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  1. Cheers for clearing up the cc's per stroke question. I'm guessing that for the main pump the pressure should drop at higher revs (because pump stays pumping at the same speed irrespective of revs but the engine is sucking fuel at a faster rate at higher revs)? using that logic I guess neither of the two aftermarket pumps I am contemplating would be ideal. The one that does 2-3.5PSi is probably closest but ideally I'd be after a pump that does 3-4 psi?
  2. Anybody know the pressure the fuel pump a normally aspirated engine should run at? The manual doesn't list a figure for the NA ...only 4.0 psi for the turbo at idle. The only figure it does list for the NA is 8 cc/20 strokes vs 10cc/20 strokes for the turbo. Maybe if they don't list it it doesn't matter - but I suspect not - and as I need to replace the crappy aftermarket one in mine I thought I'd better ask. My local auto shop sells versions rated at 2-3.5 PSI and 4-7PSI
  3. On my 89 NA there is a choke cable just to the left and down from the steering wheel. But mine is knackered - the plastic mount is broken plus the cable has snapped and already been spliced once. Unfortunately, I'm told you can't buy these new. So my question.... Does anybody i) know of a substitute part (or where lotus pinched theirs from) or ii) have one squirreled away somewhere that they want to sell? I'd try and substitute a choke cable from another make of car but it is a bit of a tricky mount plus I'd like to keep the whole thing original looking - and retaining the electrical connection that is built into the choke cable and tells you whether the choke is in or out. Can anybody help?
  4. Hi Ian, I had exactly the same problem (flashing display etc) when I upgraded the tape player in my 71 spitfire to a cd player. Not knowing what the issue was, I took it to a stereo specialist and they simply fitted a higher amp fuse and hey presto everthing worked fine! Apparently cd players suck a fair bit more power than tape/radios and mine wasn't up to it. Maybe that's what's happening with yours...especially when there is a drain on the power from elsewhere in the vehicle at the same time? Si
  5. The gearshift on my 89 NA is horrible and I'd welcome any advice on how to make it a) less heavy and B) more precise This is what I've tried so far, but with limited success: 1) Greased master unit, replacing lever bush washers and reverse baulk block (the new washers helped a bit with the impreciseness and you at least have a reasonable chance of getting the gear you want now!) 2) Removed translator and checked all four rose joints (fine), greased them and refitted with nice new rod end boots. The translator bearing seemed to move freely also, and without undue slop, so I didn't touch that 3) Removed reactor bearing/carrier (it was actually in pretty good nick also) and replaced cross shaft with thicker later model cross shaft that doesn't require reactor bearing 4) Adjusted tie rod and ends of gearchange cables so they have the prescribed 4mm offset, and no preload. 5) Replaced wobbly old gear knob with new momo knob But the shift is still very heavy...and in terms of preciseness even my ancient nissan farm pickup that has done 350000km feels like a fomula one car by comparison. Can anyone help? Would the gearshift repair kit described in LEW help at all (and I'm probably thinking the master unit one I'm reasonably confident my translator is in pretty good shape)? Have they improved it any on the original setup? I did wonder whether the cables might have siezed/stiffen up but if I disconnect the translator there doesn't seem to be too much resistance when you move the gearshift lever around....and I'm guessing they're not the easiest to replace or lubricate anyway, so I'm trying to ignore that possibility for the meantime! Cheers, Si
  6. Hi Mike, I've got protechs on the back of my 88, with standard springs all round and standard shocks on the front. For the backs I settled on 8 clicks clockwise (of the 13 possible) and adjusted the spring seats so the top of each wheelarch lip was 685 mm off the ground. Seemed to work OK for me (and for a friend running a v8 who fitted the same shocks with the same settings). hope this helps - and good luck! Si
  7. It was the 'starship enterprise' jobby I was actually thinking of. I saw supports for this style of wing in the last lotus parts sale, but no thought my best bet might be to try and find someone who had removed theirs. still looking cheers, Si
  8. hello i took off my 1991 SE wing and replaced it with a wing for countach it made the car look a lot better... the stock wing looks like it came from a fiero e-mail me and i'll send you some pics [email protected]

  9. I was thinking about chaging the low-mounted rear wing on my esprit to a high mounted the ones fitted to say a 92 model year SE turbo. ...for no particular reason other than I think they look quite good. My questions though: 1) I've heard people often take the high mounted ones off...why? Maybe they hinder rear vision?'d be hard to think how you could make it worse than it is tho! 2) Anyone got one for sale? Cheers, Si
  10. Thanks guys - I'll have a crack at using some of the aluminium mesh you can buy at the local auto store - I may even get flash enough to bend some up in my mate's metal bender....although it sounds like it sticks on just fine with hot melt glue. Cheers, Si
  11. Hi Adrian and Russell. Fortunately we don't use salt on our roads in NZ so rust isn't actually my problem. Rather - the mesh is all bent and the wire is broken in a few places too so a quick respray probably isn't going to solve all its problems. I was contemplating unscrewing it all and trying a full resto job - but the thought of straightening 50 million little bits of wire with needle nose pliers put me off. It may yet come to that though! Cheers, Si
  12. Anybody ever replace the grill below the rear bumper on a SE or turbo (ie. the one with three wide aperatures, as opposed to the four narrow slots that were on NA's)? The fine grill in mine looks tatty and seeing as the gearbox and muffler are out at the moment, I thought the time might be opportune to replace it. If it's a bit of a nightmare to bend up a new grill though, I might pass. Would appreciate any comments.....
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