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    Lotus Elise motorsport VAG project & Exige S V6 Coupe
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    Wide arch Motorsport Elise replica with 500bhp VAG turbo project
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  1. Hi Mark, There is a fair bit on other lotus forums about these conversions, and yes you have the 3 main contenders. Have a look on the playground (Garages section), Most seem to have gone Honda route. I'm in the process of building a VAG 20v Turbo conversion. A main consideration for me was the gearbox, the VAG 6 speed 0M2 box is supposed to be bullet proof, whereas the gearbox on the 2ZZ has had some problems with bigger power. The VAG is similar weight to 2ZZ. My conversion is chargecooled, with large Garrett turbo, stronger driveshafts and lsd fitted to gearbox. - I have a build thread on Scottishelises (S1 elise motorsport replica project - under Gallery section). Aiming for 500bhp. good luck with whichever way you go. Just re-read your first post and would add that Honda may not be best option if above is what you're looking for the Honda conversion is much more a case of needing higher rev range for big power. The VAG (Audi) conversion is more torquey much lower down the rev range, and acceleration is then brutal.
  2. Hi, yes front 2 pot's moved to rear, with special bracket (Elise Parts I think) and am using Hi-Spec v2 spot calipers for handbrake duty. (again a special bracket is needed to fit these). Easy enough to fit once you have the brackets. I'm getting some made up. Can't say how well these work as yet, still waiting for my engine build completion - nearly there....but then it's going to be a while before It's running.
  3. Ronin's 211 is the fastest Lotus.....oh wait a minute, sorry - he stuffed that into the side of a mountain, to avoid a lorry trundling slowly past in it's own lane!
  4. 12.5k - in pounds???? - are they having a laugh!!! - cheeky monkeys.... mostly it's a cosmetic fibreglass repair, and all is hidden anyway beneath new splitter when finished. sorry I can't answer your question, but don't agree to that quote!
  5. thanks for this, maybe a whole new front clam, but good to see that someone has done this on a 2015 car (same as mine) does anyone know who’s car this is?
  6. Not for me, but thanks for your suggestion, these sit proud of the clam and look a bit aftermarket, add ons - not the look I'm after. I suppose I'm really wondering if anyone is thinking of making a set of moulds from an existing clam and then producing some sets of these, I wonder if there may be others who would be up for a set of these?
  7. mmm....not sure I want them that much! ha ha.... anyone want a brand new Exige clam with two big holes in it?
  8. also posted above in Elise/Exige section. does anyone know where I might get a pair of fibreglass vents to bond into my Motorsport Elise project? - I specifically want the same type of vents as on the new Elise/Exige front clams, as below: I've seen other versions like the Transforged ones, but don't want to go that way.
  9. cheers Andy, I have seen a couple of variations of these type of vents, Transforged do one too, but I just wondered if there is anyone out there who has taken a mould of the new Lotus type vents and could produce fibreglass panels to bond in - as I much prefer these. I actually quite like the red VX type which look like flush cut outs within the clam. anyone?
  10. does anyone know where I might get a pair of front arch vents as on current Elise/Exige cars? this:...
  11. I got mine from Dave at Seriously Lotus, worth giving him a call - they are listed on his website too.
  12. Exige does look great though, enjoy!
  13. I've heard that 'once you've had black....there's no going back'!
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