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  1. 27 minutes ago, steveoexige said:

    Hi - I might be interested, do you have any pics? 


    I bought it from GF Williams a while back, only trial fitted on the cup. Exige has just been sold so no need for wing :( The wing is from DJ racecars, full carbon with carbon end plates that are still yellow from G's car. 


  2. 1 hour ago, Escape said:

    I also wave/flash at all Lotus and other interesting (classic) cars. Like in many comments on here, often it's the drivers of Elise/Exige that don't wave back...

    With other classics one can tell if it's a real enthusiast at the wheel (waving back) or rather someone parading his expensive toy/investment (head up in the air). Bikers usually show they like the Esprit as well. And on one occasion I even exchanged a meaningful nod with the driver of a shiny new 911 Targa, while creeping along side by side in traffic.


    I will always wave, especially a classic Lotus, even if it's ignored I'd rather show my appreciation :) 

  3. I've only really driven my cup on ZZRs apart from a couple of weeks when I first had the car on Pzero Trofeos. 99% happy with the ZZR apart from a sub zero temp day (cold but dry) earlier this year when I couldn't get any temp in them and found them tricky on the limit. I did a load of laps (also at Spa) running  along with a 360 cup on cup2s and we were very similar on track. I've not especially enjoyed the ZZR in the wet but have driven a few more wet laps than last year (patchy not teeming) and found them ok. Interesting that the ZZR are maybe not road legal.. I need to did around for more info.

  4. On 30/04/2018 at 07:24, jonnyboy said:

    This was the circuit days day Tuesday? I was there in the Mexico Blue vx220. 410 was left safely tucked up at home but I did see the 430s and had a chat with one of the owners.

    I think I'm with Jayemm here though on all these numbers the 400/410/430 in the grand scheme are the same car. The 430 is just my car with a 45k spoiler and some proper dampers which can easily be retrofitted. 

    The speeds at which the aero is working won' bother most drivers and actually using the aero to push noticeably harder on the ring is the preserve of pro drivers.

    My little vx (145bhp) did 9.05 and was in need of at least a splitter on the dottinger as it was a tad easy at 130! 

    Hi Jon,  you came up and said Hi, I was in the black exige v6 cup. Nice driving 9:05 with 145hp..

  5. Sorry to hear about the circumstances @CocoPops, sometimes life just gets in the way.. I wish you and your family all the best. Having met you and Will, I’m sure the car you chose will be well looked after.. Looking forward to seeing what comes along next. 

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