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  1. Just think Mark - you could be as old as SuperDave !!!
  2. The stuff about the bolts on the turbo is complete and utter garbage. The owner is clearly a cretin.
  3. Never look at the buying price you paid when it comes to thinking about running costs, always look at the new price. A V8 is a
  4. My old man built a kit car when I was around 15 ( early/mid 1980s ) so we went to a few Kit Car shows and I read a lot of kitcar magazines at the time and I always though the Nova was bloody brilliant.
  5. I do. The Great Egg Race !!!
  6. I would't say that was predictable, but there are as yet undiscovered tribes in the Amazon that knew someone would say that. Oh, and doubt the "school of hard knocks".
  7. Following on from the thread about higher education cost ( it was all different in my day ! ); which Uni/Poly did you attend ? I'll start : Sunderland Poly.
  8. Alex is 100% correct with his comments about how students live today compared with say 20 years ago ( which, as it happens, was when I was at poly ). Year 1 : Halls, so I got one reasonable meal a day ! Years 2 & 3 : Bottom half of a terraced house, with a mate. We had one bedroom each, a kitchen and a bathroom. It was not very smart, but it was clean ( and we kept it clean ). The gas and electric were paid weekly. I had a BBC micro even though PCs were about then. We drank in the Union bars because they were much cheaper than the town. I washed my clothes in the bath ( they never really looked that clean ! ). I can remember going to out to eat in a restaurant twice in 3 years. Most students I knew ( me included ) did manage to live on their grants, if the watched very carefully what they spent their money on. But, never mind the above, my big point is this : A student knows they will be in debt when they finish, so they think "well, what's another
  9. I've been updating my website, and here are the results, which I'm quite pleased with : My Nice New Site There's quite a lot of Lotus stuff, as well as Noble and pussy. ( And my business one : My Company Site )
  10. S3 N/A @ 23 Turbo @ 27 GT3 @ 29 Sport 350 @ 35 Then Noble M12 @ 38
  11. "Also, last month the turbo seemed to stop working, it drives fine, but does need looking at, i " What ? Well, the Turbo on my GT3 stopped working and I certainly say it did not drive fine !! If a main dealer fixes it then that's a
  12. A most agreeable weekend, apart from the rain. I managed to drive at least 50% further than I should have done by going the wrong way whilst leaving, and I think I like the closest to the place !
  13. A yellow V8 with a 2002 end ( I did not notice the reg ) parked in the Ulverstone area this morning.
  14. The ad says it's been resprayed. It's also had the sport 300 wing removed which I fitted not long before I sold it. I've some interior shots that the seller has emailed me and that looks amazingly good as well. I sold it in 1998 with around 60,000 as I recall so it's doing well.
  15. That's one of my old Esprits, my second one. Glad to see it's still going at 114,000 miles !!!
  16. snuffy


    I lived the first seven years of my working life in Horsham. Many a night spent in Bear and the Crown ( before it changed somewhat as I recall ). Plus the Dog & Bacon, Whites ( before it turned in to an American type place ), and the Rising Sun. Oh, and the Boar's Head.
  17. As someone who went from a GT3 to a V8 ( Sport 350 ) there is no comparison. The V8 pulls like a train compared to a GT3. The V8 is the big boys Esprit. Mike has a very valid point; people say that a modded 4 will compare well to a V8, but no one compares a modded V8 to a 4.
  18. I worked out at Vmax, which is basically (ish) 0-170 at full tilt I was getting 3-4 mpg in my Sport 350.
  19. snuffy

    Santa Pod anyone?

    I took my GT3 there a few years ago. Went with some mates, a couple of ZX300s and an Escort Cosworth. It was a good day but the rain was a big problem. The trouble is, if the track gets even slightly wet it becomes like an ice rink, much worse than a normal road surface. I had one run and they called it off. The rain must be something to do with me; I went to York Raceway in my Sport 350 and it was wet, I had one go and they stopped me going on again, saying that rear wheel drive with V8 power was just to dangerous to keep it in a straight line. I've never taken my Nob to either place but I would like to.
  20. Kryton : "Is this normal ?" Lister : "Yes, but not taking a picture and showing it to your mates"
  21. I've not bought every LP on CD, just my few favourites -maybe 10 or so.
  22. The thing is my car has an engine, which I can hear, and then there is wind noise, and road noise, and traffic noise.... You don't get fantastic sound quality in a car. If you copy an LP to MP3 format you don't have digital music do you ? You still have an analogue recording, you have just changed the format. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people who spout on about how digital can never be better than analogue. But if I want to listen to an LP in the car I just buy the CD version.
  23. I've about 100 or so LPs but I have one of those old fashioned things called a record deck !! You put your LP on it, it connects to your stereo and it has these odd things called speakers in my living room. Fantastic invention, I dont have to walk around with stupid things stuck in my ears either.
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