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  1. catesprit

    Gearbox Oil Leak

    Hi Andy, do you have any news about the Permatec sealant. Did you used it and did it stop the oil leak? Harry , can you give me the name of the blue sealant you using for the gearbox? Hugues
  2. catesprit

    Condenser rpm limiter

    Hi - if the overspeed module is out of order, where can I found one. Do Lotus car still sell it? - I check the electrical connections in the" relays box" (where the coil is) on the back of the engine but I didn't change any relay. - I have the USA Shop Manual . The Bosch Injection specialist I know normally tested fuel prssure, throttle , frequency control valveetc. I hop he did really!! - By the end of the month I will check relays, connectors. Thanks a lot Hugues
  3. catesprit

    oil leak

    For the sump, I finally just check the bolts and If they were corectly tighted. some weren't. Now it is good Hugues
  4. catesprit

    Condenser rpm limiter

    Ok thanks 1- I change the coil 3 years ago. it was very very old one and at that time the engine stopped all the time even it was cold or warm 2- Anyway, as John sayed I will check the coil next time. The 3 years new one can be a wrong one... 3 - I will buy a "Electronics freeze spray " to test what Atwell adviced. But is the the EOM overspeed module easy to find in the car? As far I understood it is not inside the engine bay but beside? Is it normal that heat can damage an overspeed module? Is it easy to find a good one? Is it a special Lotus or it can be found somewhere else 4 - I allready test everything in K jetronic with a Bosch specialist, change batterie, sparks, coil, ignition harness and distributor cap. That is why now I just thinking about a part which doesn't accept the very warm heat inside the engine bay as a condenser can be . But Atwell informed that there is no condenser with the overspeed module! 5 - Sorry for my english but I try my best Hugues
  5. catesprit

    Condenser rpm limiter

    Hi After 70 miles driving, the engine is not running good; it loose a lot of RPM because of thre heat inside the engine bay. (when it is cold the engine don't have any problem) Do you thing it can be the condenser of the RPM limiter which can be too old to support the heat in engine bay??? And where is this condenser? The Bosch Injection K Jetronic has been tested and it is good. Hugues
  6. catesprit

    oil leak

    Thanks a lot for your answer Hugues
  7. catesprit

    Citroen 9 x 35 Pinion / Crown wheel

    thanks for all how do you get a 1.53 ratio if you keep the 38 teeth pinion? 38x25 gives 1.52 ratio. you are right to say that with this ratio there is quite a big step between 4 and 5 th gear. Have you been told about a 6 gears C35 gearbox? I like the idea of stronger cwp, faster accelaration but I don't want to low the max speed and to have hudge fuel consumption; What is the solution?
  8. catesprit

    Citroen 9 x 35 Pinion / Crown wheel

    ok and very good for stronger cwp but to keep the same max speed it is necessary to change the 5th pear pinion to get something like 38x26 if I don't do a mistake! and 26 teeth pinion doesn't exist and seems to be no good idea to get a 1.46 ratio for a 5th gear and may obliged to change also the ratio for the 4th gear; But I am not a specialist, just wondering what is the best to do because i have to change the cwp.
  9. catesprit

    oil leak

    Hi is it possible to renew sealing joint between engine and sump with the motor still in place Hugues
  10. Hi I have to change the clutch shaft . is it possible to remove it without opening the gearbox? if it is possible, how to do it Thanks for help Hugues
  11. catesprit

    Citroen 9 x 35 Pinion / Crown wheel

    ok thanks for the information but what is the advantage to use this ratio? and also what is the cost? Hugues
  12. catesprit

    Citroen 9 x 35 Pinion / Crown wheel

    hello Just discover that a 7x34 is possible for a Lotus Esprit. I thought it was not possible. What is the best advantage to use it. As far I remember some of Citroën DS Car have been sold in the USA with this ratio.
  13. catesprit


  14. hello I am loocking for one hazard switch light for my 1986 HCI Lotus Esprit Turbo. Do you know where I can find a new one. thanks for your help Hugues
  15. catesprit

    Crown Wheel & Pinion

    Lucky guy. Do anybody have another CWP to sell? I will be very pleased to buy it.! Hugues