been on for a while due to pressures at work ,time etc but mnaged to get the lotus on the road for a spin last week,at last.anyway front o/s brake caliper was seized so ended up with two recon calipers,flexi pipes etc.prob needed to be done anyway for long term use.but,upon re inserting the pads I noticed that the anti rattle springs were missing from the o/s.are these available ?? cant see any via the usual sources at all,but they are definitely a must as there is one hell of a bloody rattle without em.could make some out of ss at a push(may have to in fact) but obviously rather obtain some as a preference cheers guys/gals steve
  6. hi,i had the exact same problem on a matra murena a few years back and thawt the slave was I bought a new one at 70 quid and guess what .......I had the same prob with after talking to a few people in the motor trade I bought a tool for 20 quid called I think,an eezi bleed made by operates off of air from the spare don't press the pedal or anything and it connects to the res as well.and it did the job in about 5 mins.if this is any help ? cheers,steve
  7. thanks Vulcan(didn't know how to do it myself) cheers mate,steve
  8. thanks for the help guys.had a root today and came up with a very worn connector hiding toward trhe rear of the wing.its almost a reducer and is worn and split.dont know wether I pulled it off removing the boot but I would say its got to have been losing vac just looking at the state of it.thanks again,steve
  9. thanks guys.its a 1989,no abs version and iv a suspicion that's its been disconnected for some time as iv had the chuffing noise since I bought the car but just put it down to the noise that a new vac pump was making.i shall look again to see if I can find the tee and will also bond it as well I think.worth noting that the heater system has always been crap as well with probs operating the flaps etc despite numerous attempts by me to rectify it and this is probably a problem inherited with the car.but as you live you learn I suppose.thanks very much for your help.cheers(till the next prob !) steve
  10. hey guys can anyone give us a clue about the vac pipe in the pic.its in the drivers side near the fuel pump and comes from the vac pump area ithink.i cant remember disconnecting this and spotted it whilst doing my refurb.I cannot see anywhere that it connects to at is a fairly large bore pipe as well, as far as vac pipe goes and produces a good vacuum as well as a chuff chuff whilst the engine is running(not a goosing).thanks all,steve
  11. Please list on
  12. great stuff jim,ill be ordering some as that price youd be daft not to.cheers mate,steve
  13. hi phil.i am a full member but I don't know where the service book is ?? iv got the parts manual but no wiring diags.ill recheck this aft.maybe,as mine is 1989 they changed a little.what youre telling me is correct as there is two wires from each.all the others are single wireslive,neutral etc.i will recheck this afternoon deffo anyway.could do with getting this out the way by the mo igv got no dash ,interior ,seats etc as im doing a full interior refurb and need to get not rushed but hey,summers coming ? well hopefully anyway,steve........shower and bed
  14. hey phil iv chkd the wiring this aft and it doesn't add up.i have orng/red at no 6 and orng/blue at no 5 ?? so im gonna have to do a temp wiring job till I know its operating.soldering iron packed up this aft anyway so waiting for a new one now.did fit two new doorlock barrels so didn't seem a complete waste of time ! more later with pics on what iv been up to.cheers,steve
  15. yeah I kind of agree with that.there is absolutely no info on the net/forums etc re any alarm systems/diags etc.thatcham,cobra non of this is readily download when you buy if your fitting it yourself and after that I think your pretty much on your own.the only benefit I think to fitting it yourself is that in the event of a problem you know where the wires are and how it was immobilised etc,steve
  16. haha,or a crowbar ! I knew why you pm,d me phil--and thanxit is a bit of a dodgy subject I gonna look this aft,weather permitting of course`.but for now its shower and bed.latrz,steve
  17. hey guys.i finally got round to fitting an alarm !!! almost......iv found the central locking control but is it pos trigger ? neg trigger ? I havnt got a clue.would anyone know which of the wires I have to connect to ? its a cat 1 thatcham and my options are pos trigger,neg trigger, single wire,vaccuum,and universal motor.thx in advance,steve
  18. hi.i wouldn't panic too much re the water dripping from the backbox unless of course theres buckets of it.when was the car last my exp when I cars been standing for any length of time moisture can accumulate in the exhaust.have you tried running it to see if it gets up to temp or beyond ? steve
  19. yes you would have expected that but unfortunately theyre the same sized connectors,steve.thanx car buff for the info.gotta go and recheck/redo now I think !!!!
  20. yep,sound advice to avoid even greater expense.good luck with the rebuild.i left this kinda prob on a different car years ago and had to replace the whole cylinder head at a cost of a £1000 +gaskets,oil etc.steve
  21. thanx.yes I just worked out that it fed the pressure actually gonna change the spades as theyre so very very loose and theyre in a position which is awkward to get to haha.thanks for the info,steve
  22. hey guys,was doing a bit of work on the esprit.trying to get her going after removing /replacing the boot floor.didnt have a spark anymore,which turned out to be one of the two wires from the distributor had broken somehow.anyway in the process of all this I noticed this component (see pic) and two wires close to it disconnected.thing is I presume they go on but which way round ? youll notice the component has two males to connect small(radio speaker size) and one normal.but the wires are two normal size females.thanks,steve.the wires are brown with white stripe and whit and brown.the component is to the left of the oil filter and in front of the dizzy.thanks steve
  23. hi,i actually bought the ebay ones mentioned in the thread/post and had no probs at all.they were delivered as promised,well packaged and look the biz .I paid a little extra for the word "turbo" on em.steve
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