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  1. Courtesy of Aimee . Used these measurements to do 2 Of my cars no problem
  2. DJW

    Your thoughts...

    Plastidip is your friend . Easy to reverse if not right.
  3. Sold my 2+0 no problems. Prefer them personally, so don’t let it put you off if you are after a 2 seater sports car.
  4. Have optional 2 ways on 380 Sport and no such noise on pretty harsh roads around me. Based on road settings plus having also used track settings on road too
  5. Same problem here @Bibs for last few days. No content other than suggested thread, same every day. Back “suggested threads” change
  6. Have used Chris at TVSC for both Ultimas I’ve bought and sold, for enclosed trailer. See no fun in driving your new pride and joy in current road conditions, but each to their own
  7. You don’t need to remove rear wheels to adjust rebound. Just place your hand through wheel spokes , just below brake caliper and you should be able to feel around for dial. Done mine plenty of times this way, although you will end up with black hands from brake dust Re front access panel I struggled to get the thing locked down properly the first few times. Dealer advised to place one hand flat over the area of latch and then with other fist a small whack onto your other hand, Works a treat without risking damaging the panel re track settings :-
  8. Had ohlins on a previous caterham, and tbh never checked settings. Now run 2 way nitrons on the Exige 380 which I use on suggested road settings and then wind up harder for track. Living on edge of the Cotswold the country roads have quite a lot undulations, so really does test the suspension at speed. Not sure I have optimum settings still for road use. I did try tack settings for road use and although turn in was excellent , balance perfect etc, any bumps in the road had the car literally taking off, so yes I do change settings for road use vs track.
  9. Looked into this when I had GT40 replica. From research buying stick on rubber lettering seemed best bet.
  10. More detail here
  11. Based on personal experience and a general appreciation from others that Ohlins are a step up from Nitrons (which are still bloody good in my Exige btw). My comment re setup for track was unless the suspension has been specifically designed for track which then compromises road use, I could see no reason why Ohlins would be worse than Norton’s for road use. My experience has shown them to be better. Just my 2p worth , so happy to be corrected by those that understand suspension better than moi ...which wouldn’t be hard
  12. Surprised re your Ohlin vs Nitron comment for road use. I found the Evora GT430 stunning on the road with Ohlins, and my caterham with Ohlins managed the undulating Cotswold roads around me faster than anything else I’ve had. Unless the ohlins you have experienced are set for track more than road use, they should be better than introns full stop.
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