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  1. What made you happy today?

    Always welcome chaps. Had a couple of members on here from Austria come up a few months back. Couple of more goodies in the pipeline to....
  2. What made you UNHAPPY today!

    I had the council pay for a new tyre on my Mrs car last year and a new rad in my Porsche as a piece of road flicked up from the car in front and punctured it. Don’t worry sold the Porsche. It was a bit of a pain but worth pursuing
  3. Lotus 15 & Lotus 16 for sale

    Both amazing. Someone will be very proud to buy them
  4. Righto chaps ! First meet of the year for us TFL'ers 19th Feb. Would be nice to catch up
  5. Esprit x180 Info Please

    It sounded about right value wise but the owner didn’t seem to know much about it and only had it for four months. I was going to advise just being very thorough with the inspection as he didn’t seem to confident in what he had. Saying that it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it
  6. What made you happy today?

    Picked up the Lotus 51 from Felixstowe docks. Bought it end of November from the states and it’s now home with a it’s brother and sisters
  7. Esprit x180 Info Please

    Is it the red one in Scotland ?
  8. What made you UNHAPPY today!

    @Bibs if you contact the council, they will send you a claim form and will refund you the Tyre cost
  9. Cheap Esprit S4S

    Looks very sharp ! Shame about the loss but still value for money
  10. S3 £5400?

    Called the number and It’s a scam ! eBay is full of them at the moment, every third Car in classic car listings
  11. New Toy

    Think it looks cracking in that colour. What a car.
  12. Well It's Kind Of A Lotus :-)

    Awesome! A thing of beauty
  13. New owner saying hello

    Congrats! It brings a smile just looking at it , you must be overjoyed to have bought it
  14. bespoke graphics

    That looks very cool in my opinion
  15. Classic and Sports Car article - Europa

    What would you buy mark ? They look stunning
  16. Time to start explaining

    Well done chap, keep up the progress
  17. The Lotus driving academy morning or afternoon is in one of there Cars. Check at the lotus driving academy website. Thanks Stu
  18. Oops, by J-M Gales

    Hmmm , this is the same guy who banned the staff at Lotus from using the company LOTUS Cars as the locals complained about reckless driving !!! Rumour has it , it was always him, this backs it up. I’m no kill joy but he has a bloody track
  19. Have you thought about trying to book a lotus driving acamdemy starter session. It includes a factory tour ! Might be able to fix you in , in August that way
  20. Forgive me for I have sinned !!

    Awesome. A must for any man cave
  21. lotus anniversary

    Wouldn’t of thought CTL would do something as the racing season is not far off and they are also moving building at some point.
  22. rims for Elise Mk2 Rover

    Afternoon The link doesn’t work ? Stu
  23. dead battery

    Can you not put a cigarette charger in the lighter socket ?
  24. Hethel 2nd June

    Might be up for this to
  25. Rats

    I have used this for Mice and works Really well.