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  1. its only after going to see Gary yesterday and getting the wheels off i can see how much hassle it has been and the fantastic job Gary as done. This man is amazing truly amazing i can't thank Gary enough. What annoys me the most is new parts are needed fair enough so you buy them but when you receive them they are buggered and the place you purchased them from know this but still send them to you regardless. like the downpipe and exhaust system they knew the state of the downpipe and has the extra piece welded in which isn't standard and the flexi was shit along with the system itself, leaving the bolts in and not drilling them out and selling them to someone its totally ridicules. It was great however to go down to see Gary for the day i could easily stayed for a lot longer chatting. Everyone's different but yes the centre caps are the same colour have them at home as i didn't see the point of putting them on when they would need to come off and could get scratched getting them off.
  2. Then i started on the back replacing the suspension and sending off the brakes calipers to be reconditioned. When i got them back i put them on however the bloody pipes spun and split so new pipes need to be made from the T piece back. That's where the first conversation with Gary took place :). We ended up speaking about the best way that car could get repaired and in the end it would be easier so ship her off over to Gary so the next Job was to send all the wheels off to get refurbed and give her so new rubber as you can see below. The second pic was a colour that Google lied to me about so the chap who did the wheels showed me pictures of other wheels he had previously done and the Gold stood out to me and new they needed to be that :). Then off she went on Friday for delivery Saturday
  3. So after i finished off all the suspension the brakes were put back on both sides.
  4. Thank you so much Gary. I new she has gone to the right hands :). Sorry it has been ages since i have updated you all on the progress and thank you to Gary you can see what is happening with her now but before that these are all the previous pictures to that point :).
  5. Hello Ladies and Gents well quite a bit of an update the front end is almost complete. I now have the new rad and the brake system is complete and assembled and put back into the car. All i need to do now is pump up the tyres and low her down so i can measure the gap between the wheel and the arch so i can put her back in the air and tighten up the bolts :). Then i can tackle the rad :D.
  6. Hello all, I am in need of a pair of new discs for the Lotus. This is the only thing i am missing now for my front end and was wondering if anyone has any in there stock they are happy to part with. It looks like no one has them as of yet not until mid July and i cant wait that long so it will be seeing if you lovely lot have some if not it will be machining my old ones and putting them back on.
  7. Well i have my calipers back from Big Reds so i am loving them right now only problem is i have no discs to put them on with lol. Does anyone on here have a pair in there stock they are happy to part with? Also still having issues sorting out these ARB bushes.
  8. I need the tool to push these in with as i have destroyed one trying to get them in. Does anyone know how to do this?
  9. Hello all, Does anyone have the tool to put the big bushes in the centre of the control arms that one that the anti roll bar goes into for the excel. Just tried to do one today in a vice and press and it distroyed it.
  10. Good morning All, Does anyone know of a place that i can take my Rad to get repaired or reconditioned? Hoping there will be a place near oxfordshire or is there a rad that i can replace it with of the same fitment.
  11. I am still buzzing this morning so thank you very much i will be down to you when she is on the road.
  12. Good evening Ladies and Gents, Well what a day got a fair bit wet but bless the lovely lotus she is now up and running and i ow Gary (Sparky) & Stuart (HawaissO) everything for today. I have attached a link to a video i made on todays evens enjoy
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