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  1. My thoughts precisely. Having watched the reviews I am starting to get cold feet. Maybe wait another 18 months and get the Cup.
  2. I often say the same thing about parents keeping their feral children under control. Jokes aside responsible owners should keep their dogs on a leash.
  3. I was given an October build date with delivery in November. I have asked to push back to delivery in April.
  4. I’m afraid that I have little faith in the British Legal system. Hope that it works out for you.
  5. I am not sure where you stand with this but the moment I split from my ex-wife I immediately used the current account to pay off any "debts" leaving the account to all intents and purposes empty, swiftly followed by not putting a single further penny into the account and ensuring that no debt facilities were available. The gravy train ended.
  6. A sensible approach and along the same lines of my own thinking. People simply cannot continue with their current level of expenditure whilst taxation and bills are increasing so fast.
  7. I was quite happy with the result. Hope that your car build date is imminent!
  8. Last week I was provided a manufacturing date of October with a handover in November. This doesn’t sit well with my plans as I rarely use the Lotus over the winter period. I have asked to delay until April the following year which appears to be a request that can be accommodated by Lotus. Someone will be moving up the list soon!
  9. 8 bloody hours, 4 of those stuck in traffic on a sweltering day on the M25.
  10. It’s worth popping your head in one day and have a chat. I drove forty five minutes past the dealer to get my car serviced there.
  11. i couldn’t recommend highly enough, certainly offers better support than my local dealership.
  12. Qmech is located just past Bridgend. I have always found Andy to be knowledgeable and will try his best to save you a few quid along the way.
  13. Thanks! That’s very helpful.
  14. I paid my deposit on 16th July but haven't heard anything as to delivery dates. I'm curious as to those that have received dates - the time that they placed their deposit.
  15. I contacted Lotus last week looking for estimated delivery date, none was supplied (deposit placed 15th July). If delivery is November I’ll be delaying my order - I don’t want the car over the winter period. It may be for the best because I am not overly convinced by the first edition colours.
  16. The lack of dealerships is worrying and it will be hard to encourage more new owners into the fold with a poor network. I can’t speak for Hoffman’s but certainly the dealerships that are close to me were poor.
  17. More positive news. I like the sound of that.
  18. Employers need to vote with their feet and relocate south of the border. This policy is absolutely insane. You cannot tax a nation into prosperity.
  19. The more that the Government push the climate agenda the more that I push back. I am sick to the back teeth of this nonsense.
  20. I found these in a drawer but I can’t for the life of me figure out what they are for? Maybe something to do with a washing machine?
  21. Spot on. Our energy policy has been incredibly short sighted and it was inevitable that we would be led to this position. I am surprised that business haven’t been more vocal in relation to energy. A previous company that I worked for had a 250,000 per month electricity bill.
  22. The inflation figure are laughably low. It’s nowhere near representative.
  23. So this happened on the weekend. My 8.5kg Dog gave birth to 6 puppies weighing 1.5kg. The birth was amongst the most distressing times of my life. Our dog was forced to have an emergency c-section when we run into difficulties. During the procedure the Vet identified a torn uterus and her heart stopped in theatre when she had an adverse reaction to the anaesthesia. The euphoria I felt when we were told that she, and all the pups pulled through will never be matched. Just ten hours later we got to take mother and pups home. The strength, determination and awesomeness of these little dogs astounds me. Despite being several thousands of pounds down I will forever be in the debt of the surgeon and, quite simply, I’d have paid absolutely anything to have this outcome. Built Jack Russell tough. Miracles do happen.
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