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  1. That's an impressive addition to the site.
  2. As a one time Exige S2 owner with very harsh seats, having driven for up to 6 hours at the time I cannot ever recall having back or side pain.
  3. If a Lotus SUV is released - I'll be in there like a shot.
  4. There’s quite a few around here, I move notice a gorgeous white s3 Elise doing the rounds!
  5. Good to see - it’s pleasing to see some real effort going into helping existing owners.
  6. I’ll quit guessing as I am obviously miles away!
  7. Hmmm - do you think? I am not so sure, it looks quite thin and it’d be a big task to match the big yellow book.
  8. I was more thinking that it was something along the lines of an improved certificate of provenance I don’t believe that it is trivial. I am of the opinion that Lotus is a very special brand and should be regarded as highly as Porsche, Audi etc. It is in my eyes but alas not everyone. Spending time, focus and effort on even the smallest of items ensuring a quality product creates atmosphere in the company that drives standards - it’s infectious.
  9. Looking forward to it. I’ll probably treat myself.
  10. It may seem like a trivial but spending time and effort on small things like this will elevate the brand in the minds of customers at relatively small cost and effort. It’s pleasing to see.
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