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  1. @batmobile just sell the 350 and get a 380 with the carbon pack
  2. DJW

    V6 Cup (R)

    Even larger delta I expect as several 720’s have been dyno’d at 800bhp as stock !
  3. This is standard on non cf roof cars, along with the rubber strip.
  4. DJW

    DJI Mavic Pro

    Admit it, those are your tyre tracks bottom right , aren’t they
  5. DJW

    Radium - CAI

    Interesting, as advice here for CAI after fitting is : “Run the engine at idle for 10 minutes to let the ecu relearn the new airflow characteristics of the intake system. Once this is done you are good to go” GUIDES/170 T3EX01 A - INDUCTION KIT, V6 EXIGE INSTALL GUIDE.pdf Not sure I would be patient enough for 300 miles 😂
  6. Thanks for sharing, I also test drove the 410 when I had my 400 and wondered how much was down to tyres. Now we know
  7. Bizarre situation. Lotus is global so you would expect its main dealers and supporting network to provide a service to any client, especially if a chargeable piece of work. In the late 90’s I flew to Japan and bought some cars at auction. No problems getting work done on them back in the Uk.
  8. Very short sighted view from dealer, as I for one wouldn’t buy from them now based on your experience. Every Lotus I have had, has needed to go back to dealer for some form of warranty work, so you need to feel confident the dealer will look after you.
  9. DJW

    I have a confession to make .....

    Funnily enough I prefer the bright citrus colours like you have, but I take what I can get
  10. DJW

    Roads on the Isle of Wight

    Did the island in my E400 and enjoyed it, no idea where I was half the time mind you
  11. DJW

    I have a confession to make .....

    @Trevsked back from the detailers. Been told not to see it as I’ll want to keep it , it looks that good 😂
  12. DJW

    Evora GT430

    I blame Trev for being greedy and taking 2
  13. I’m an A 😁
  14. DJW

    JMG gone!

    Have been in several companies that have been bought out, its standard practice to replace the person at the top, I expect the negotiations when buying Lotus made this clear and JMG agreed he would move on quietly to another role. These kind of men are employed to get a job done and then move on to the next challenge . Exciting times ahead for Lotus.