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  1. You can get to rear dial through the wheels, albeit you’ll end up with hands covered in brake dust From memory put your hand through spokes just below calliper and have a feel around. I’ve done it plenty of times now with no need to raise car or remove wheels
  2. DJW

    Evora GT430

    Only got to look at 911 GT3RS for what is accepted as minimal levels of comfort the general public will expect for a track day road car. Think the GT430 is at the limit At this price bracket owners will want to do the euro circuits, so will want some creature comforts for drive there and back
  3. Had my car do the same on the brakes from high speed braking for chicane at Rockingham. Kind of got used to it. That was on road settings However at Donington had the nitrons set at 5 compression and 7 rebound all round and car was perfect hard on the brakes
  4. DJW

    Evora GT430

    Always easier to sell a shiny car, Smart move
  5. DJW

    Evora GT430

    About time you changed cars. Yours probably needs a wash by now
  6. DJW

    Evora GT430

    Really enjoyed the video as truly informative vs all the OTT sensational bullshit ones out there. Would love to see any of the armchair critics produce something better
  7. DJW

    Donington - Any Interest?

    I think the weight of driver offsets that 😂, let alone driving skill. Be good fun though 😎
  8. DJW

    Donington - Any Interest?

    Bugger, I better take some tips from this fella on how to keep you behind
  9. Not sure how easy it would be to see those flashing in broad daylight, being so small. Need someone to follow you and film it I’m trying to think of the VW that put indicator in middle of brake light , as used to be a pet hate of mine on the road , as you couldn’t see the indicator when the person was braking at the same time. nice looking lights otherwise can you share video of brake lights ring applied with side lights on ?
  10. DJW

    Donington - Any Interest?

    TBH I get bored after a few hours, so best i stick to just evenings You stick Ito your day plan, that way I can at least pretend I am a driving god with no other Lotus to show me up 😂
  11. DJW

    Evora GT430

    Interesting video. Having just done Donny on Monday evening and by fluke finding a stiff setup on the suspension made the car feel remarkable in the fast corners right to the limit, so would say the 430 Exige wasn’t setup right from watching the footage. Would probably explain why you also felt you could go flat in the Evora in some sections vs Exige, but would also question unless you had the data was the Exige travelling faster at those points due to greater bhp per ton ? All said the Ohlins are witch craft so who knows Re question on noise I managed to keep my 380 on track by short shifting at sound meters,, proven by a couple of full out laps where I got black flagged for 103db drive by Need to get back to Lorus Silverstone and test drive the GT430 Evora
  12. DJW

    Donington - Any Interest?

    Still buzzing from Monday night so may be greedy and do both next Weds evenings lol.
  13. After experiencing how good the auto box is on the Evora 400 I’ve been half tempted to buy an IPS Exige and go to a specialist auto gearbox place t9 see what they can map. Definitely a missed opportunity by Lotus on the Exige
  14. DJW

    Donington - Any Interest?

    Up for an evening session, although I’ll leave booking till last minute to check weather