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  1. DJW

    TLF GT430 Club

    Love the 3-11. Only 25 mins drive from C&M so shame couldn’t pop out to see the lotus attendance.
  2. DJW

    Stick or Twist?

    Loved my 400 Auto and made seats more comfortable by removing spacer at rear of runners and moving to front, giving more under leg support and lowering seat slightly. Great fun on IOM and positive feedback from owners of Lambos, Mclarens and Fezza’s re exhaust noise Lack of armrests on the 410 models would drive me mad on long runs. So I say twist for 400 Auto.
  3. Based on what facts ? Intrigued. It’s an auction site at the end of the day so buyer beware
  4. Friend with an Elise 111R is looking to move into an Exige V6. He’s not in any rush and has up to £50k to spend. I’ve advised him to wait until furlough stops and true extent of recession kicks in, for the morbid biggest bang for buck, although aware Lotus cars don’t get hit as hard as other brands. I’ve advised Sport350 at low £40’s now is best bang for buck, however he did have a soft spot for my old 380. Thinking of what I sold mine for to trade 12 months ago, the fact the early cars are hitting 3 years old and potential state of market end of year I have advised he should be able to get a 380 for £50k via private sale, end of year. Am I wrong ?
  5. my original V6S had bad squeaking / creaking behind drivers seat. Dealer removed rear cockpit panel and fitted foam tape behind panels, and once re fitted all sorted. From memory also had similar sound and found fitting some foam tape behind clip cover to seatbelt anchor worked a treat
  6. Fully understand where the OP is coming from with this , as even a 100 mile round trip was an annoyance for me to “fettle” something on the car. When you are busy at work and family life, your spare time becomes very precious and I would much rather being enjoying a car than spending time getting it fixed. On average for every car (4 in total) I bought from the dealership, which was never new , but always between 3-24 months old , I would have 3 round trips to sort out problems on the car. That said once the niggles were sorted the cars were fine and the dealer was always excellent to deal with. Would it put me off buying another Lotus. Hmmmm it would be a factor, as I said before my spare time is precious. If the car was picked up and dropped off by trailer, then not a problem, but this is a small car company that can’t afford that level of service or let’s be blunt the customer ends up paying for it anyway So yes when the time came to replace the Exige, I did consider car marques that had more local dealers as part of the equation and ended up with an AMG GT Roadster. A great car albeit different to a Lotus. Motortrend had the coupe win performance car of the year a few years back for those that have never driven one Anyway I digress. Lotus is still my favourite car, supported by the fact I’ve owned 9 to date and am sure I will have another Evora at some point as think the GT styling of latest cars is epic. I will just have to swallow the fact I’m a certain distance from the dealer for any fixes. Hope that helps
  7. Re Evora an ideal garage would be to have both BTW that’s a GT Sport 410, as Sport 410 was previous model defaulting to Exige bucket seats which I personally found too small for Evora. The buckets in Alpine I had would have been more suitable. Agree fully that no arm rest is pain in arse and sparco’s too high. I altered mine in 400 to remove spacer at rear of runners to tilt seat back. In terms of sound, the Exige Sport 380 upwards sounds identical. Re damping ask to have a go with the 430 with Ohlins. Takes it to another level. Do miss my Evora 400
  8. DJW

    TLF GT430 Club

    Sounds like the one then. Cool car.
  9. DJW

    TLF GT430 Club

    GT430 Sport, manual with bucket seats at Williams car park yesterday. No sales guys around so the gent holding fort wasn’t sure if it was up for sale or not . Would post pic but ran out of space on here
  10. Auto has no “chatter” and perfect for 400 IMHO
  11. Having owned a S1 and 400 I’m completely baffled by this so called launch of a new car. Find it a tad embarrassing tbh to call it “new” I’m one of the people holding off buying back into Lotus until I see something properly new. Fingers crossed it’s not too long. In meantime a 718 Spyder would be my choice of car in this price bracket.
  12. DJW

    TLF GT430 Club

    Probably got fed up after an hour with hairdryer trying to remove stripe, realising it was paint. Shame. Back on topic , seems GT430’s are at an attractive price point now. Can see one of these being on my shortlist in next 12 months.
  13. DJW

    TLF GT430 Club

    Yet I’m assuming this car is same colour and has been for sale for over a year now . Love the interior
  14. Also prefer look of 360 over 430.
  15. Have also considered 360 in the past and think they have huge road presence in non red colours (which I prefer). However they got sucked into the classic car bubble rise and feel they still have a way back down. Having just sold the AMG I’m waiting for market to stabilise and then a 360 could be on the list, if only to tick that box. These local guys are recommended and very reasonable prices for servicing
  16. Alpine then. I did say when I sold my A110, that that car with a Lotus shaped body would have been perfect for road use.
  17. Listened to podcast version of this today whilst in car. Worth a watch to balance out Netflix programme
  18. Yep owned for 18 months by me from 3 months old. Loved the car . Stunning looking car, with awesome soundtrack.
  19. I think most of us could do with losing 18kg elsewhere to be fair Now the seats I had in the Alpine would be perfect compromise. Do miss my Evora.
  20. You sure the compression and rebound numbers aren’t the wrong way around in the new manual
  21. Welcome to TLF . Love the car after owning a couple of Evoras to date. Fully agree with you re lack of arm rest on doors. Would annoy me if I bought a sport or GT410 and would probably end up sourcing some 400 door cards.
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