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  2. Awesome post, thanks Jamie. A couple points to add... The motor housing (Step 3, part "F") has no alignment tab or position indicator, I re-installed mine 180 degrees out and the motor ran BACKWARDS...had me scratching my head for a while trying to figure out why it was trying to retract when the radio was on. I didn't even know it was possible. In #7 the position doesn't matter as the cam is on a clutch, it will find the correct position once the antenna is cycled. It looks a great deal like this generic one on ebay...
  3. Just a quick point to add. I bought the blanking plug from JAE, got it quick but it was expensive (about $85). I thought about it later and the more economical option would be to remove the shaft from the OEM pump fill the hole with RTV and insert a carriage bolt into the driven side of the pump secured with a washer, nyloc nut a/o loctite (mash the threads past the nut too if you're really paranoid). Total cost about 2 bucks, no waiting and I think ultimately the pump housing is just more robust and less likely to leak oil eventually. The block off plug just seems a little looser than I'd
  4. Escape - Awesome, thanks! I'll order that one today. One of the places I contacted offered to buy my old red-dot for $50, so it's almost a break-even deal. Ramjet - Will do. Pretty sure mine is the only one in southeast Virginia...but that was the point of buying it in the first place . I love that there's such a cool tight-knit support community, I'm sure it will make ownership a lot more fun & less stressful. jfitz981 - No, JAE said they're looking for a new supplier and that when they do get more they will be around $250. I saw that one on eBay too, almost bought it but
  5. This probably won't be helpful but I thought it was funny... I just bought my first Lotus ('91 SE). After my first long drive I got home and it was dribbling gas out of the right-side. I took the side covers and tank cover off only to find that someone had stuffed an entire box of scented dryer sheets down into the body well around the tank. Doh!
  6. Hi All. Just bought my first Lotus, a 91 SE. I'm not sure when the cam belt was last changed, so I ordered a gates blue from JAE along with a tensioner bearing. I want to do the green dot pulley conversion while the belt is off too. I'm having trouble finding one at a reasonable price. I did find an aftermarket one on eBay: Problem is, it's listed as an AUX pulley with no reference to the OEM part number (A912E2019F). I asked the seller and he responded that it was an unmarked AUX pulley and
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