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  1. Would love to go but at Sikverstone that weekend. Shame as it’s on my doorstep
  2. Was planning on coming but my Mrs is out so no sitter for the children. Sorry chaps
  3. The car at Stratton is a stunner. @freefall_junkie definitely worth a look
  4. That’s a shame about the noise test but good they were helpful . I hope you get it sorted for your next day.
  5. @Gashead1105 just twigged it was your 400 today. Even looked at your exhaust, did you put additional silencers on? It sounded great and not as loud as other 400’s. I shoukd have come to say hello, I was testing in a C1 for the 24hr race. Very wet and cold but a great day. Ps your car looked ace
  6. Wonderful collection and all in beautiful conditions. I wish you well with the sale and look forward to seeing what is coming next.
  7. I have found the Bodycentre near the airport very good .
  8. @PhillC that should be a good vibe
  9. When I went to the duxford show about 4 years ago I got talking to a bloke about the Peterson car. A normal chap who said it has been in his garage for year and he keeps meaning to restore it. Why didn’t it take his number
  10. I bought mine from a Facebook advert last year. It had done low mileage, great history but there was a bit of prep on seat bolster, couple of wheel refurbs and a couple of tyres needed doing. Price reflected this. If your anything like the rest of us Lotus nuts I’m sure you will be looking everywhere. Good luck on you search.
  11. I second that @C8RKH I think @21gg car is the muts nuts. I saw it a few years ago at Brooklands. Looks classy and like it wants to eat you all at the same time
  12. Just read about your wonderful family Lee on the Daily Mail app. You really are a credit to each other. You really are the true definition of ‘family’. Hope you are doing as well as you can be
  13. I just had this. As GFWilliams said it sounds like the wheels need to be balanced. £10-£15 at any tyre retailer.
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