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  1. Thanks, wouldn't surprise me as there's an intermittent click from the front end. I intend to refurb the front suspension assemblies when I have sorted out the cooling problem. Never a dull moment.....
  2. Trevor , you're right. I've missed the obvious. A reconditioned rack was hastily fitted after it failed its MOT back in November. Car fights a bit through the wheel which may be another symptom (but maybe I am too used to modern cars with Ackermann) Tracking gauge and adjustment will sort this. Thanks for the tip. Simon
  3. Hi everyone, done 150 miles and still intact. The wheels are standard S2 items and the bushes came with moly grease which I used as did the mechanic previously. Looking at the bar again I think it only goes one way up but i will confirm this when replace the ball joints and trunnions. Car has a rover v8 engine so weighs about 25kg more at the front. Surely not enough to overload the front end? I am still concerned about the excessive wear on the outer edge of each front tyre. Suggests camber is not right and front end. Need to get an angle gauge to see what is going on.
  4. I finally have anti roll bar bushes which do not pop out. As a precaution , I fabricated a plate and welded it to the outer side of each U bracket. I then followed Don's suggestion of keeping the wheels on the floor before bolting up the brackets. This made a huge difference and was quite accessible despite the front spoiler. Next job is to renew the trunnion bushes and replace the front brake pads..... wife children and work permitting....
  5. Hello Don, Yes , the wheels were just off the floor until the last 1/2 turn on the bolts.. The mechanic who fitted them in December did so with the wheels off the floor. I will try again with the wheels on the ground. The bar is symmetrical , it does not look bent and doesn't look like you can fit it the wrong way. The only strange thing are both front tyres are worn on the outside edge only. Maybe this is a "lotus thing" but never seen this before? Regards Simon
  6. Just fitted new polybushes to the front anti roll bar of my s1 elite after the last 2 fitted by a mechanic popped out. This time i bought new brackets as well as new bushes hoping this would solve the problem. During a full lock parking manouver both of them displaced and one ended up on the road. That bar seems to take alot of force when driving. Everything lined up ok on fitting. The only thing i did was to gently spring the bar upwards about 2 inches before dropping the bolts in. Anyone else had these problems. Ive been working on cars for a long time and I'm defeated by this one!
  7. Hi mate, Glad you caught it just in time Think its only a mater of time before my pump does the same as engine was standing around for a year before being filled with coolant! Lost yer number pls send when you get the chance as will be swinging across to Caterham in the not too distant. Take care Simon
  8. Hi Dunc, See PM. Yep , ARB bolts tight. Suspension was re greased about 300m ago when I had all the engine work done. Clonk started about 50 miles ago and has got progressively worse, so I suspect worn bushes/ joints. With that in mind the play is putting extra strain on the ARB and causing the click. As you say , parts nothing special and job looks simple enough. For me its just a case of paying Triumph rather than Lotus prices without skimping on quality. Money saved goes towards a new CWP
  9. Thinking of refurbing front suspension shortly for following reasons:- Clicks from from wheels on anything more than 2/3 full lock There is a progressive clunk when I drive over bumps. When I brake , another clicking sound from front suspension area Car has had new ARB bushes so problem is elsewhere. So top wishbone bushes , top balljoint and trunnions at the very least. Then lower arm bushes? Which parts can I readily source from Triumph Spit/ GT6 specialists and which an I beholden to Lotus Specialists for ? Thanks Simon
  10. Guy, Welcome back! That blue paint looks amazingly deep , is it a candy colour or solid? Either way it really suits the Elite shape. Hope to pop over and see it in real life as soon as I take your old V8 out of hibernation for a blast. Simon
  11. Car was taken in for its MOT but failed on play on n/s inner track rod joint. Everything else spot on no advisories whatsoever so its fallen at the last hurdle. Doh! Understand the rack originated from a Ford Granada , sounds logical given Lotus' parts bin approach. Inner rod joints or tie rods not listed so far as I can see from SJ or Paul Matty websites so struggling a bit here. Any ideas of how to source appreciated. Sounds like a rare failure to me given that gaiters are OK and rack has plenty of grease inside gaiters. Cheers Simon
  12. I think with any used shafts & hubs the UJ's and bearings will be a gamble unless you know the vendor well enough. Agree with your point on MOT testing. I bought my car with a clicking UJ and 2000 miles later it still passed. One year and another 3000 miles later , click hadn't worsened and it passed again despite the driveshaft doubling as a top suspension arm!
  13. Hi folks. Just to provide some more detail about UJ problem my cousin's workshop encountered.....They found the new UJ was slightly wider across (83.5mm vs 81.8mm) which meant the circlips would not sit in their grooves. I made a distress purchase from SJ sportscars and these were subsequently fitted without difficulty. Mines a series 1 car and Duncs a series 2 but theoretically the driveshafts should be the same so I am baffled unless Duncan's chap had a higher patience threshold! One of my UJ's was particularly bad , the needle rollers had dissolved to rust on 2 of the journals which helps explain the rear wheel judder I was getting above 50mph.
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