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  1. Well the old girl has just had close to a grand thrown at her today :). I have just purchase all the below to get her head for the streets :D. I ended up contacting Lotus bits and SJ. Full service items including all belts, all filters and spark plugs Front upper and lower ball joints Front and rear shocks plus front springs inner and outter tie rods Discs and pads all round new bolts for everything above new brake pipes from caliper to hose front calipers sent off to be completely refurbed
  2. Thank you very much buddy you really have to get into the engine bay to grab it.
  3. Hello Guys, As some of you know i am restoring my Excel SE. I have started stripping down the drivers suspension and i have taken the hub off and all is left is the shock, spring and lower wishbone. I cant seem to get the ARB out the way as there is a bolt at the front which i cant get to the back of the nut can someone help me with how this is done please. Hoping there is a video out there haha.
  4. Well great news Ladies and Gents. I bought some 20W50 oil today put a little down the into the boars. Got my leaver bar out to try and manually crank it over and it cranked over so easy hardly had to put any force into it so i am as happy as a Larry right now :D. I also started stripping down the front as i will need to change all the bushes extra and i am shocked on how easy they are currently being to come off. This car so badly wants to get on the road i can feel it.
  5. Thank you very much for this :). I will be trying to crank the car over tomorrow / Saturday. The car is now up on jacks in my driveway so it should be possible now to start work on it.
  6. Well the car is out of the garage for the first time in 18 years. She was put away just before March 2004 and now she has seen daylight. I now have her back home and i spent just over an hour pressure washing all the dirt and grime off her ready for the weekend. She does need some body work but the mechanical stuff is going to happen first then the body work can be done as and when. When we pulled the old girl out of the garage and she sat there like photo one i had to take a step back and look at her for a while. I felt like i was 5 years old again nabbing the keys and running out to th
  7. Hi Chris, The tyres that are on currently are 205/50s so will probably go for the same. Ow i think it was pink floyd ha ha. It does need the black trim that is going around the centre. the trim that goes between the bumper and body as you can see from the photo 3rd and 5th from time and from the look of things bushes all round. With regards to the bushes what is everyone's recommendations poly or normal.
  8. Good evening all, Well after 17 years of it being sat in the garage today was the day it was prepared to come out. The tyres were flat but they are all now pumped up the interior was exactly the same as it was when i last saw it even smelt the same lol. I did check the intake to see if anything had made a home in there and its clear. I also checked the coolant and it was empty which i started to panic but then my dad said he emptied the coolant before putting it in the garage. I also checked the dipstick which was very low even if it was on the dipstick. From what my dad told me it had a
  9. Sorry i must have missed that @Sparky i will send you a PM.
  10. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone on here would be able to change the cambelt on my Excel and help remove the fuel tank to empty the old fuel. I am based in Witney Oxfordshire. Regards, Nick
  11. Hello All, Just to give you an update. So i spoke to my Dad today about the car and i will be going to take a look at the car on Friday. So i will get some more photos of the car but i will more than likely be getting it collected and delivered to my house. The biggest thing i am going to need is someone who could change the cambelt for me and possibly help me take the fuel tank off and empty it out to put new fuel in. My father in law will be able to help me put a rebuild kit on the carbs and push all the bushes out and replace. I am looking forward to starting the project an
  12. i have been looking online all night and from what i can see the parts service bits and they are not that expensive. which is a plus side.
  13. Thank you Tony this is even more great news thank you. I am looking into all this as we speak and knowing that i would save 600 on the tyres means more than i can spend on the other items.
  14. Thank you very much Andy thats a big help. The tyres are now going to save a good amount of money which is great and the panel that my dad made or bought for the seat belts i have out a link below which is good to know they go and that the chassis doesnt so i have relaxed a fair amount more with the idea of taking it on lol. I am lucky to have my father in law that would be able to do the bushes for me and possible the carbs.
  15. Hello Guys, Thank you so much for all your help with regards to this. Ok to the update is at the moment i am in two minds weather to take the car on or let my dad deal with the car. I am thanking get it to my house and arrange one someone who could be so kind to come over and take a look to see what they think of the car and what needs doing. The most expensive item currently are new tyres all round which would be a grand on there own. Does anyone use any different size tyres than the 215 50 zr15's? I do have a few questions to you all if you could be so kind. Is there anyone on h
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