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  1. Ah that makes sense just didn’t want you loosing no claims. Gold would look awesome in my opinion Could you do gold with diamond cut faces like this finish
  2. Is it worth claiming on your insurance when it’s about £60 a wheel to do ?
  3. How can anyone be negative on a new car launch. Surely this is exciting times for any Lotus nut.
  4. Another vote from classic line from me
  5. More you say ... I know of a lovely blue S4 if Nobbys interested. I would want a commission for the into tho 😂
  6. Looks great in that colour, good choice
  7. That’s whats its all about, sharing the experience.
  8. I’m at a track evening that night but will pop in for a beer on the way back from Snetterton if your all still there
  9. Try these guys. They use to work at Lotus , have a Evora themselves and also did the Stratton GTE cars I believe :
  10. Lovely , congrats on your epic machine
  11. I wouldn't worry to much. My experience of shipping agencies is that they do it daily so it’s not a big deal to them. To you it means everything right now. I have always found communication poor with any shipper I have used. Ps congratulations... wonderful car
  12. Sorry chaps I’m driving down to Le Mans to watch the 24hrs so can’t make it
  13. Hi Nick, Good looking car. The chap I would use it not very well at the moment so can’t really recommend anyone. I will happily ask him who he would recommend tho. Thanks Stu
  14. Getting close mate. Will be great to see you in a lotus again
  15. Hi guys, I have just spoken to Shawn at STR Racing. Half day will be £250 full day will be £350 plus £20 booking on fee. Not sure if there is any VAT Obviously this will be split by however many drivers you like . best of to email [email protected]
  16. I will ask how much Shawn would like
  17. Market is certainly a bit hard at the moment. Classic are struggling to
  18. Will check the work diary but think this will be ok. If you want to hire a instructor I would recommend Shawn Taylor who is local. He use to work at The Lotus Driving Academy and has racer an awful lot to. He is based in Norwich. I used him for a day when I did my ARDS test.
  19. Are you doing the full days or the evening ?
  20. Congrats, that’s very aggressive looking . A big thumbs up 👍
  21. Depending on dates i’d be up for this.
  22. Will we be welcoming back to the fold soon @LOTUSMAN33? Hope the mini is all done and your pleased with it. Stu
  23. Fabian your attention to details is incredible. I’m 10 mins from Fulchers if you fancy a coffee when your up this way. Stu
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