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  1. Still at a loss between yellow, blue, red and now even considering the grey. Car looks so damn good in all these colours tbh, but fact I would love a red leather interior again may restrict the choice.
  2. Was amazed at how much longer the 400 tyres lasted vs S tyres, with no detriment in performance from memory.
  3. Funnily enough asked my friend today who also has deposit down what he was going for chassis wise and he also mentioned going with advice of Gav re touring for fast road use. From comparing my Evora 400 I would say the 410 versions had better suspension for fast road use, but vs the V6 Exiges I’ve owned they were really too stiff for the cotswold roads I frequent, often getting the car airborne. Think Gav is probably right here, as if I look back to my Alpine A110 it was very supple suspension but absolutely nailed the bumpy roads at speed. Same for my 52 year old Elan +2. It embarrasses many modern sport cars for ride control at speed. Hmmmmm decision, decisions
  4. With such strong prices for all SH cars these days, unless you need it for winter why not sell now and cash in on the bubble
  5. Ok agree focused sales from them, not a great sales experience for buyers 😉
  6. Agree re years out, but when you are being asked to make a decision on the cars 6 months apart without sharing the price difference, it makes it a little harder.
  7. Also had the £3k call with do I want to lock in configurator spec for V6FE or for i4FE. As per others asked what is price of i4 to be told don’t know, to which my reply was how do you expect me to make a decision when I’ve only got half the info….. all done in a pleasant manner and had a joke with poor sales lady that it must be a nightmare for her on these calls with limited info. Asked if colour swabs would be available at dealers with the car tour, to which answer was yes. All good as I pointed out I couldn’t make a decision on colour based on configurator. Also pointed out it’s been shared the base i4 in 2023 will start at £60k. Asked what the V6 would be. Unable to answer. Then asked there is mention of new colours for 2022. What are they, when will they be announced and can they be used for FE. Again unable to answer. Not the most organised sales approach is it 🤪
  8. Loved my Evora 400 auto. Very similar to F type and AMG GT I had, so all good. If concerned, try and find an Evora 400 auto for a test drive.
  9. 600bhp with a £400k price tag. Don’t think we’ll be seeing those performance numbers out of the Emira.
  10. Chrome Orange please. Will be a hard decision to slip down the queue as I’m an impatient bugger 😀
  11. I was dabbling with idea of an early 458 just to get the super car thing out of my system, but other than that I was struggling to find another car I liked. Would have liked a 718 Spyder, but not paying overs. Quite possibly would have dropped back into an Evora GT410 or 430 if prices dropped a bit more.
  12. Come on Mark, get with it , how do you think you get added to the list on here BTW which car is going to make space for it in the garage ? In dilemma here as want to keep the classic and the mad car, so maybe I leave it on the drive 🤔
  13. DJW

    Lotus Emira

    damn yeah loved the red leather in my 400, so thinking blue car with red leather ….yummy. This. Found my 400 auto as good as the auto in my previous F Type. Will have no qualms choosing for Emira, especially if manual remains noisy at low revs.
  14. Let’s hope the new blood to Lotus take the problem seriously instead of the way the old school just fobbed it off as acceptable. Would be a shame to mar such a great car with it.
  15. For the manual, do we know if Lotus has resolved the transmission noise at low revs with engine under load ? It used to be awful in my Evora S1 which was used as a daily driver and thus you spent quite a bit of time in that rev range Whereas although it was just as bad in the Exige V6s I had, as they were weekend toys they spent a lot more time higher in the rev range, so less noticeable. Just the fact that for the Emira it’s being positioned as a car you can use daily and a lot of people new to the brand who will not put up with that noise.
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