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  1. This really is a shock . A Lotus man through and through. Always smiling.. will miss our chats at the Bird In Hand. rest in peace .
  2. I spoke to the owner the other day. It is in hibernation. He is a proper Lotus enthusiast and has other Lotus cars
  3. Here we go again 🤣🤣🤣🤣... another Kearley project. I’m surprised the discovery channel hasn’t started a show on your projects. Good luck with it chap I’m sure it will turn out ace.
  4. Don’t get me started on that one. Last time I lent them a car it took 4 months to get it back after they damaged it, (shit happens) a argument and not even a thank you. When I was purchasing them it was ‘thank you, you have helped to pay wages this week. Now I’m the devil 😈. Hence I have been quiet on here for some time. Love the brand, love the people on here, hate the politics. Im probably on the naughty step now
  5. Very sad news indeed. RIP
  6. The 414e is technically a hybrid so I suppose they are right.
  7. Well done Barry... you always get your cars back together so quickly. Keep it up. Shame there isn’t any film of your Tourette’s moment 😂
  8. The bloke is mad if he doesn’t take your offer. Hope your keeping well, fingers crossed you will get it back.
  9. So sorry to hear of your loss Chris. Keep strong and remember the good times.
  10. Good luck on your search Lee. Some of us meet up at the Bird in hand if you fancy it sometime .
  11. I also have had a great experience with Mclaren. I had a bit of a problem with the brakes due to the car sitting after being washed. Oxidisation between disc and pad ( when the car senses water, the caliper pushes the pad closer to the disc to skim the water off) Normally this would just pop off, however this time solid and couldnt get it free. Mclaren replaced all disks, pads and two front tyres as I scrubbed the front tyre trying to free it. I think it was the right thing for them to do as it wasn’t something I could control .
  12. Sold the Mclaren ... bitter sweet. However the feeling happy bit is that I have decided to dust the Elise off, change the oil and use the car at it should be. Early morning thrashes, track days and general enjoyment. Loved the Mclaren but its beyond my skill level. Every time I drive the Elise S1 it feels slow until I realise its about braking later, perfect turn in and then pedal to the floor earlier. Looking forward to the spring already.
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