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  1. DJW

    Evora Crash on M40

    Weight will only move to the front if you are able to brake . If aquplaning one would assume brakes do nothing for that period of time, as no traction with the road.
  2. DJW

    Evora Crash on M40

    Saw that reported on ITV news tonight., Started with how a half million pounds car had been written off, then 30 secs later in report they stated car was £260k. Nice rounding up 🙄
  3. Used said Halfords tape down side of my old Evora
  4. DJW

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Oh I do, especially with the Ultima having an LS3 V8
  5. DJW

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Nearer 8 dollars a gallon here in the UK
  6. DJW

    Upgrade or 380?

    Having gone V6S to Sport 350 and now Sport 380 I wrote my initial thoughts on comparing the last 2 in link below . Personally I would want track pack as Nitrons are so good. I kept the V6S and 350 for 3 months each vs 13 months now for the 380, which is a record for me, so probably time to consider a change. Struggling to find a car that looks and sounds as good for r the same money though
  7. Well it’s a while since I sold mine but I was hugely impressed with the handling of car, so can’t recall steering feeling poor. It was light vs caterham and lotus, but it tackled some pretty challenging Cotswolds roads at a rapid pace , filling me with confidence and a big smile. The only bit that unsettled me was the car felt like the back moved around a bit on straight roads, with change of camber. Enough to have them check Geo, which was fine. Potentially a trait of car where you had to trust it was ok, but felt a tad weird. Still miss the drive of car, but not so much the looks.
  8. I think any car bar a caterham lacks feel vs a Lotus, but yes you did get used to it.
  9. F Type roadster lasted 3 weeks in my ownership. Nice car but not a patch on a Lotus for driving fun and feedback
  10. Slightly bizarre test as A110 is not built for track, whereas 430 Cup is. Anyway having owned the A110 I would say that car wrapped in a Lotus body would clean up the lightweight sports car market for the road.
  11. Only had a minute to say hi as w both picked up our kids from school club tonight, but loved the gullwing roof on your Elise. Would love to see it in daylight with more time.
  12. DJW

    Exige IPS

    At least I got the 1 sec delta right 😀
  13. DJW

    Exige IPS

    From memory the speed from pull of paddle to gear change is 1.7 seconds vs 0.7 secs in the 400 auto. Dislike IPS for that very reason, but love the 400 auto gear change. Just wish they would make the gearbox mapping changes to put it in the Exige.
  14. DJW

    V6 S/CR vs. 350 Sport !

    Lighter body panels was related to the fact that each car was coming out with different thickness panels. By standardising it they found savings Re simplified heater system I must admit the 350 warmed up in about half the time of my V6S. However I expect a lot of the pipe work is hidden in side sills p, so impossible to change ?