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  1. Having been made redundant in the past, my sympathies are extended to those that are losing their employment. I am sure that I read somewhere that there is a trade agreement between the EU and Japan that effectively allows tariff free import of vehicles. I do not blame Honda one but if they consolidate their operations in Japan and give Japanese workers jobs.
  2. I can get my Evora 400 into a single garage, it’s a squeeze getting through the door with the wing mirrors but after that it is plain sailing. I do have door protectors on the wall however.
  3. Why all the whining Horner? Perhaps Red Bull are trying to become the best Ferrari.
  4. I don’t believe that we will agree and I see no benefit from having a disagreement online with you. I wish you well.
  5. A genuine question - are you on a wind up? Whenever I see your name I fully expect a negative comment. An increase in sales is positive news however you care to spin things. Please - lighten up.
  6. This is good news. Let's hope that Lotus build on the momentum - the US should be a key market.
  7. Lotus shouldn't have to, this should be a natural state of affairs for any reasonably competent dealer.
  8. I have received similar feedback reference my deposit - its positive for Lotus and it suits me to wait whilst I build a new garage. That said, I'd be surprised if others will be of the same opinion. Get a second shift going - its a good headache to have.
  9. I was one of those persons. I walked past a Porsche and into the Evora (albeit from an Exige). Why you may ask? The Porsche 911 that I drove was great in every way but lacked something that is difficult to articulate. Quick? Yes, but it didn't give me the same feel as the Evora or Exige. To me the 911 felt like a fast Mondeo - it felt artificial. I have a few friends who own 911's and the running costs were absolutely horrendous - every service seemed to cost in excess of 3k. Coil packs seemed to be of particular concern. Finally the Lotus is something that isn't seen on every street corner. Ultimately the success of Porsche has pushed me away from the brand as they are far too common place. I am sure that others will have the opposite opinion. It was a fantastic car - just not for me.
  10. lol At least you lived to tell the tale - a good lesson.
  11. I wanted one after the release but was hesitant to put down a deposit until I had paid some additional thought to the purchase. Nothing in particular got me across the line - it is just a particular trait of mine to be a little more cautious when making a commitment to spending time or money.
  12. I placed my deposit earlier today and received email confirmation. Is it now a waiting game for months or will Lotus / Dealer be in contact?
  13. Deposit just placed on the Lotus Website. I am based in South Wales so will be looking for recommendations on supplying dealer. Emira here I come!
  14. On the basis that VW Group spend far more on advertisements with EVO than Lotus.
  15. Wasn’t it very 3,000 miles? Still it did have mightily impressive figures!
  16. That green is stunning - really suits the car.
  17. That green is stunning - really suits the car.
  18. This is exactly what I took from the presentation. It’s really positive for the future.
  19. I sometimes wonder whether some contributors are “on a wind up”.
  20. That’s unlikely - I am sure that I have read that the production of the Evora has already ceased
  21. That’s beautiful
  22. It “sounded” like the v6. The super fan event was quite noisy so I am Not entirely sure. I am hoping that the specs will be released at Goodwood.
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