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  1. Evora GT430

    Popped to Silverstone today on way back from client meeting and noticed a beautiful grey metallic 430 waiting to go out. One lucky owner. The metallic black one looks very menacing in the showroom
  2. Any changes to Evora 400 for MY2018?

    Looks like the standard wording when the 400 first came out
  3. Any changes to Evora 400 for MY2018?

  4. Smaller front plates

    Done the same on rear of mine, just cut down length of plate to meet letters, however I’ve probably cut off the relevant logo on bottom of plate now to show it’s been produced at legal place etc.
  5. Smaller front plates

    What’s a front number plate ? Have run 5 cars without them and only time I was pulled was in IOM for opening of mountain run for TT. My understanding is you are eligible for 3 points and fine for wrong sized number plate, but just a fine for none. Go figure I did have a small plate with one Exige but no idea where from . Removed it
  6. Having the advantage of the Cotswolds on my doorstep, there are plenty of opportunities to stretch the legs of one’s Lotus here
  7. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    I personally think the car looks stunning, especially in that blue. Someone please buy one in that colour and then decide to sell in 6 months However there a few including myself sharing concerns about the speed of models coming out. Owners of mclarens are finding this too with big impact on residuals for owners of the outgoing model. There has to be a balance. But I repeat again, this car looks stunning.
  8. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    Not sure you could resale a car in this price bracket without aircon.
  9. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    Was offered that car a few months back . On the basis they sold 2 very quickly it appears they took a punt on this one, no idea if now sold or not though. Still on PH for sale at the mo.
  10. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    Silverstone have a nice black one , and also 3 new 410s incl the demo car. D
  11. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    I can’t keep up lol. Got to feel for the dealers who have existing 410s on their forecourt. PH shows 10 new cars out there I’m all for Lotus winning more business but admit I would never buy a new car at the rate new versions are being released, When did people get their first 410s ? 18 months ago based on car reviews in March 2016 ? Also got to drop the extra cost items for aircon and stereo. What other £80k car expects you to pay for these as options. Remove as no cost option, but need to be standard spec. Christ you get these as standard on cars at quarter the price. Anyway stunning looking car and another option for going back to an Evora, albeit a 6 month old model.
  12. Best Evora 400 track day upgrades

    Found tyre wear to be much less on the 400 than S1 as standard. Tyres were like brand new on my car with 8-9k miles on it.
  13. Don’t expect Lotus would support a comparison of a car that has aftermarket power upgrades vs their own portfolio of cars. Lotus want to sell new cars, not divert potential new owners to older cars and then upgrade them via 3rd parties.
  14. Pictures wanted - All Colours!

    Ardent red
  15. Pictures wanted - All V6 Exige Colours!

    Both Metallic Black