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  1. If you have another key there is a code on it. You can order the exact key off of the internet. Otherwise you can speak to Lotus and the key code will be on the build sheet
  2. I’m pretty sure you have cornered the market in the last week 😂
  3. I have been offered the Jim Clark Go Go Dragon today. Its not for me at the moment but I said I would offer it on here for sale. Will happily put you in touch with the company who bought it . They paid about £10,000 . They said the would except £3000. @OwenGT3 designed and created it. A very unique bit of art. Stu
  4. Rotten luck ... that’s racing I suppose. Your instincts served you well. Good luck at Snett.
  5. Nice work Barry , proper dad !
  6. Have fun.... actually it’s pretty impossible not to.
  7. Well done Owen your making great progress. Just make sure it goes back to together as quick as I always loved the look of your car.
  8. This developed this on the 414e years back. Lotus were ahead of the curve. Called halo sonic I think !
  9. Congrats Barry I know you have wanted one of these for a while
  10. You might need that shield 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Congrats Barry... I’m struggling to guess what it might be 🤔
  12. Sorry Mark should have re read the posts you wrote earlier on. I read them when you initially posted and can’t imagine what you have gone through. Previous post was relating to the moving on of you car , Hope I didn’t cause any offence.
  13. What a lovely ending to your ownership experience of that car. You’ll be back ... 😜
  14. I’m sure we won’t be disappointed, not that most of us are likely to get our mits on it. I’m sure it will showcase the best of lotus
  15. I could feel your memories flooding back. Did you keyboard survive or did you throw it at the wall remembering all this
  16. Above red callipers look good. Not sure yellow, red and gold would be to much. It doesn’t matter what us lot think, you should make it exactly what you would like. Post a pic when it’s done
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