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  1. I sold my S2 Exige to fund a 400 purchase - I regretted this decision. I recently sold my 400 to fund an Emira - I have also lived to regret this decision. If I had my time again would I sell either? Absolutely not.
  2. I actually think it says that our criminals have more common sense and decency than our judiciary.
  3. Just registered for Silverstone Lotus - all went exactly as planned. Looking forward to it.
  4. Positive news and another step along the road to being sustainable
  5. It’s a great looking car, it deserves to be highly thought of in years to come
  6. I have never been a massive Alfa fan, but that is stunning.
  7. That seems an awfully high theoretical capacity considering the incredibly low volume of dealers. They’ll need to address -‘pronto.
  8. It looks like a Ferrari 488. What do you think it looks like?
  9. We were quoted £100k to build a double garage on the side of the house with a bedroom above the garage. Others don't even bother to visit to quote.
  10. We haven't even begun the works - the estimates that we are getting are horrendously expensive.
  11. That is fantastic. I'll watch with interest for inevitable reply that spins this as being a problem.
  12. That's a real step change - great to see.
  13. Having been made redundant in the past, my sympathies are extended to those that are losing their employment. I am sure that I read somewhere that there is a trade agreement between the EU and Japan that effectively allows tariff free import of vehicles. I do not blame Honda one but if they consolidate their operations in Japan and give Japanese workers jobs.
  14. I can get my Evora 400 into a single garage, it’s a squeeze getting through the door with the wing mirrors but after that it is plain sailing. I do have door protectors on the wall however.
  15. Why all the whining Horner? Perhaps Red Bull are trying to become the best Ferrari.
  16. I don’t believe that we will agree and I see no benefit from having a disagreement online with you. I wish you well.
  17. A genuine question - are you on a wind up? Whenever I see your name I fully expect a negative comment. An increase in sales is positive news however you care to spin things. Please - lighten up.
  18. This is good news. Let's hope that Lotus build on the momentum - the US should be a key market.
  19. Lotus shouldn't have to, this should be a natural state of affairs for any reasonably competent dealer.
  20. I have received similar feedback reference my deposit - its positive for Lotus and it suits me to wait whilst I build a new garage. That said, I'd be surprised if others will be of the same opinion. Get a second shift going - its a good headache to have.
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