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  1. JLR have completely different issues to deal with not wltp. Sadly they’re facing a crossroads particularly with Jag and a poorly timed set of one off extraordinary loss adjustments. Plus Tata investors not happy at bringing more to the party as they want to make Jag all electric which will cost a penny or 2. Then China sales reduction of course, and the one everyone is waving around being diesel centric. Bit of a perfect storm for them. However their Ingenium petrol engines are all sorted out now.
  2. Only really with VAG product lines. They were arguing against implementation right up until Dec 17. Now they’re playing catch up with self inflicted delays. Most of the other manufacturers got on with conversion of existing or deletion of power trains awaiting the new ones .
  3. Commenced in 2013 and finalised in Dec 17.
  4. Stubox


    Get a pickup and launch from the bed....
  5. Look great and decent weather for you both 👍 My A048 tyres are a bit interesting in this weather so may change to the 08R but fatter as per Cup 260. Be interested to know how you fare on the 52s while you get the 1000miles racked up asap.
  6. Jim’s work is excellent and used by many. There are quite a few on full 2bular systems and seem ok. I think that H111s comment is more based on the theoretical unknown of using Jim’s hardware and komotecs hardware/software.
  7. I’m tempted to Matt black the rear tho. You know like the correct Cup look 😁
  8. I know I had hoped to get to Harlow but Saturday night party defeated me 🥂
  9. Good idea. Who do you have in mind from our currently elected fuckwitters ?
  10. No get it. I thought I’d seen something that one difference of no deal vs transition period meant we’d have to have individual country tariffing rather than bloc tariffing , if that makes sense. I’ll continue watching Die Hard , thanks .
  11. Ok , I only worked in large corporates so no idea on smaller businesses. So the no deal (hopefully) happens and you need to continue business with 2 or 3 countries in the Eu , there’s no Ec sales list anymore as we’ve no transition period. What occurs? Is it business as usual with either an Eu tariff applied or individual country tariffing etc .... again no clue just wondering how it’ll work?
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