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  1. I contacted Williams Bristol shortly after the 400 was launched expressing my interest. They didn’t have the courtesy to respond to a mail or phone call. Needless to say I went elsewhere and ended up with a new 400. With the Emira order I registered with Silverstone despite it being a 2.5 hr drive from my home (Bristol 30 mins).
  2. If the Lotus team at Hq are designing it then I am sure it’ll look great
  3. I’ll wait to see the final product, these renderings are never that accurate
  4. I use OctopusEnergy and I can vary my DD at will
  5. The Honours system has no honour
  6. Maybe with the backing of Geely, Lotus will be able to offer a more comprehensive package
  7. I am not sure about the sports car market but for sure, most people that I know who purchase new cars do so on Finance. Ensuring that any new Lotus produced has a range of financing / leasing options will be key to increased growth.
  8. This is a pivotal moment in the history of the company.
  9. Frickin_idiot


    Would you also kindly send one over to me. Thanks!
  10. The key point is that the "head honcho" is keeping tabs on social media and responding - it is positive. And yes - people with any common sense would realise that initial loses would be expected before production ramps up - but it is comforting to know that those in power are responding and making it clear to the doom and gloom merchants.
  11. Mr Windle is keeping an eye on social media. There have been a few posts in Lotus Groups about the Telegraph article noting the loss for the last financial year. Matt was quick to reassure that this was as to be expected and is all taken care of so to speak.
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