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  1. I've sadly spent my life muttering about jackstaffs under my breath.. Now am happy I can call it a Union Jack! Just before the union falls apart and we'll be back to the red and white flag of a Turk, or Roman or whatever.. Anyway sorry for the thread diversion.. back to "Exige Cup 430 Type 25 Collector's Piece"
  2. I need to get drifting and wear out my trofeos and zzrs. prob try cup2 next if they are like zzr in the dry and better in the wet.
  3. Cheers Martin, I've heard that the latest cup2 s are better than the earlier ones from some other sources. Bit difficult to know which exact tyres you are getting (I hate to mention this on here but with P specific tyres you know if they are N0, N1 etc and that the compounds are different). I guess just go with newest manufacture date maybe?
  4. I quite like him. He can certainly drive too.. I never look at twitter (apart from just now) and I appreciate that he hasn't defended Lotus criticism on there, but to his point on Jalopnik, if the press don't point out faults in products (or government, or anything else) then we are all worse off. Sometimes this can go too far and needs to be reigned in, but I appreciate the process and that it can happen. It's not always going to be something that you or I want to hear though.
  5. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere previously.. I have used Avon ZZR for trackdays since owning an Exige v6, but from my experience are pretty challenging on wet days. I have as set of Pirelli PZero Trofeos on the original wheels but have never used them. Are they, as predominantly road tyres, better in the wet than the ZZR (looks like plenty more tread depth and channels etc for water expulsion) or should I be looking at something completely different for wet trackdays?
  6. They were checking almost every time in the pit lane for any timing devices... also the track was very cold.. grip was ok up to a point... don't think I set any records
  7. Hoping the snow is not too bad in the UK.. will be hoping to be on the 13:20 train. Staying at Hotel de la Source, hope to see you guys there..
  8. Sorry, can't make this one, will be at Spa if I get there ok..
  9. Hope all ok.. there will be plenty of other trackdays..
  10. I have a garage reserved if anyone wants to join me.. maybe we’ll get an old dustbin, start a fire and pretend it’s the ‘70s.
  11. Heated seats! Mr Chapman would turn in his grave... ? .... I don’t have any ?
  12. If it’s cold and bright and not cancelled I’ll go anyway. Silverstone last Nov was frosty overnight and pretty cold during the day but if dry then you can certainly get heat in the tyres. Too late to cancel the hotel anyway. ?
  13. Forecast looking pretty chilly for next weekend..
  14. I've seen the forecast the day before and it's been wrong when you get there..
  15. Yes the HLT starts the go pro remotely. There are functions within the app to overlay the data and go pro on top of the phone footage. Next time I’ll try using just the go pro, not the phone camera as Cam2 (the go pro) appears quite small when added.
  16. My roof is a bit loose too... impossible to tighten properly. Still a bit rattly and squeaky after refitting and lubing. I’ll have to investigate further..
  17. Shame we couldn't get any track space together.. I've never seen a busier day....
  18. Sorry, I meant them ok with the fiesta.. Evora obviously is ok
  19. Did I see you were thinking of swapping for the evora 400? I drove mine at the ring, Silverstone and hethel.. it was fine.. I guess time is a little tight though? Worth checking if LOT will ok with that, I know they have been a bit non plussed by a mate of mine who had sold his exige and wanted to take a hot hatch..
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