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  1. Goodwood though never a cheap venue as you need to have a decent pitch and build would be a good place to see the Evora based car , especially as their ‘home’ market show looks to be postponed.
  2. The set up you have is fine ie winters oct-apr and Cup2 rest of year
  3. This is Lotuses 72nd year so I suspect the awaiting masses will need to brace themselves for some 72nd anniversary special models dressed in the F1 Lotus 72 colours of red and gold? You would also hope there would be something at Goodwood ‘for the drivers’ , or at least maybe ‘for the dealers’ to help move the current stock and maintain sales through to the ‘new’ product, because without an energised and robust dealer network you’re fubarred, Or maybe we just settle for a new font ?
  4. Nice meet, nice people, nice venue and a nice way to start a Sunday
  5. Great breakfast meet attendance again and hope everyone has a nice Christmas and New Year @elise 147 Steve can’t wait to see the new instrument cluster in the Elise
  6. Think this was the last set. Front Camber -1.8 Castor +2.5 Toe +0.1 Ride ht 125 Rear Camber -2.1 Toe +0.6 Ride ht 135
  7. Then with an election who takes you out of the Eu?
  8. Or labour win with a minority government and we’re all fcked
  9. I found following other cars was quite useful...
  10. Fab , nice to see some care and attention in a product with good results too. Well played sir. Now the 410/430 version please
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