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    Lotus Elise motorsport VAG project & Exige S V6 Coupe
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    Wide arch Motorsport Elise replica with 500bhp VAG turbo project
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  1. yes according to lotus muncher's advice above, I didn't fit mine.
  2. what about a development of the 3 cylinder Toyota engine from the GR Yaris? in the base model 131? light and enought power if it can be tuned to more than 270bhp.
  3. I wonder if it might be that Lotus use Toyota's 3 cylinder turbo engine (256bhp) from the GR Yaris in the base model 131? - very light weight and enough power for base model.
  4. If you click on the part number on the S1 Deroure site, it states: This part is no longer available. This part has been replaced by part number: G111A0057F. it's worth dropping Junks a message to see if he has/can get one, Listed as over £1k from Lotus!!
  5. If you check on Deroure (Lotus Parts) they list both subfames for S1 and S2 (rover engines the same - part no: G111A0057F
  6. Great work Cor, looks like a very good quality build. - did you notice the rear clam quick release system I've put onto mine...the runners bolted onto the longerons, and the ally panels bonded under the rear clam with runners on that slip into the runners? - it does make it easier to put it on/off.
  7. I originally used these: but | didn't trsut that they'd be strong enough - so replaced them with countersunk M5 screws, with washers and nyloc nuts on the back. I still retained the Dzus retaining clips on the bodywork. You doing a similar project?
  8. I've just bought this: a 2000 111s with 30k miles, good paint, hardtop, recent head gasket and cam belt and very clean underneath (brought back from Japan) for £16.5k. Interstingly I'm selling my V6 Exige to make way for this, prefering the S1 experience!
  9. anyone advise on how to get to the front retaining bolt, it's in front of the oil cooler. I've removed the oild cooler bracket and front grills, but can't find a way to get to loosen it. Does the oil cooler have to be removed too?
  10. Hi George, I've had some water damage to the Daytime Running LED's on my drivers side headlight (not working), but all other light functions are ok. 2015 Exige S The problem is, as you'll know a new headlight unit is silly money from Lotus - £1k ! - so I'd still be looking to recoup about £500 for my damaged unit and don't expect anyone would want to pay that ? you may have also sourced another by now anyway, let me know if you can, Dave
  11. Name: Lotus Elise Click to view: Lotus Elise
  12. surely the winner must come from the stable of Blohm & Voss's my contender:
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