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  1. I bought it from GF Williams a while back, only trial fitted on the cup. Exige has just been sold so no need for wing The wing is from DJ racecars, full carbon with carbon end plates that are still yellow from G's car.
  2. Yes I still have it.. I’ll put up some details when I get some time..
  3. Just dragging up this old thread.. how are people getting on with Lithium batteries? Anyone got any new recommendations? Need a new battery, thought I might as well lose some weight in the process.
  4. Thanks for the invitation, sorry I won't be able to make this as will be on hols.
  5. Thanks for the invitation, but will be away. Hope to catch up in Feb..
  6. Nice review. Have tried various versions of the 718, engine is strong but sounds pretty awful. Never driven a tt, don't think I want to after reading that.
  7. Sorry to hear about the engine.. good luck with the rebuild, I'd love an esprit v8..
  8. There are 4 bolts with rubber cylindrical covers on the underside of the hatch which screw in and out to adj the height of the hatch when closed.. am I misunderstanding or have you adjusted these?
  9. Reminds me how much I hate Pistonheads threads, reading that.. mostly obnoxious posts..
  10. Sorry just looking back at this thread, any luck since posting Arun? Also anyone tried the Vbox Sport?
  11. Did you leave some nice stripes on your lawn excursion @alias23?
  12. I will always wave, especially a classic Lotus, even if it's ignored I'd rather show my appreciation
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