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  1. Clive (and other readers), Thanks so much for your advice ... success! I am so impressed by the service of LotusBits (Brett) that I'd like to share with the Forum a copy of my 'thank you' email ... it follows: Brett, You're an absolute genius! I arrived in France at c2pm today (Wed 14/6) to be told by the garage I use in Vienne that the tensioner you posted had arrived 2 hours earlier! I'm amazed, and extremely grateful. Correct part, fair price and superb service. Thank you! Much appreciated. Kind regards, Anthony
  2. Thanks Clivef38. I will take your advice straightaway! Regards, Anthony
  3. My S1 Elite (1979 - v503) currently languishes in a garage for want of a few parts I now understand to be obsolete. I have tried SJ Sportscars and Paul Matty Sportscars. Can anyone help, or has anyone got suggestions for alternative sources? 1x B907E 1141F - YOKE FRONT 1x B907E 1142F - YOKE REAR 1x B907E 1146F - SPRING SEAT ADJUSTER Any help much appreciated! Anthony
  4. Drumbogle


  5. Sorry Dave. Having bought mine (expensively) from the USA, I stopped looking. Nothing I can help with at the moment. Sorry! Good luck, Anthony
  6. Thanks Denis for the positive vibes. Unfortunately I understand new valves are required. They're on their way from the UK to France. Fingers crossed all will soon be well! Anthony
  7. Update: Finally my Elite was trailered to my favourite garage c150kms from me in Vienne, France. I went to see the car a couple of days ago - the news isn't good, but it's not too horrendous. Material from the flailing air-con belt had wrapped itself around one of the timing belt pulleys and blocked c3/4 of the width of the notches. The timing belt therefore skidded and/or jumped before the engine stalled. Removal of the head shows that the inlet valves did meet the pistons but, fortunately, only just. You can see a slight imprint of the valves in the carbon deposit on each piston, but the chief mechanic has declared the pistons OK. So ... it's 8 new inlet valves for me and a gasket set (plus a new timing belt and pulley). The parts are now on order in the UK for delivery to France. With the new valves I'll undoubtedly need new shims, but I won't know which size(s) until the valves are changed. Anyone know where I can buy a selection of shims in the UK? For the avoidance of doubt, an air-con belt will NOT be refitted! Regards, Anthony
  8. Andy, Thanks for giving me hope! The garage (a specialist in France - where the car 'lives') hasn't had a look at my Elite yet. They are coming to trailer it away, hopefully this coming weekend. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for limited damage ... but fearing the worst! To answer your questions: 'no' I wasn't using air-con when I had the problem and 'no' the air-con doesn't work (primarily because the gas isn't available). I'm not sure at the moment what caused the air-con belt to jump off it's pulley - I'll leave that belt off in the immediate future. I'll update everyone in due course. Regards, Anthony
  9. John & Dunc, Thanks again for your advice. I intend to follow it! I'm planning for the worst but hoping for the best (the engine wasn't significantly noisy when the event happened - or immediately afterwards when I (stupidly, with hindsight) tried to restart it). Fingers crossed. Regards, Anthony
  10. Thanks Charlie, John & Dunc for your various suggestions - much appreciated. Sadly it isn't the HT leads! Having let the 'red mist' settle a bit, I've looked again at the Camshafts Timing Belt (as best I can without dismantling anything). Unfortunately, whilst the belt sits properly and looks perfectly fine on the topmost pulley, the belt most certainly doesn't sit properly on the only other pulley I can see at the moment. The belt is about 0.25" too far forward and it's forward edge is frayed. It clearly has moved laterally and, I assume, it has probably 'jumped' and disturbed the timing - how seriously I won't know until strip-down! It does now appear that a flailing air-con belt may have caused the problem. As to why that belt jumped it's pulley, only time will tell. Happy days! I'm certainly not going to turn the engine over again lest valve(s) meet piston(s) - which may have already happened. Thanks again for your suggestions and support. I'll report further in a couple of weeks. Regards, Anthony
  11. My Elite S1 was driving really well … smile on my face from ear to ear. Suddenly, at about 60mph in 3rd gear, there was a noticeable noise, the engine stalled and I coasted to a halt. Subsequently, the engine would turn over on the starter but start, if at all, only very, very reluctantly. If it did start, it ran like a tractor before dying again almost immediately. Nothing looked out of the ordinary under the bonnet until I noticed that one of the drive belts was dislodged from its pulleys … there are 3 on this Lotus 503 … the problem one was belt that drives the Air-conditioning pump from the Crankshaft pulley (the Alternator belt and Power-steering belt were fine). The belt hadn’t actually broken, but it had jumped off the air-con pulley and was badly frayed - so I cut it off thinking ‘who needs air-con’. Sadly no improvement to the starting ability of the car so I was towed home and the Lotus currently resides in my garage. My initial thought is that the flailing belt somehow caused the Camshafts Timing Belt to jump and the timing is now out. Everything’s very close but the timing belt does look absolutely fine. Surely a missing air-con belt wouldn’t prevent the car starting? What could have happened - any ideas? OMG, I fear the worst. Regards, Anthony
  12. Sorry everyone, I've just heard back from 'RubberTrim'. They're not prepared to send me a sample piece of their "Guardrail H7150 Double chrome trim" on the basis that their minimum order quantity is, wait for it, 150 metres! Rather too much to re-trim my door ... even if it was the correct, matching trim, which I doubt! Off to hunt elsewhere. Always open to suggestions ... Anthony
  13. As far as I can see, there is no discernible 'join' to be 'covered' on my entire body/door panels. Accordingly my existing waist trim (thought to be original) is simply stuck onto a flat surface just below the swage line. Anthony
  14. Thanks Mat. I've emailed Coverdale for a sample and price. I appreciate your help. Regards, Anthony
  15. Thanks everyone. I've just emailed a 'sample request' to [email protected] I'll post my assessment of the trim when it arrives - assuming the firm's prepared to send me a couple of inches. Anthony
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