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  1. DJW

    Ali radiator for 380:Sport

    Have to say in 15k miles across 3 different v6 Exige, never had a problem. Stop spending money fella
  2. DJW

    This guy is pushing!😳

    I would so get lost on that course lol
  3. Would love to believe that but seeing all the steps they’ve taken on Exige to save costs I wouldn’t bet on it.
  4. Cost savings taken too far always come back to bite car manufacturers in terms of repair costs and reputation.
  5. Sorry, yes it was a new sub frame not runners that was fitted. Too many lotus warranty visits over the years across the cars
  6. Exactly the sound I had until revised seat runners fitted. Did Silverstone confirm if new runners fitted ? Mine was silent after the fix.
  7. DJW

    How did you do it?

    If the missus has her own decent car, then go for it, you only live once.
  8. From memory a bog standard car is circa 350 hrs build, if all goes smoothly. I think most builders can easily end up at double that and above as they tweak to their own specification. Im running this car purely for the road at the mo, so prefer cleaner looks without the rear wing. At least I can add one if needs be, but no going back once added My mate with the black canam, and I are now looking at JPS livery for fun 😎
  9. @cweeden bought it 60% complete then had a couple of my friends ( garage owner and ultima owner) finish it for me. I haven’t the patience or time. My friend who built his canam version, worked nearly every evening and weekends and it took 18 months !!! Don’t underestimate the time these cars take to build.
  10. LS3 is cheaper to upgrade power wise, plus around 550 bhp seems to be sweet spot for the car. Some people chase mental power, but personally not into pub bragging rights 😉
  11. It was on PH Chris, but deleted now. I haven’t told the missus yet lol. She’ll pribably guess when I start driving it 😇
  12. Soooo I had been trying to sell my Ultima, albeit at the wrong time of year , ready to register for first buyer. Ive now decided to register the car and drive it myself to tick another box. Not expecting anything like Lotus handling, but more a raw feeling car like my old GT40 rep, albeit this one has an LS3 and dyno showing 545bhp. Should be interesting with no TC or ABS 😂 So now I’ll have 2 cars I won’t get to use much ..... I need to see a shrink 🤔
  13. 😂 . The Alpine lasted 10 days
  14. Recently started a new job which I’m really enjoying , but have soon realised I won’t be getting to use the Exige much over the next 6-12 months. On that basis Im contemplating putting it up for sale at Silverstone in the next couple of weeks. It’s one of the highest spec cars out there , 2017 car with carbon pack, track pack plus other bits and bobs with list price new of somewhere around £82k. 6.5k miles, FSH and new tyres on rear recently. What price do people think is sensible ? Alternatively I suppose I could look to swap out for an Evora 400/410 auto and use that as a daily car to at least get my fix . Hmmmmmm