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  1. Only 1 uk registered. No more to be built sadly ...have to say was tempted.
  2. So he went Evora 460 to Elise Cup, be interesting to hear reasons why, both nice products.
  3. The only rhd one I believe , we’ll done that man 👍
  4. Stubox

    Evora GT430

    250kg of downforce at maximum speed of 190 mph is lotus quote for GT430 The sport is 100kg at 190mph The f1 car example is lotus 72 f1 car Let’s us know your thoughts on if it makes a difference in the cars ability after you’ve driven it. Personally a car generating even 50kg of downforce is rather handy to have on track than not.
  5. 2 weeks to discharge seems quick, I’ve left mine for at least 2 weeks at a time without plugging in and it’s started fine. I don’t lock the car as it’s secure in the garage so maybe less drain occurring. Otherwise following Byrons post seems best plan. Hope it’s sorted.
  6. Stubox

    Evora GT430

    😏 proper timing gear yes....trip computer stop watch... hardly...but good to know you’re looking out for a infraction of rules rather than watching the videos. Gets like PH more and more on here....
  7. V6 Cups came with baffled sumps , properly stripped interior and nitrons already set up. Plus Russ and team carefully set up the gearshift cables. I’d still be hunting one down as preferred V6 model. still think the 380 cup’s best looking one of the range tho.
  8. I went to a Cup V6 from a V6s. Cup better in every area relevant to performance / handling. An original v6 cup looks something of a bargain compared to later models. Just add power upgrades as required.
  9. Stubox

    Evora GT430

    Bit odd and never had an issue with visibility on mine , even out of some odd angled T junctions, in fact harnessed in the V6 Cup was far more awkward!
  10. What!......I have raised a militia and am marching on are dropping fast due to dehydration in the extreme heat some losing their own body weight in fluids....but at least they’re dying in the lotus way meanwhile an unpredictable source has said 1.8kg each front and 2kg each rear. He was later found dead under several tons of overripe sugar beet. Just for clarity the sugar beet was not accurately weighed.
  11. Only one solution....a public flogging of the PR department and then for someone to weigh them properly.
  12. 7.2 kg saving in total. 400 wheels are Fronts are 9.5kg , Rear 11.4kg. No idea what the breakdown of the 7.2 is but that’s 30 secs sleuthing on the inter web . Oh and btw weight a wheel on a pushbike ....vs a car.....little bit of difference
  13. Instead of the usual exterior beauty shots here’s something from the depths....front anti roll bar support bracket holding .. thing...can’t see it on deroure so not sure what to call it. When I read some of the threads about some of the issues customers are having with lotus I do wonder why bother even thinking about another one in the future or how on Earth can they charge what they do or why not get a more mass produced performance coupe, and then chance upon something like this bracket. i was getting the geo done after a years driving and having a general root around and these brackets need removing to drop the anti roll bar to allow some spanner twirling. We stopped to look at them. They could be cheaper, less intricate and heavier, but they’re not. They’re a little bit of machined alloy extrusion that do a job in a light delicate but immensely strong way that none of us will probably see tucked away behind the flat floor. Some engineer / cad operator had a job to create a bracket and could of easily knocked up something more ... rustic. But they didn’t , instead they made this. And with that faith is renewed in the knowledge that there is a certain passion in doing things the lotus way. Now ffs Lotus sort out the quality control so we can all continue to enjoy some nicely created product. And don’t forget the wishbones Anyway thought I’d share, it’s certainly interesting getting one of these in the air. Needed only minor tweaks, great job [email protected]
  14. Stubox

    Evora Sport 410

    Shame you never had the chance to push the Evora.....I found you can lay the power down much easier and earlier in the Evora than my Cup V6, probably that and Cup2 vs Pirelli’s led to their demise.
  15. Stubox

    Evora Sport 410

    Check the rear tyres , mine lasted 5k Then post pictures of you and the grey one on your first drive out at the weekend 😁
  16. Stubox

    Evora Sport 410

    Welcome, the colour choice is worth hours of sleepless nights and moments of absolute decision followed minutes later by a change of mind.... @Sizona is a central Londoner , his GT430 is auto. There will be more choice non auto but only you’ll know if a manual (any manual) is sufferable due to traffic and queuing . The latest auto though is really enjoyable and no less fun. Anyway colours...😁
  17. I’m still surprised that given the small community of lotus buyers but significant reach of bad publicity this hasn’t been taken up and potential resolutions suggested...or maybe they have . Either way I hope lotus deliver some options for the OP to consider. IF it was mine and I had fallen in love with the driving experience then IMO @tim-marra suggestion of colour match roof leaving centre exposed carbon and the yellow flash the front cover, roof and rear as per some of the GT430s would be good. Maybe someone can PS a picture of it?? Have to say I’m super conscious getting out of mine to avoid touching the carbon roof as it flexes easily and don’t want it marked...even now thinking to ppf it. Equally having seen the 430s with the ‘cat claw’ scratches coloured in I wish I’d thought of it on mine! Good luck and hope it’s resolved to your satisfaction.
  18. Sorry to hear this , and though can’t see the defect in the pics once you know it’s’s there. Pity Lotus action is not at least a bit more conciliatory.
  19. Likewise wombat on mine and prep by rob at supercardetailing just round corner. Both excellent.
  20. I pulled my back recently (age creeping up) and to improve the lumbar support I cut up a 6mm yoga mat off to see if it helped. Found it much improved and you can trial and error the location to suit. Tempted to get it fitted properly.
  21. That is a seriously large and expensive drone! Well done 👏 👏
  22. What colour are you going for? .....that seems to be the perennial question.
  23. So you’re running a 400 with the 410 geo and Cup2s ? Or did you reset the car to 400 geo and added Cup2s. If the former it sounds like a nice compromise 👍
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