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  1. 340r Picture Thread

    Passed a green one in a lay-by near snetterton last Monday. Not seen one in green before
  2. Compomotive refurb

    Hi Phil, Dave aka Lotusman33 has done numerous sets of these. Might be worth popping him a PM Cheers Stu
  3. I've joined the Evora club!

    What a lovely set of cars you will have. Congratulations, Christmas has come early this year for you
  4. New Tesla Roadster.

    Wow ! Love it
  5. What made you happy today?

    Best new ever! Made up for you
  6. how to get a car deposit back?

    Did you meet him and pay the deposit or did you pay a deposit over the phone subject to viewing the car ? If the later is the case then you are protected by distance selling rules
  7. My Unicorn: LHD S2.2 RoW

    Simply awesome ! ๐Ÿ‘
  8. Everything has its price Barry
  9. I know a nice electric one that would be right up your street barry
  10. If you open your garage and it makes you smile then I would say thatโ€™s justification.๐Ÿ˜Ÿ not to mention the community etc etc
  11. Drink Drive Warning!

    I found a picture of you
  12. Black Friday Deals

    Silverstone are doing 20% off of track days to
  13. BiH November 20th

    Sorry guys going to have to cancel on you tonight. Have a great evening, catch up with you all soon
  14. BiH November 20th

    I will pop along to !
  15. Bobby Bell

    Founder of Bell and Colville dies in accident