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  1. Is anyone aware is the UsLot Sessions podcasts are due to be released again? They were a really interesting listen during lockdown.
  2. The courts let down Police and the general public on a daily basis. My step son is a police officer and, from his experience, they deal with the same people day in, day out. A handful of criminals consume vast quantities of police time and when they are caught, the courts simply dole out overly lenient sentences and a few months later these people are on the street committing crimes again.
  3. Good work, don’t back off.
  4. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…..
  5. My Mrs has an MG3, when it has its MOT at four years old we were advised to get shot before its fifth birthday as the front chassis was rotting out. Buyer beware, we won’t be buying another one.
  6. Sounds like a far better council than my own area.
  7. Brilliant - hope it all goes to plan!
  8. Interesting and well polished presentation.
  9. Covid threw a curve ball for sure, and I think that Boris dealt with some of it well. Their handling of Cummings, Hancock and that Professor Ferguson character however was a disgrace. They all should have been unceremoniously ditched, publicly and immediately. I have long since given up on the “well the other party would’ve done this”. I absolutely know that whatever party gets into power my taxes will go up, my living standards will be destroyed, public services will become even more unusable, no long term policy planning that will bite us, and ever more encroaching into my life by those that have no concern. I have no time for any of them.
  10. Maybe I haven’t been clear, I have absolutely no doubt that the next lot will be disastrous. I can forgive a government for a mistake, I can forgive them for being at the mercy of geopolitical events. What I will never forgive a political party for is selling our on their core principles. The party of financial competence - that ship sailed a long time ago. The party of law and order? Do me a favour! The party of business? No longer! I am completely against the political system. It is thoroughly useless. Politicians are too concerned over self interest to make the long, hard and tough decisions. I’ll never vote again, and I know that Labour will target me with their politics of envy. That said, I’ll be watching with anticipation for the “Portillo” or “Clegg” moment for the Tory front bench.
  11. The man who single handed ended my faith in the political system. In my opinion he should be in The Hague answering for his “acts”.
  12. I have absolutely no doubt that the “red party” will screw the country over. That said, the Tories need complete devastation. Their arrogance and negligence has cost millions of people thousands, if not, tens of thousands of pounds. We have debt exceeding two trillion, after twelve years in power they never once balanced the books. We are broke and all they seem intent on doing is throwing around money at whoever shouts. If, in my professional life, I acted with an ounce of the gross incompetence that the Government have shown I’d be out of a job within a week. These cretins need consequences to their lies, deceit and gross negligence. Some mag be forgiven for thinking that we elected Corbyn, a massive public sector deficit, a ballooning benefits bill, a loss of trust In our Government and economy by financial institutions, an economy hurtling toward free fall. Don’t even get me started on the ever increasing nanny state.
  13. I am looking forward to April when, I suspect that the Conservatives will target energy price support to exclude middle and higher earners. Attacking and destroying their core support. A 73% increase coupled with a withdrawal of support, and increasing mortgage payments will be highly destructive and hopefully consign this toxic bunch of clowns to a generation on the sidelines. Even better, to third place obscurity.
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