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  2. I agree, a great day!! The scotch eggs were something else! Seriously though, despite the damp conditions the track was really good fun. Haven't driven at Goodwood before, will definitely returning. Met some good people and enjoyed putting my Evora to the test along side other Lotus heads. Quick question for B&C, 'am I still one careful owner'? Thanks Maxine and Jamie.
  3. So tonight I was taking my son to his Monday night ice hockey training session in Bracknell as I do each week. We stuff all of his kit into the boot of my Evora and bomb down the A3. On the way I spot an Elise ahead so I boot it to catch up. The Elise sees the headlights coming fast and lets me past without a fuss. Now I've only had my Evora since December, so I've not had many lotus encounters. The motorway isn't really the place for it, so I just carried on to my junction which was only a couple of miles up the road. To my delight the Elise was getting off too. Cutting inside me on the slip road, it hit the roundabout at speed, telling me it was play time. Well, what could I say? Cutting the story short and getting to the point, we flew towards Bracknell, weaving through the traffic and properly caning it. We head to some traffic lights and the Elise pulls over to give me the thumbs up, I look over and there's a girl driving, well i tell you this, I suddenly realised i was full of prejudice cos I turned to my son and said 's#@t it's a girl, but she knows how to handle that Elise' I was surprised at my own reaction, and I also fell a little bit for her at the same time!! Does it make me sexist? Probably, a bit. Anyway, we carried on the little race until I had to peel off towards the rink knowing that being a lotus owner is pretty damn good. Gonna smile all night now! Just had to share that with you all :-)
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