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  1. Argh, sorry not much anyone can say that will help at this point. Best of luck getting back. One day you may be able to look back and laugh
  2. Yes actually a very good point. Just did it as a temporary measure to get some in car footage, but not such a good idea.
  3. I have bought the odd one off track day insurance cover for my 911 from Moris as my normal annual insurance doesn't cover tracks abroad, at not too unreasonable premiums. If you get the bug for it then try and get an inclusive policy, my caterham is insured with Lloyd & Whyte covering 5 track days and is very reasonable. Not sure if they cover Lotus but possibily worth bearing in mind for renewal. Re cameras, it seems to be a bit hit and miss. I did a morning at Spa in the 911 with the camera on the rear window, looking forward on a suction cup ( no cage) but got told to take it off by someone in the afternoon. I have a small base for a mount on the side of my crash helmet which is ok, although the footage waves around a bit when I'm checking for faster cars. Does the cage in the cup not give you a mounting point?
  4. Hi Mark, I"ll be at the Hethel day on the 19th in my orange Caterham, I'll pop by and say hello. Would love to take a closer look at a cup too. You will be fine on a lotus on track day. Martin
  5. Nice view of Hanningfield, Chris. Cars look good.
  6. mcx

    Exige 400

    Jonny, when do you think we'll see the new exige? First half 2016?
  7. Oh yes, and roof scoop on coupe please. Make the next exige with 420hp, a roof scoop, and better interior trim and I'll buy one, I promise.
  8. Please feel free to disregard this post as not currently an owner... but I have come very close to buying a V6 recently, and (apologies) am a serial P-car owner, so maybe the kind of customer Lotus would like to attract? So.. love the current V6, shape is great, exterior details, scoops and wings just perfect. The fact that it is a small and light car is a considerable advantage compared to current Porsche models (my 911 is almost 1500kg, and feels it on the track tbf). I am 5'9" so fit in ok, don't mind the acrobatics required to get in and out, adds to the occasion, although as has been mentioned, the platform will have to deal with a taller average height buyer over the next 10 yrs, maybe that's a job for the next full model, not facelift with more power. Keep the external car pretty much the same if possible, the interior doesn't need to be any more complicated, just slightly better finished.. dash plastic, interior of doors could maybe gel better with the cabin design perhaps. Harness bar must be an option on std road car or CR for sure if not. Seats seem a little flat in the regular car, but I've only driven a v6 for a couple of hrs total, and not on a track, so I'm sure current owners know much better. Would quite like a paddle shift that feels more motorsport, (maybe unfair as IPS I drove in an evora a while back was poor, and not tried auto in latest exige) as I find PDK mostly brilliant on road and track. Anyway good luck LOTUS with the facelifted exige, hopefully the quality will be a bit like the Evora 400 without the busy styling (imho), please don't do too much to the current shape, it's spot on.
  9. Just picked up on this thread, skimmed the last few pages. Sorry you feel upset about the trade in value of your cup. I have a 2008 Caterham r500 which will probably be going anyway later in the year, as I have a new car coming.... but I would possibly be willing to exchange for your exige cup, you'd take out the cash and have a car that will probably not depreciate significantly at all over the next few years. I'd been thinking about an exige cup anyway, just put off my plans. Let me know if this would possibly be of interest. Martin C
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