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  1. I think most of us could do with losing 18kg elsewhere to be fair Now the seats I had in the Alpine would be perfect compromise. Do miss my Evora.
  2. You sure the compression and rebound numbers aren’t the wrong way around in the new manual
  3. Welcome to TLF . Love the car after owning a couple of Evoras to date. Fully agree with you re lack of arm rest on doors. Would annoy me if I bought a sport or GT410 and would probably end up sourcing some 400 door cards.
  4. Seemed the guys had a mobile workshop going. Imran with his CF side pods and George with a sideline in mobile door mirror fitting on the go
  5. Great to see so many cars rock up Black Exiges rule
  6. From memory there is a circa 10mm spacer under rear of runners that when removed can make the seat lean back more, giving a lower feel and also more thigh support from front of seat.
  7. I had the 380 Sport with track pack, so adjustable suspension. Unless being used on track I don’t think the charge cooler or j discs would make any difference on the road. I was in exactly this predicament when looking for next car, as couldn’t justify the price hike to 410 when I still preferred look of 380 especially with carbon pack. However if doing a decent amount of track days then yes the 380 suffered from heatsoak and power did suffer accordingly.
  8. Popped into Paul Mattys re some bits for my Elan and noted how good the Evora looks in black, they have for sale. That said I do like orange
  9. Couldn’t keep me away for long It’s taken me 3 years to find the right car , so over the moon to have taken delivery this week. First day out did 100 miles around the Cotswold roads around me , followed by another 50 today. Love it ! Dave
  10. Name: Lotus Elan Click to view: Lotus Elan
  11. Love his sense of humour with private plate.
  12. Fast forward to 15 mins in
  13. Congrats OP. My new fave colour for an Evora
  14. Remember for cars without launch control and auto boxes, the launches are brutal on a car to achieve best 0-60 times. As no one will do that with their own car they are irrelevant figures . As discussed the rolling acceleration figures are the only real world numbers.
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