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  1. DJW

    TLF GT430 Club

    Had an AMG GLA45 as a loan car for a couple of weeks. Took it on 300 mile round trip for work and came back crippled. The suspension was so hard it killed me. Give me GT430 suspension any day
  2. DJW

    TLF GT430 Club

    @blindside thanks for the write up. Exactly what I was after. Having owned an Evora 400 for 10 months I found the Sport 410 to be a great from a test drive. However I’ve never liked the Exige buckets in the Evora and therefore GT410 seems a better option for me personally down the line. I did get to test drive the GT430 when it first came out, but car was being run in so couldn’t give it the full beans, however the handling and ride was sublime around the bumpy country roads of Silverstone, so I do wonder as others have said if you need to play with ohlin settings.
  3. Interesting debate. One other angle of looking at recent price rises is the fact it’s helped keep residuals high on older models. I’m at fault of complaining about new prices, but in reality by buying a 3-6 month old Lotus, I ran some of my cars over the last few years and sold them for what I paid (or very close) for them 3-10 months earlier. I’m sure others have done the same. So it’s not all doom and gloom for current owners “Riding the gravy train” Ah well back to earth with a bump in the current market . Hard times out there for dealers and private sellers
  4. Had similar view when looking to upgrade from 380 Sport. Couldn’t justify the jump in price. Got to feel for dealers as market is dead out there over £50k. Good shout re 350 though. Great cars
  5. Must admit the car looks more cohesive without the rear wing. Stunning car.
  6. Ran a 2016 Evora 400 auto for approx 10 months and 6k miles. Had a few niggles that were sorted under warranty, but nothing that kept it off the roads. From memory they were :- creaking Seats - revised seat base runners fitted aiircon stuck on - new aircon unit fitted - front clam off job Re alignment of rear hatch to stop rubbing of paint having driven the Sport 410 it’s a more track focused car than 400, from suspension to specifically the seats. I loved the car although preferred the 400 seats. That said if you are going to track it the buckets will be best. Re values my old 400 is up for sale at Silverstone at £55k and 20k miles. I bought it at 3k miles and 6 months old for £60k. Silverstone sold it for same amount 10 months later with 9k miles I think the rising price of newer models has kept prices high second hand, so minimal depreciation. A 410 Sport at £60k would seem sweet spot for you imho
  7. They can wait with a knife. I feel comfortable it’s at least a step in the right direction . That said I would prefer old school keys to prevent predicament we find ourselves in.
  8. Speaking to BMW re a potential new daily driver I asked re keyless entry issue at the moment re thefts. They have now changed key fob so it powers off if it senses no movement for a period of time. Seems a simple fix.
  9. Funnily enough nicked the missus’s SLK for 2 different trips around highlands a few years back. Great cars and tempted to pick up a diesel version for circa £17k as daily driver
  10. Checkout 3m25s for Randys view BTW it won the test that year TBH I was in same boat when looking to upgrade from 380. The 410 gave me extra 30 bhp and an intercooler. For same money I got this 18 month old AMG. So much more car for the money (albeit more a 911 competitor) By comparison I can take the AMG to Litchfield and get GTR map for £720 which gives extra 100bhp ....muhahaha . Won’t do it though as car is fast enough already for the road Dont get me wrong , I love my Exiges having had 3, but I struggle to see value above £70k. The 380 seems biggest bang for buck second hand in my humble opinion.
  11. Didn’t buy anything else for a while as hardly used the Exige, let alone a 2nd toy. However did pick this up last month for the summer. AMG GT Roadster. 4 litre, twin turbo V8, 470bjp and 0-60 in 3.9 secs, which ain’t bad for a lump. Sounds great and nice to have a bit of comfort
  12. Of course not Made a little profit after SOR at price to sell.
  13. I sold it after 10 days and 500 miles use. Loved the car for road use, but just couldn’t get with front end looks, so it had to go. Great car to drive though
  14. Had the previous gen GRP versions fitted and darkened lens further. When switched on the lights looked great at night , but not so bright in daylight vs normal lights. Believe the newer lights are brighter, but for some reason they’ve made the indicators smaller ?
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