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  1. Hmmmm wish I could stop getting itchy feet Elite 501 - 6 weeks Evora S - 9 months 2-11 - 6 months Exige V6S - 3 months Evora 400 - 10 months Esprit GT3 - 3 months Exige 350 - 5 months Exige 380 - 18 months Elan +2 - 17 months and no intentions to sell
  2. Oh yes, the IOM....sweet memories
  3. There are always prices to sell and those that ask higher and willing to wait it out. Christ, there’s some 400’s at dealers that must have been for sale for at least a year, if not a couple nearer 18-24 months. Personally when selling I’ve found the right price means it sells within 2 weeks. Be interesting to see what happens when new model is launched and more used cars hit the market Do miss my Evoras , especially the 400 Auto. Great cars
  4. Shows as sold on the site, so buyers credit card would immediately be charged the 6% buyers fee.
  5. I could be tempted back into an Evora with a GT410 at £60k. Makes the 2016 400’s look expensive from dealers. Just need more garage space now
  6. £4K saving is worth having for difference in miles , if car meets your needs.
  7. Sorry OP, soft top now sold.
  8. Have a soft top in original storage bag that has been used for less than 7 days from new. Will take some photos over next couple of days
  9. Surprisingly the engine was a peach in the Probe. Was daily runner, and racked up some miles on it . Very Cheeseman Alpine a great car, with quick gear change. Just didn’t gel with look of the car from the front. Evora is more of an event 340R did look at them at the time, but never 100% sure of them. Probably missed out but hey ho
  10. Only live once and so many cars to try .....although always come back to Lotus
  11. Think this is all of them 🤔😇 Ford Cortina mk2 1300 GT Fiat 126 VW Scirocco Storm mk1 Lotus Elite 501 Ford Fiesta Ford Cortina Mk5 sport Lancia Beta VW Scirocco GLi mk1 Vauxhall Cavalier VW Scirocco Storm mk2 MG Metro Turbo Suzuki GSXR750 Vauxhall Cavalier Ford Probe 24v Suzuki GSXR750 Saab 95 Turbo Mazda MX5 mk1 Honda Prelude Kawasaki ZX9R Ford Puma Vauxhall Vectra SRI Mini Cooper S BMW 330i convertible Renault Clio 1.6 Dynamique BMW 116i MSpo
  12. Yep, that was me Probably loads of us from here all wandering around without a clue who everyone else is 😄
  13. Popped along in my Elan Plus 2. Just 50 years behind this tech 😆
  14. Expect to see a 400 popping and banging on downshifts around Evesham soon then ;)
  15. DJW

    TLF GT430 Club

    Love the 3-11. Only 25 mins drive from C&M so shame couldn’t pop out to see the lotus attendance.
  16. DJW

    Stick or Twist?

    Loved my 400 Auto and made seats more comfortable by removing spacer at rear of runners and moving to front, giving more under leg support and lowering seat slightly. Great fun on IOM and positive feedback from owners of Lambos, Mclarens and Fezza’s re exhaust noise Lack of armrests on the 410 models would drive me mad on long runs. So I say twist for 400 Auto.
  17. Based on what facts ? Intrigued. It’s an auction site at the end of the day so buyer beware
  18. Friend with an Elise 111R is looking to move into an Exige V6. He’s not in any rush and has up to £50k to spend. I’ve advised him to wait until furlough stops and true extent of recession kicks in, for the morbid biggest bang for buck, although aware Lotus cars don’t get hit as hard as other brands. I’ve advised Sport350 at low £40’s now is best bang for buck, however he did have a soft spot for my old 380. Thinking of what I sold mine for to trade 12 months ago, the fact the early cars are hitting 3 years old and potential state of market end of year I have advised he should be
  19. my original V6S had bad squeaking / creaking behind drivers seat. Dealer removed rear cockpit panel and fitted foam tape behind panels, and once re fitted all sorted. From memory also had similar sound and found fitting some foam tape behind clip cover to seatbelt anchor worked a treat
  20. Fully understand where the OP is coming from with this , as even a 100 mile round trip was an annoyance for me to “fettle” something on the car. When you are busy at work and family life, your spare time becomes very precious and I would much rather being enjoying a car than spending time getting it fixed. On average for every car (4 in total) I bought from the dealership, which was never new , but always between 3-24 months old , I would have 3 round trips to sort out problems on the car. That said once the niggles were sorted the cars were fine and the dealer was always excellen
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