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  1. It’s a typical holiday in , pool and sauner are ok. It 5 minutes from Dunston Hall if you want to meet up the night before and about 10 minutes from the factory.
  2. Stuart Monument

    2017 Lotus Festival Tickets

    Have a look at festival 2018 thread. It’s being held at Hethel
  3. Have you tried CIF @Buddsy? Fancy coming along to the Elise meet to ?
  4. Stuart Monument

    I feel my work is done!

    Top Job !
  5. Stuart Monument

    Paprika Leather

    I had the same problem recently and Steve Fulcher from Fulchers coach trimmers replaced the leather and made a dye for it. Not sure if he has any left but it is a perfect match. Only did this two weeks ago. The original manufacturer no longer make it
  6. The chaps on the Jim Clark stand were absolutely lovely gents. They also said that Lotus approached them with the idea and pretty much gave them the car. I.e less than the cost of a set of wheel apparently. It is wonderful that Lotus has taken a interest and have started to support there heritage. Things really look like they are turn a corner for the best .
  7. Stuart Monument

    Thinking of selling

    Don’t do it ... you have put to much effort in to jump ship now
  8. Stuart Monument

    Lotus Festival 2018

    Sounds like a plan! Good work
  9. Stuart Monument

    July meeting

    Sorry guys away again this month back back to normal after that. Will be there for the Elise thing Phil. Well done for organising , fingers crossed on getting your car ready
  10. Well done that is amazing. Kick some arse !
  11. Stuart Monument

    World Cup

    This video is why I Love England as a country. Pure class
  12. Stuart Monument

    labour time for b service.

    Try not to get to neg’d out about it. Your car is stunning. It is annoying when you have bought something and it needs little bits doing but don’t let it ruin your ownership and the smile factor. I can assure you th me more you use it , the better it will become as that’s what V8’s need. It looks the dogs bollox
  13. Stuart Monument

    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

    Hopefully my name on the log book to... 🤣 is this the jim Clark prize car ?
  14. Stuart Monument

    Meeting Elise

    1. Phil W 2. StuartM
  15. Stuart Monument

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    What a pain in the arse. Good to hear your still alive, not sen you in ages 😀