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  1. Nice meet, nice people, nice venue and a nice way to start a Sunday 👍👍
  2. Great breakfast meet attendance again and hope everyone has a nice Christmas and New Year @elise 147 Steve can’t wait to see the new instrument cluster in the Elise 👍😁
  3. Think this was the last set. Front Camber -1.8 Castor +2.5 Toe +0.1 Ride ht 125 Rear Camber -2.1 Toe +0.6 Ride ht 135
  4. Then with an election who takes you out of the Eu?
  5. Or labour win with a minority government and we’re all fcked
  6. Fab , nice to see some care and attention in a product with good results too. Well played sir. Now the 410/430 version please 😁
  7. I agree. Without the wings and protuberances other hypercars seem to insist on sprouting this is wonderfully elegant as well as purposeful.
  8. Well that’s it then EVO has spoken 🤣
  9. Hmmmm...... though I do agree that I’d like to see the 3D badge render for the car. It’ll be a 3D badge won’t it....not this designed on Apple iPad photo edition pap I assume...
  10. Quite right , but nothing makes a management team think they’re doing something so very productive as when they’re discussing fonts and colours or having ‘tissue’ sessions with the agency.... However in others areas I’m sure they’re beavering away on the new product 👍
  11. My congrats to the agency that did this, you certainly earned your fee in convincing them it looks good. Btw it’s shite.
  12. My 410 has it too, so yes it’s very special 😁
  13. Courtesy of classicrevivalphot
  14. I suspect for a new start up company that’s probably a direction to go in and the proliferation of super/hyper cars supports it. But Geely appear to want to take Lotus back to a profitable low volume (in the context of VAG, Ford etc) manufacturer of sports cars . This car to me is their statement of intent and the future models be they electric, hybrid or ICE will at least draw styling cues from it. To that extent I think they’ve captured the future ethos quite well with the low (for pure ev) weight , aero performance and dynamics. Sure at some point a discussion might have occurred to stop any production of the sports car products in the future and solely use Lotus as a super/hyper car brand and an engineering resource. Fortunately for those that rather like driving their loti they say they’ve a product plan for us non oligarchs too. I think we should see what they deliver.
  15. 0-300kmh in 9 secs is (according to an online calculator) 0.94g.... that’s quite a bit
  16. Because you need a dinghy or hovercraft to get home..😁
  17. Anyone posted a pic of the Multimatic inboard rear suspension through the glass panel....asking for a geek 😁
  18. Stubox

    TLF GT430 Club

    Yes as per the Facebook group you can for the lotus track exhaust and run it even at brands and Bedford going by the readings. Not cheap tho.
  19. Ah you were there 430 Cup..think next time we ought to introduce TLF members somehow. But likewise shortshifting all day, never saw the change up lights and still got noise board held out twice as well. Still fun track 👍 Would like that supercharger whine on mine too really .
  20. Green Exige 410. @Trevsked had his olive Evora 430 that was circulating rapidly too.
  21. That there is 👍 we were listening to it as you circulated yesterday sounded very nice.
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