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  1. Ah yes, 40. I shall be that myself in 9 months time.
  2. What's needed is a proper controller ( i.e. a mouse and keyboard ). I bought a SplitFish FragFX from the US and controlling the thing is still a bag of shite.
  3. If bought a PS3 60GB the day it came out in the UK. I bet I've not used it for hour than 6 hours since the day I bought it.
  4. A good quality battery will last about 3 to 4 years, so 4 in 15 years seem like every other car to me.
  5. I used to get about 18-20 on average in my V8 but for peroids of town driving I worked it out at under 10 ( At the other end of the scale 3-4 mpg at Vmax !! ). So, 8 miles, 50% town I'd say 13-14 sounds about right to me. For a tank I used to work on 220 miles max. The thing is, you can't buy a 3.5 litre, twin turbo supercar and worry about the fuel bill.
  6. If you buy something and you don't like it the law says "that's your tough titty mate. If you did not want it then you should not have bought it". Unless it's faulty then there is nothing you can do about it. Having said that, a lot of shops will refund your money or give your an exchange product out of good will but legally they don't have to.
  7. I would say that if the car needs the body off then you might as well paint it any colour you want, it's yours.
  8. Oh, will that not cost you more than the car will be worth when it's finished ? That's most likely true.
  9. I had an orange GT3 before I got my SPort 350 ( the only blue one ). My missus says she always prefered the orange to the blue. It would look okay in orange I'd say. Mind you, it wont be cheap for a full respray - say
  10. A Sport 350 has the same power as a V8 and in a lot of road test/published figures get slower 0-60/0-100 times. It's 80kgs lighter than a V8SE so you would think it would be faster, I agree.
  11. So I see, but then that's the old M12 (i.e a 2.5), not the 3/3R. If you'd like to compare the newest Esprit ( V8 ) to the newest Noble ( M400 ) then the Noble is 7.5 seconds faster. Edit : Having just checked that out I've found out the M400 time I've quoted is actually for a 3R. So a 3R is 7.5 seconds faster than a V8 Esprit round the top gear test track, not 0.5 seconds slower.
  12. snuffy

    Esprit on sky

    It's on at 16:00 as well.
  13. Contrast and compare Esprit prices with Diablo prices, roughly : 2000 Esprit V8 :
  14. snuffy

    PC Memory

    a terrabyte ? My PC has that. I don't need it, I just like to say I've got it !!
  15. I've met a chap in the UK with 550 and went up against it at Vmax - it left me for dead. Here we are on youtube : You are looking at
  16. I can give you real world performance figures for top end as I've had both my Sport 350 & M12-GTO3 at Vmax : Esprit : 174 Noble : 160 That's a huge difference, with the same power, the Esprit wins because it has much better aerodynamics than the Nob. And at those speeds you need a lot more power just for a small increase in top end. c.f. the Ruf 911 turbos that manage 200+, they have 600+ bhp. For factory figures ( quoting the evo road test, but for the 3 litre ) : 0-60 Esprit : 4.8 0-60 Nob : 3.7 0-100 Esprit : 10.5 0-100 Nob : 8.7 So off the line the Noble is hugely faster, and that's down to two things : Torque and weight. The Nob is 300kg lighter than the Esprit and has 50 lb/ft more of torque. I also agree that the Nob is a road legal track car. It looks like one ( you can get the front and rear clams off in a couple of minutes yourself ) and is built more for acceleration than top end. Now, I've had 4 esprits over 14 years and like almost everyone else on here ( and indeed everyone else on every other car forum ) made one massive assumption : Because I owned an Esprit ( in the the case of other forums, whatever they owned ) it was the best car in the world. And assumption is the mother of all cock ups.
  17. I'd answer that but I'm not posting anymore comments. Not one. This is my final one. Bah-humbug.
  18. Good point. Why do I bother ? I think I'll not in future.
  19. I used to think my Sport 350 was fast.....then a bought a Noble.
  20. Bibs has hit the nail on the head with his comments, especially about most cars being in the UK and USA. I know it's a bit late now, but giving those who contributed pictures would have been a much better way to promote the book. It costs 35 euros, that's 20 quid. That's the retail price, what's the wholesale price ? Say half that ? That's a tenner a book. I'm guessing 30 people's photo's are used, so
  21. That's exactly what I had on my 350 - no rear box ( just pipes ) and 200 cell cats. Excellent choice.
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