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  1. Seems like a smart move to me, at least initially until the brand increases sales significantly
  2. A moronic article, I brought him up on this article via twitter a few years back and was promptly blocked.
  3. I thought Geneva May be a little too early for further, substantial information
  4. I agree, but would love to be proved wrong. I really can't see Geely rushing any announcements, especially on their first Lotus Car.
  5. The store could have been a positive for Lotus but it had to be done properly.
  6. I have had this on pre-order since 24.12.2016. I am hoping that the disc is currently sat on my door mat!
  7. It was a fantastic event and one which completely exceeded all expectations.only improvements would be: More seating around food area. A few more food / drink outlets. A fully stocked Lotus store. Potential to make better use of the opportunity to exhibit the range. All in all a great event.
  8. This is quite possibly the most important question on this thread 🙂
  9. Well done Dan - the Exige is a fantastic car like no other, I am sure that you will have endless fun!
  10. I’m confident a new Esprit will be launched, if Lotus truly want to challenge Porsche they need a halo car desperately.
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