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  1. Auto has no “chatter” and perfect for 400 IMHO
  2. Having owned a S1 and 400 I’m completely baffled by this so called launch of a new car. Find it a tad embarrassing tbh to call it “new” I’m one of the people holding off buying back into Lotus until I see something properly new. Fingers crossed it’s not too long. In meantime a 718 Spyder would be my choice of car in this price bracket.
  3. DJW

    TLF GT430 Club

    Probably got fed up after an hour with hairdryer trying to remove stripe, realising it was paint. Shame. Back on topic , seems GT430’s are at an attractive price point now. Can see one of these being on my shortlist in next 12 months.
  4. DJW

    TLF GT430 Club

    Yet I’m assuming this car is same colour and has been for sale for over a year now . Love the interior
  5. Also prefer look of 360 over 430.
  6. Have also considered 360 in the past and think they have huge road presence in non red colours (which I prefer). However they got sucked into the classic car bubble rise and feel they still have a way back down. Having just sold the AMG I’m waiting for market to stabilise and then a 360 could be on the list, if only to tick that box. These local guys are recommended and very reasonable prices for servicing
  7. Alpine then. I did say when I sold my A110, that that car with a Lotus shaped body would have been perfect for road use.
  8. Listened to podcast version of this today whilst in car. Worth a watch to balance out Netflix programme
  9. Yep owned for 18 months by me from 3 months old. Loved the car . Stunning looking car, with awesome soundtrack.
  10. I think most of us could do with losing 18kg elsewhere to be fair Now the seats I had in the Alpine would be perfect compromise. Do miss my Evora.
  11. You sure the compression and rebound numbers aren’t the wrong way around in the new manual
  12. Welcome to TLF . Love the car after owning a couple of Evoras to date. Fully agree with you re lack of arm rest on doors. Would annoy me if I bought a sport or GT410 and would probably end up sourcing some 400 door cards.
  13. DJW

    Caffeine & Machine

    Seemed the guys had a mobile workshop going. Imran with his CF side pods and George with a sideline in mobile door mirror fitting on the go
  14. DJW

    Caffeine & Machine

    Great to see so many cars rock up Black Exiges rule
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