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  1. Drink Drive Warning!

    I found a picture of you
  2. Black Friday Deals

    Silverstone are doing 20% off of track days to
  3. BiH November 20th

    Sorry guys going to have to cancel on you tonight. Have a great evening, catch up with you all soon
  4. BiH November 20th

    I will pop along to !
  5. Bobby Bell

    Founder of Bell and Colville dies in accident
  6. Worlds largest Lotus collection

    If only ! Looks a cracking place to visit! The car really do look to a high standard to
  7. Show us your Garage

    car looks great. Where did you get the sign? Need me one of those.
  8. Anyone know what this is?

    Looks like the tow eye hook receiver ?
  9. The Positivity Topic.

    Im a pretty doom and gloom type of guy. However as I sit here on a fine sunny Sunday morning I feel a very lucky man indeed. A year ago my daughter was in intensive car with two large holes in her heart. Looking at her now she is healthy and very smiley. Certainly does adjust your perspective thats for sure. Last years festive period was terrible. This year the kids are going to be showered with love and experiences
  10. The last Elan to leave Hethel??

    Great stuff Dave
  11. Soooo while it was away...

    I think I’m in love with your wife and I have never met her. Seriously, what a lovely thing for her to have done. Made me smile
  12. Could it really have been the new Esprit?

    Congrats! Sounds like a nice stable of Cars. Just goes to show the customer Lotus are missing out on
  13. Watch Collectors/Fanatics

    Ultimately I would go for what you like the look of the best as most watches keep good time. (Rolex seem to struggle unless serviced). With regards to resale I would go for a Breitling every time over a Omega. Just my opinion
  14. Lotus Number 4...

    Look great ! Don’t know much about the Exige but looks awesome with no rear spoiler
  15. Hello from Suffolk, England

    Hi Tim Welcome. We have a local meeting on the third Monday of the Month near Norwich if you fancy popping along. I think Pistachio is lovely but go with your gut. I have a twin cam Europa if you need to look at another europa for reference , even if the engine and bits / bobs are different.
  16. Le Mans Classic 2018

    I went two years back and had a great time. Good drive down and a lads adventure. Watching cars at 3am round the circuit with a beer in hand is great. Not one for camping but camped at the circuit and the showers were hot and clean (I got up early). Lots and lots of lovely classics. I would go but Will give it a few years . Big turn out from the lotus clubs to
  17. Norfolk October meet at the Bird in Hand


    I’m planning on coming depending on if Clare is feeling better. If I’m her I will be eating. Is the Esprit fixed ?
  18. Unhappy/Happy

    Great news in the end ! Sounds like a result
  19. Show us your Garage

    They are all very tasty
  20. Show us your Garage

    Just finished the third garage... don’t think the Mrs will allow any more ... shhhh foundations going in at Christmas .
  21. Evora 414

    Really pleased to say that she lives again. I have had this for about 3 months now and she is up and running! 🤗
  22. S1/2 Galavanised Chassis

    Try Arch Motors in Cambridgeshire. They use to make a lot of the Team chassis and now do Atoms chassis. They have done a couple repair and refinishes for my father, they are nice guys to.
  23. Norfolk October meet at the Bird in Hand


    Come on ladies and gents let try and get a good turn out for the end of the summer. @phil flash @andydclements @oilmagnet477 @[email protected] Weels @Nifty @OwenGT3 @PaulCP @Buddsy @simonf @i like cocopops @Kimbers @GarrySmith @[email protected] @Hydro @Kingdeshpr @a2c39a @lotus_insider @Richard B @Fonz @Magic Mountain @chipp @NR2k @NeilMick @LotusMiles @pcurtis @L666 @ShaunM @Numanoid @Davidh @Taylorshorty69 @Nfkdan @charlieshelby @adrian1980uk @stevie67p @twiggy26 @pgp @graham @kieranmcc @JimH @Thesignbox @davidwebster_ @mattdebbage @Manc @FABTECHMOTORSPORT @helmetb @JamesStronach @DAV1D @Matt Becker @10tus @JamesYoung @ST S1 @Lara-Lotus @Freddiesmummy @Maureen Coote @MikeP @shauno1409 @Richard Goodbourn @cjbss9 @MikeP @Hodjay @Jof @Wurzel @modifiedv8engines @NathR @Newts @Stratton Motor Company @Peteric @Steve S3 @wytco0 @Broadsword @Evan B @fourhands @langleytw @ade3210 @bosshog @SR111 @Kevin Keable @redone @Ron Goldsmith @d_mann @Malcolm Palmer @Sox @M4rk @111s.matty @Andy C @bigdave @DAVE68 @zippysigma @news42 @OJ 48 @Mark111S @Marcus Anderson @Mimi @ANDREW HUNT @Steven162 @mezzotint @Someone Else @Someone Else @Tmbeardmore @mimosa @d_mann
  24. LOTUS EVORA400

    Mrs’s 5 series did it while at a sprint in the middle of an airfield a few months back. Two young children (thankfully out of the car) but push chair and supplies in the car. Thank god for the RAC.