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  1. Evora GT430

    Sad to hear of this experience. I’m on my 8th Lotus, love the cars, but the factory let the brand down over small things way too often. Hopefully the new owners of Lotus will bring some decent quality control to bare along with improved customer care. Fingers crossed .
  2. Re phone holders, I use a vent mount that works a treat
  3. I'm done with Lotus

    Saying that, my aircon did pack up at 12 months old , but was repaired in an afternoon under warranty. Front clam off job.
  4. I'm done with Lotus

    Sorry to hear about your experience. I must admit all cars I have bought from a dealer need some fettling , which is a pain when it’s a 100 mile round trip. That said when resolved the cars usually run fine there after,. Re aircon whistle that’s definitely not the norm
  5. My 380 Cup!

    No idea at this point in time. . Car booked in for Monday 26th March, so will find out then and feedback
  6. ceramic exhaust coating

    Friend has his exhaust ceramic coated on an Ultima. He said you can touch the exhaust within 10 mins of turning engine off, but he wasn’t so sure it lowered the overall temp of engine bay down much. As stated above , much better to get air flowing through the engine bay to keep things cool. I felt a noticeable reduction in amount of heat in engine bay when I lifted the rear after a track session in the Sport 350 vs the V6S. Louvres are the way to go
  7. GT430 - exhaust button

    Ah was expecting the same as 400 when exhaust closed, which is spookily quiet until exhaust valve opens. Yours sounds ace !
  8. GT430 - exhaust button

    Booooo, we will end up scenario like Porsche 981’s holding their money better than 718 due to noise difference. I wouldn’t want a Lotus that is quiet up to 4K revs
  9. GT430 - exhaust button

    Bummer. I have the exhaust open all the time on current 380 and did same with Evora 400. For me it’s what made the car feel special even at low speeds. I walked away from a 2011 R8 V10 spyder because it didn’t have an option to open the exhaust at lower revs. Sounded bland at normal revs How do Lamborghini and Ferrari get away with it then. My mates Perfomante can be set to loud mode at tickover, so bit bemused why Lotus are different ?
  10. Bespoking a Used 380 Sport

    Not true, mine does. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the rear , as was also expecting the cost saving features to be in place. Bizarre
  11. Good idea re those reflectors. Hmmm might have to remove mine from lights now
  12. Evora GT430

    Going to sound epic on track at full chat
  13. My 380 Cup!

    Wrap insulation tape around the offending metal nuts etc on soft top to help avoid this.
  14. V6 Going...........

    Congrats, sounds an awesome car,