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  1. I am merely commenting upon the negative aspects of some of the comments on this thread - no more, no less.
  2. Whilst we should all be realistic over the brand I find it somewhat amusing that on a forum dedicated to the marque there are so many that wish to pick holes in everything that the company attempts to do.
  3. The first new car under Geely ownership and they have well and truly delivered.
  4. Lotus have knocked this out of the park if they execute as promised. This is fantastic for brand recognition getting Lotus back where it belongs.
  5. Will the reveal be streamed on you tube?
  6. Fantastic car to match the fantastic house!
  7. I just checked the thread on the other forum and the negativity is unreal. I am optimistic.
  8. At one time when you read an article on the internet you would cross reference with the BBC to ensure that it was factually correct. These days, if I read something on the BBC I immediately check other sites. A huge fall from grace.
  9. I really hope that Lotus nail this.
  10. The battery in my Evora 400 died after around 18 months - so I would also double check the battery.
  11. It was the club lotus arranged day.
  12. Absolutely what Buddsy said, I always disregarded the Elise 1.6 as being too underpowered but after the day I realised that I can only ever dream of being more accomplished a driver than the car can support. The whole day was well organised and the track and tuition were A1. BTW I'm pretty sure that we are on the same course - you had the fantastic Red Esprit.
  13. All the more reason for me to go and have a nosey around!
  14. With you all the way with the exception of British Touring Car's which has now become the British Safety Car Championship.
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