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  1. Would you happen to know if this will be available on demand at a later time?
  2. Lotus are slowly and steadily making improvements and this is another step in the right direction. Whilst I do not own an older Lotus I do agree with the previous comment in the fact that I feel that Lotus are missing a trick by not having a heritage program similar to the Ferrari Classiche program.
  3. We have one of the higher end Howden kitchens- under no circumstances would I recommend for anything but the lightest of use.
  4. Quite possibly, but it does keep Lotus in the news, which is a positive.
  5. USA is in the final stages of being the most powerful and important nation on earth. The future is Asia.
  6. I cannot help you on the weight of the body but I look forward to following your progress, it’s something that I would like to attempt myself some day.
  7. That was a great game - I spent many an hour playing the Lotus Trilogy on the Amiga.
  8. It’ll be good to see the fruits of the investment with a factory packed full of workers and cars rolling off the lines. A welcome relief to fans of the brand and dealerships!
  9. That’s really good to see, genuine investment in the manufacturing facility with an uplift in available volumes.
  10. That's an impressive addition to the site.
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