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  1. Can you tell me the trade mark and references of the ignition coil installed in you Esprit?
  2. Thank you for your information. I will ask my mecanic to check wires
  3. hello Atwell I want to check the sensors on the injection, ignition and all engine management. Do you know if there is a list somewhere? Hugues
  4. I ask the mecanic to work on a pre-pump fuel filter as I saw on LT; we emptied the fuel tank and no visible debris found. I am going to look at the pressure and volume page on LD and ask the specialist. let you know. thanks for your help Hugues
  5. Hi About boilling fuel, you are the second people to talk about it. The fan is an idea to test I am open to all solutions today. But why the fuel is boilling, the pumps are clean and working good (we check them also.) I am going to see how to adapt a fan or a "pump cooler" About the WUR it is one of the accessories i made renew by Bosch withe the frquency valve. Anyway, Iam going to check the number. As far I remember It has the right number. For the fuel distributors I am going to talk about it with my kjetronic specialist and ask to check. Does anyone know how to transfe
  6. Hi I am french and I am the owner since 20years of a 1986 HCI Lotus Esprit. I am writting (sorry if my english is not so good) here because I have a technical problem that never succeed to solve since 20 years! I came here some years ago and talk with some people but my car still have an engine problem The problem is the following : Everything is running well, everything is fine until the engine compartment is warm after 45 minutes to an hour's drive at normal speed. The engine starts well, the idling takes its turns well, the strong accelerations after 15 minutes of road
  7. hi Jason Did you test it? As soon as the covid19 is closed I will order this part to change mine if somebody tell me that the product is good enough
  8. Well, thank you, I am going to try to do the same work you did. I hope I will be carefull enough! Cheers
  9. Hi Do you solve the problem? And if the problem is solved what part was the source of the problem and what waw the right solution? Hugues
  10. hello I organize in France a 3 days WE in may 2020 with only Lotus Esprit cars. I am looking for a nice TS for the Lotus Esprit owners who will participate to this WE. Will it be possible that I order the same TS? Cheers Hugues
  11. Hi Andy, do you have any news about the Permatec sealant. Did you used it and did it stop the oil leak? Harry , can you give me the name of the blue sealant you using for the gearbox? Hugues
  12. Hi - if the overspeed module is out of order, where can I found one. Do Lotus car still sell it? - I check the electrical connections in the" relays box" (where the coil is) on the back of the engine but I didn't change any relay. - I have the USA Shop Manual . The Bosch Injection specialist I know normally tested fuel prssure, throttle , frequency control valveetc. I hop he did really!! - By the end of the month I will check relays, connectors. Thanks a lot Hugues
  13. For the sump, I finally just check the bolts and If they were corectly tighted. some weren't. Now it is good Hugues
  14. Ok thanks 1- I change the coil 3 years ago. it was very very old one and at that time the engine stopped all the time even it was cold or warm 2- Anyway, as John sayed I will check the coil next time. The 3 years new one can be a wrong one... 3 - I will buy a "Electronics freeze spray " to test what Atwell adviced. But is the the EOM overspeed module easy to find in the car? As far I understood it is not inside the engine bay but beside? Is it normal that heat can damage an overspeed module? Is it easy to find a good one? Is it a special Lotus or it can be found somewhere e
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