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  1. 11 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    If you love your dogs....

    Please keep them on a lead in public places and that includes parks (unless it is a specifically zoned dog area), shared paths etc. My wife yet again, whilst out for a walk gets assaulted by a dog, off a lead, jumping up at her, putting muddy paw prints on her, and yapping at her!  Why should she have to experience this whilst on a walk just because a dog lover cannot keep their dog under control and on a lead? Absolutely no excuse for it.  Oh, and the response from the dog owner, "she's harmless" FFS. No enquiry as to how my wife was, comment re the mud all over her clothes etc.  If I'd have been there I think I'd have jumped all over the dog owner with my moody boots whilst encouraging my wife to call out "don't worry, he's harmless really!".

    I also see that a Royal Mail postee is in trouble for kicking a dog that was racing toward him and yapping - video gone viral apparently. All the Postee was doing was trying to deliver a parcel, the door opens, then the little shit machine decides to come racing through the door barking so the Postee instinctively reacts and gives the dog a brushing kick to get it out of the way (you cannot expect someone who does not know an animal to know whether it will bite or not).  Now the dog owner wants the postee to be sacked as her dog is "traumatised" and her daughter is so upset. What about the fooking Postee who was just trying to do his job?  Why can't dog owners keep their bloody animals under control?

    So, if you love your dogs, keep it on a lead and under control for your safety, the dogs well being, and everyone elses piece of mind.


    I often say the same thing about parents keeping their feral children under control. Jokes aside responsible owners should keep their dogs on a leash. 

  2. 9 hours ago, Barrykearley said:

    Well so far it’s going really well 🙄

    She has managed to burn her way through £18k in excess spending - all from my (joint) accounts.

    keep it up sweetpea - it’s all coming out of the bottom line in the end - and along this road you are indeed looking even more unreasonable to the one child that takes a small amount of time to visit you.


    I am not sure where you stand with this but the moment I split from my ex-wife I immediately used the current account to pay off any "debts" leaving the account to all intents and purposes empty, swiftly followed by not putting a single further penny into the account and ensuring that no debt facilities were available. The gravy train ended.

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  3. On 16/02/2022 at 13:20, TomE said:

    See my updated estimates here:

    A deposit after 12 July is probably Oct/Nov delivery.


    That 1 day deposit = 1 month delivery mapping is true for deposits 6-11 July (reveal to end of Goodwood) as they were taking 500 deposits a day.  The deposit rate slowed significantly after that, so UK V6 FE deposits from 12 July to end of last year should all get delivered by end 2022.


    They're still saying late 2022 for first i4 FEs.  They can build both in parallel, the timing is primarily driven by when they achieve i4 type approvals and delivering most of the UK V6 FEs.

    I contacted Lotus last week looking for estimated delivery date, none was supplied (deposit placed 15th July). If delivery is November I’ll be delaying my order - I don’t want the car over the winter period. 

    It may be for the best because I am not overly convinced by the first edition colours.

  4. 15 minutes ago, windymiller said:

    sad thing is, as ive said before, fuel poverty hits the elderly and needy / vunerable first and hardest, even this £200 off isnt off its a long term loan that has to be  paid back i believe, our energy policy has been non existant for decades !!! apart from poxy renewables 😔

    Spot on. Our energy policy has been incredibly short sighted and it was inevitable that we would be led to this position.

    I am surprised that business haven’t been more vocal in relation to energy. A previous company that I worked for had a 250,000 per month electricity bill.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Bibs said:

    Petrol is up 27%, energy bills up £700 pa, NI up, interest rates up, Council Tax up, household inflation at 8%. 

    The average household will be around £3k worse off. Just guessing but a great deal of people, can they afford these extra costs? Are we going to have a big bust up and lots of repossessions again? And how does the BoE raising interest rates help? 

    At least my car insurance came down this year! :huh:

    In the meantime, the govt have written of £5bn in covid loan fraud (which seems pretty easy to recover, surely £500m spent on getting it back would be a good investment?) and £8.7bn on shit PPE including overpaying to the tune of £4.7bn and £2.6bn's worth which was useless and couldn't even be used. 

    The inflation figure are laughably low. It’s nowhere near representative.

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