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  2. thanks all for your welcome kimbers, people do actually call me "deeby" and some even call me db10 i'm not totally making it up!
  3. thanks very much, i'll call them tomorrow
  4. I'm new on the forum, but I've had Smiley for a year. Hope to keep him for a bit longer!
  5. Thanks ramjet (from roger ramjet??) and bibs. Will look into the ones you mention - I know Footman James doesn't do modern cars any more for new customers... and will look into becoming a paid member! Ok, off to say hi in the Intros now..
  6. Hi people..I've had a 2007 Elise for a year, and it's time to renew insurance - my current one is really expensive and I'm wondering if you'd have any suggestions for specialist brokers for Lotus insurance? Thanks, db10
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