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  1. Hi all, and thanks for the input. I now have a contact to follow up for some idea of restoration budget. The next topic was going to be price, but before questioning the asking for this car, I wanted an idea of the spend, and eventual value. If only the chap who sold it for £5k had advertised it here!
  2. Thanks Bibs, I am waiting on Scott for some updated photos of the black one. This S1 just caught my eye, but is clearly a proper project.
  3. Hi All My first post. Hope I am in the right section, apologies if not! I have been looking for an Esprit for a while and hope to buy one early in the new year, having wanted one for a good 20 years plus. This site is very useful, especially on restoration. I decided to look for an early car, but having found that very difficult, swapped completely to looking at later GT3 models. My question relates to this car: I could not restore it myself and would need to get a specialist on board. To refurb chassis and engine, refit the body and get the car working, what kind of budget would I need ( ball park range). Re spray and interior can wait, but the car must be useable. My biggest worry is spending way over the cars eventual value. Any advice gratefully received. My fall back is to give up on early cars, and simply pick up the best GT3 I can in the new year. If anyone is thinking of selling towards the end of Jan, please let me know. Thanks for reading.
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