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  1. Hi Stuart. What part of SAAB at Marlow did you work at i started in the workshop and then went into tech services . Good days i had a ball.

    1. Stubox


      Hi Clive, i worked at Opel and was at the fateful meeting where Saab -Dave Herman - presented the 9-3 proposal based in the J2900 that clarkson mentions in his piece in Saab - I talked him and Wilman through it. Still got the acetates showing the bill of materials and how much they changed it. It was an unbelievable meeting. Then came back to vauxhall and helped them (Jonathan Nash, David Pugh, Paul Adler etc etc..) try and keep things going . Such a shame as vx needed Saab as it's premium partner but the relationship was soured from that moment in. Saab wanted GMs cash backing and GM wanted to milk the brand off a combined BOM. Pity really I loved my 99turbo !

  2. Hi Bibs, can't seem to reply to messages on the tablet and smart phone, ok on the pc....any ideas??

    Quote button gone, no field to fill in on the 'Message'part of mail - just to and title , and in red 'this field is required'

    Is it my settings?





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