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  1. Pilots

    Very sad news that the engineer has passed away
  2. Snetterton 105db Static + 92db Driveby from 20m

    Do you live close to snet ? Your could ask to do a dB check prior
  3. There are so many variants it’s hard to say . I have just taken a policy out with AIB and found them cheapest on my Evora however have found others cheaper on my Europa.
  4. Bird in hand 19th March

    Its parents evening tomorrow where my better half works. I will pop in for a orange juice as won’t get there on time for food
  5. Lotus Elise / 69 Tiff Video Just found this, thought it worth a watch
  6. The Beast is home...Let the fun start!

    Well done, especially in the cold
  7. Time to start explaining

    Congratulation Barry, awesome work.. Now get driving
  8. Mud Flap Brackets

    Stainless steel brackets arrived today and I only ordered them yesterday. Look very well made. Thanks @Miguel top man
  9. Prospective Owner Seeking Advice

    Hi James, @Dan E has acracking red Esprit Stephens Cars his friend was selling. Might be worth dropping him a message. There are lots of owners on here who will be able to tell you what to look for. I have not owned a SE so wouldn’t be much help. Good luck with you search.
  10. Bird in hand 19th March

    Hi Phil will sort my menu choice over weekend when I have confirmed birthday arrangements
  11. Mud Flap Brackets

    I have just placed an order for brackets through the chap in classified adds as they are stainless and should last. Might be worth a look
  12. Anyone Interested In This Esprit

    Looks very sharp
  13. What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Sorry to hear this @Spinney. Hope the damages isn’t to bad and that he offered to pay up
  14. Bird in hand 19th March

    I will be there to
  15. Rest in peace Stephen Hawkins

    Another great mind gone. Incredible what he achieved with his condition .