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  1. I’m afraid that I have little faith in the British Legal system. Hope that it works out for you.
  2. I am not sure where you stand with this but the moment I split from my ex-wife I immediately used the current account to pay off any "debts" leaving the account to all intents and purposes empty, swiftly followed by not putting a single further penny into the account and ensuring that no debt facilities were available. The gravy train ended.
  3. A sensible approach and along the same lines of my own thinking. People simply cannot continue with their current level of expenditure whilst taxation and bills are increasing so fast.
  4. I was quite happy with the result. Hope that your car build date is imminent!
  5. Last week I was provided a manufacturing date of October with a handover in November. This doesn’t sit well with my plans as I rarely use the Lotus over the winter period. I have asked to delay until April the following year which appears to be a request that can be accommodated by Lotus. Someone will be moving up the list soon!
  6. 8 bloody hours, 4 of those stuck in traffic on a sweltering day on the M25.
  7. It’s worth popping your head in one day and have a chat. I drove forty five minutes past the dealer to get my car serviced there.
  8. i couldn’t recommend highly enough, certainly offers better support than my local dealership.
  9. Qmech is located just past Bridgend. I have always found Andy to be knowledgeable and will try his best to save you a few quid along the way.
  10. Thanks! That’s very helpful.
  11. I paid my deposit on 16th July but haven't heard anything as to delivery dates. I'm curious as to those that have received dates - the time that they placed their deposit.
  12. I contacted Lotus last week looking for estimated delivery date, none was supplied (deposit placed 15th July). If delivery is November I’ll be delaying my order - I don’t want the car over the winter period. It may be for the best because I am not overly convinced by the first edition colours.
  13. The lack of dealerships is worrying and it will be hard to encourage more new owners into the fold with a poor network. I can’t speak for Hoffman’s but certainly the dealerships that are close to me were poor.
  14. More positive news. I like the sound of that.
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