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  1. Hi dodge Hope you and the Midlands crew are well. Sound good. Just removed engine for detail and cambelt change. If all back together would be good to have brekky on the 2nd April. Kind regards. Simon.
  2. 1982S3


  3. Just had my renewal through with AIB and the quote was cheaper this year, paid £104. Always has good customer service when I have spoken to them.
  4. Hi Bibs. Sorry I can't make this year as I am on holiday. Looks like a great event and hope everything goes well. Cheers Simon
  5. Hi Gareth Thanks for arranging. Had a great tour of the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. Look forward to next year. Cheers Simon
  6. 2. 1982S3 - coming for a blast in my brothers Triumph TR6. Look forward to seeing you there. Come on you southern softies lets have some more. Regards Simon
  7. They recon that on a base model Audi lost approx £4K per car, so I would say an over engineered car.
  8. Barry I have to agree. Only picked it up on Saturday from Dundee, averaged 60mpg on the way back over a mixed run of 350 miles. Was a dealer demo when new with top spec, including top spec stereo, panoramic room and full leather. Surprisingly roomy for a small car with some nice design bits. Although I am not sure the removal bonnet is one of them, a bit of a faff to remove and refit without chipping the front wing paint. Regards Simon
  9. Malcolm a great photo. Privileged to have a front row seat.
  10. 236. 1982SE - S3 Esprit. Hi Bibs. Short notice. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Kind regards. Simon.
  11. 1982S3

    esprit wanted

    Hi Jay. I noticed that you live in Derby which is close to where I live. Happy to show you around my 1982 S3 if it would give you a better idea of what you might be after and what to look out for. Just send me a PM if interested. Regards Simon
  12. Hi Martin Room for another. Simon Esprit S3
  13. Big thanks to James at AIB for a friendly and helpful service in renewing my insurance (1982 S3 Esprit). Recently received my insurance renewal price with classic line of £199.27. Just renewed my insurance with AIB for £129.13.
  14. Hi Bibs. Just booked camping tickets and look forward to seeing you all. Regards Simon.
  15. I thought I dream t this part........ but it did actually happen. An amazing day. Cheers again Simon
  16. Thanks to Bibs and the team for organizing an amazing day. I really think you have the combination of an amazing event which could easily extend of the full weekend. Ready for the next one....... Cheers Simon
  17. Hi all Many thanks for the information, I will have a look. For information: I have since been supplied the paint codes from a very friendly chap who has supplied paint to the lotus factory for many years. After delving through his archive he found the following information: The paint code in the 80's was ICI NA38 (Lotus code L08). Lotus in the 90's used Dupont M1655 as an alternative. Not sure if the codes are a direct match though so I would recommend getting some samples cards sprayed before committing 100%. Many thanks Simon
  18. Hi all Does anyone know the paint code for the satin black applied to early 80's S3 Esprit on bumpers and door mirrors? I am about to get mine repainted and would like to paint them in the correct colour if possible. The paint shop will be using a high solid (HS+) paint system. Look forward to your collective knowledge. Kind regards Simon
  19. 2pm 1. Piggy - Lotus Esprit S4 - N880 UOP - BRG 2. Stubox - Exige V6 Pearl White 3. Al. - Red Evora S. SR 4. V96GLF - Black Europa S 5. Gasmangt3. Esprit GT3 6. Nigeninja Europa S 7. Andy Esprit SE (red 1989 SE regB6 LOT) 8. AndrewC Esprit V8 9. Delands Exige S 10. MalcolmS -White Turbo Esprit, red decals 3pm 1. The Pits - White Turbo Esprit, red decals 2. Bazza - Essex 3. MDE - Stevens Esprit 4.Dodge 1979 S4 5. Caulkhead68 - 1988 Esprit Turbo
  20. 1. Trevsked - Sport 350 2. Bazza - Essex Esprit 3. Hopo - Esprit S3 4. The Pits - Exige V6 5. TomE - Evora S 6. Justin Pressland - 340r 7. GT111 - S1 Elise 8. Mayesprit 9. Sizona - Evora or Esprit 10. (Seven S1, could change!) 11. Mike 6 - Esprit carb turbo. 12. obione - Esprit Carb Turbo (Very last one registered) 13. Daniel - Esprit S2 14. Mr Pig & Wilf - Esprit S4 15. internets - Esprit GT3 16. mdw- Esprit Stevens N/A 17. Choppa - Esprit S3 18. Sparky - Esprit GT3 19. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit 20. Delands - Exige S 21. V39 Esprit S4S 22. [email protected] Evora 23. Mario308 - Exige S V6 Coupé 24 Andrewc Esprit V8 25 Jukka - Evora IPS or Esprit V8 26. Whirlybird - Esprit GT3 27. MDE - Esprit Stevens 28. Caulkhead68 - 1988 Esprit carb turbo 29. Esprit22 - 1986 Esprit turbo 30. theelanman - Elan M100 SE or Elan +2 31. exige1 - S1 Exige 32. Stubox Exige V6 33. Cor van Nistelrooij Audi exige or eleven or both? 34. trevorB - Elan M100 SE Turbo 35. Al. - Evora S (SR looks) 36. JohnB - ÉLAN M100 SE Turbo. 37. Duncellow Eclat S2 V8 - (other 2+2 wedges will be added shortly...) 38. Skiing - Esprit S3 39. Geoff - Elan M100 S2 40. Anthony_111 - Elise S1 41. Steve A - M100 42. Kevin W - Esprit S3 or Elise S2 43 alan e-M100 turbo 44 Jon B (Novacaine) - Elan M100 S2 45 ShaunM - Elan M100 S2 46 Dave & Ann Excell - Lotus Excell or V8 Esprit 47. Mattthesparks- Esprit stevens carb turbo 48. Punky - Esprit 49. Mr.oogieboogie S4 50. Sbfdave & Sharron - Evora 51. Andy Esprit SE - 1989 Esprit SE 52. Lansledj - Elan M100 53. Daveiow - Elan M100 54. Softlips - Evora 55. Leigh G - Essex Elite S2.2 56. Martyn - Esprit SE 57 Spadger 27 Esprit Carb Turbo 88 58. Dave - Esprit S2 59 Espritmania S4 Esprit 60. top-plumber / Esprit S4 61. Brian- Esprit N/A S3 62. Nelly9000 - Elise S2 (or MAYBE Esprit S2..!) 63. LotusLeftLotusRight - Evora 64. V96GLF - Europa S 65. Stirling_Villeneuve - Evora or MP4 66. Dodge 1979 67. Changes 68. Chris v8 69. Palmergeddon 70. nigeninja 71. Another chap I cant remember the name of 72. GasmanGT3 - GT3 73. robcarter - Evora? 74. auRouge - Evora 75. Duncati - 340R 76. MalcolmS - Esprit Turbo 77. Alex -GT3 (with +1 Calum) 78. Ian R - Series 1 Elise 111s. 79 Hot banana (Elan plus 2) 80 2 eleven (2 eleven or Elise S1 Type 79) 81 1982S3 (Esprit S3)
  21. Hi all. Thanks for making myself + Rich very welcome. Great to meet an all round good bunch & some superb cars. See you at the next one? Simon.
  22. Hi Darren I'll be coming from Derby which is around 50mins away from RAF Cosford, so I am pretty flexible on a meeting point. Thanks all for the welcome + look forward to meeting you all on the 20th. Simon
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