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  1. Hello Ladies and Gents well quite a bit of an update the front end is almost complete. I now have the new rad and the brake system is complete and assembled and put back into the car. All i need to do now is pump up the tyres and low her down so i can measure the gap between the wheel and the arch so i can put her back in the air and tighten up the bolts :). Then i can tackle the rad :D.
  2. Hello all, I am in need of a pair of new discs for the Lotus. This is the only thing i am missing now for my front end and was wondering if anyone has any in there stock they are happy to part with. It looks like no one has them as of yet not until mid July and i cant wait that long so it will be seeing if you lovely lot have some if not it will be machining my old ones and putting them back on.
  3. Well i have my calipers back from Big Reds so i am loving them right now only problem is i have no discs to put them on with lol. Does anyone on here have a pair in there stock they are happy to part with? Also still having issues sorting out these ARB bushes.
  4. I need the tool to push these in with as i have destroyed one trying to get them in. Does anyone know how to do this?
  5. Hello all, Does anyone have the tool to put the big bushes in the centre of the control arms that one that the anti roll bar goes into for the excel. Just tried to do one today in a vice and press and it distroyed it.
  6. Good morning All, Does anyone know of a place that i can take my Rad to get repaired or reconditioned? Hoping there will be a place near oxfordshire or is there a rad that i can replace it with of the same fitment.
  7. I am still buzzing this morning so thank you very much i will be down to you when she is on the road.
  8. Good evening Ladies and Gents, Well what a day got a fair bit wet but bless the lovely lotus she is now up and running and i ow Gary (Sparky) & Stuart (HawaissO) everything for today. I have attached a link to a video i made on todays evens enjoy
  9. So another little update this evening she has now got fresh oil and filter on her along with an airfilter and spark plugs i only stopped as the misses came out saying darling its 10 o'clock and your banging outside so was like shit well at least i have managed to do a couple of things and built up my 1960s work bench which is solid piece of craftmanship so i know that is going to last. I was however shocked on how slow it took to fill the engine with oil as 20w50 is so thick it took an age .
  10. Good evening ladies and Gents, Well this came today from SJ happy but also annoyed at the same time. All my parts that are here which i ordered last week and only turned up today which i had to call yesterday which if i hadn't i don't believe they wouldn't have turned up as they randomly said they will be shipped out today for delivery tomorrow. Why could they not have been shipped out sooner as the problem is now after going through all the bits there was not invoice with the bits but also my top control arm bushes are not with the shipment and i have arranged with my father in law to do all that this weekend at his engineering club so i am a bit pissed with that. The one thing that i really needed for this weekend apart from the cambelt is missing. The battery turned up from ordering yesterday so well happy with that as i have put it in the car and and the electric came on so exciting and she hardly has any fuel so result there for me and Stu to empty the tank tomorrow. I am hoping to have her running tomorrow for the first time in 17 years
  11. Thanks guys For coolant i went to euro and ended up getting some Prestone coolant as i read a post of good things with that coolant so got that. it was that or some triple QX from euro
  12. Hello All, Is this the correct battery for the Excel SE is it the below link is it and right size? Also what is the correct coolant please send me a link.|parentrq%3A5cd827931790a12b7ca88048ffdfbb9e|iid%3A1 Regards,
  13. Well the first load of parts came today for the project that would be top and bottom ball joints, front wheel bearings and rear standard shocks :). Shiny
  14. I need to change them now as i have smashed the shit out of it and one is ruined lol.
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