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  1. 12 minutes ago, nordschleife666 said:

    Not a fair comparison with 2 DCT cars 

    Perfectly fair , in fact the weight benefit to the lotus is 200kg on the pork and 400kg (or more) on the CS. Balance that against the benefit of better shifting. 
    Seems factually in favour of the lotus.

    Now how he drove them is a different matter.

  2. Hi, you need to look for colour code B142 , think they’re now painting C142 which is flatter with less fleck. @The Pits has the original MSG and B142 was pretty close.

    Gratuitous Aston shots. Totally different obviously tho have to say their lightweight carbon seats are excellent (with electric adjustment...!?) 







  3. For me the 410/430 lump is perfect in the Exige as the lack of torque is masked by the lower weight compared to the Evora - tho I’m a lazy sod so don’t rev the nuts off them. Add the lack of heat soak, best gearchange and visuals, cheaper move to more power, etc etc then I’d personally go 410/430 . But it’s obviously a bigger out lay .

    My rattling In the v6s was the roof and rear glazing. Sorted by dealer but repeated itself. Front ip got quite squeaky too and fixed with jamming some rubber spacers between it and front structure. But the others ... nothing. 

    If you like the Exige experience , you’ll love the 410  ( tho always felt the 380 was best looking )




  4. 2 hours ago, Ali tuck said:

    New vantage @Stubox?

    Last of the old V8, AMR model- manual , carbon buckets, no silly stripes. Went looking for v12s but still 120+ and doubt they’ll drop. Older v12 model didn’t interest me. Very GT reminds me my Monaro but posher with less tuning options 😁 missed out on the great new AMR deals ask @Sizona 😁 

  5. Honestly the V6S , so the first one, rattled like a b’stard, around the passenger side roof area. 
    And that’s it. None of the others rattled or squeaked (tho a belt squeaked when cold fine hot) no dash rattles, no funny suspension noises. They were all really very good.  Something I never tire in telling those who trot out the usual LOTUS acronym . Engines were oil tight etc ....the 410 is by far the best lump of the bunch , gear change power etc ...only thing it lacked (oddly) is torque , but once bobbing along above 5k it is quite lovely with a great note. It’s worth the etc pennies honestly .



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  6. 7 hours ago, BfranklynV6 said:

    What did you move on to, and are you happy?

    One of these , and yes I am ....but

    don’t think I could ever settle with one car , there are far too many flavours to try and I’m not so blinkered that I can’t appreciate other manufacturers products.

    Ive thoroughly enjoyed each lotus (Exige V6s , V6 cup, 410 , Elise cup and Evora 410) and driven them across Europe and on tracks. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back in one too- maybe a nice S1 135 or 160 - or maybe the new evija styled hybrid/v6 if it ever appears. 
    There’s a lot of cars still to try, but not a lot time to try them in.


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  7. 5 hours ago, DrBru said:

    its such a tough one because the other thing im considering is the practical car dilemma. If I go down the exige route, i will have to buy something like a golf r estate to be the family car


    however the alternative is buy a C7 RS6 and have some change or wait for the new RS6 to go down in price a bit and get this

    We had a C7 as the family car, lovely thing really liked it and now in every measurable way our E63s estate is better, and the new C8 still cant match the Merc (which is not perfect by any means)

    I’ve had a V6S , V6 Cup and a 410. Get the 410 . It’s the engine that really suits the Exige .

    As for the Golf R estate , great practical family car, just get the 310ps not the 300 with its single point injection , you’ll thank me in 50,000 miles.

    Right off to the classifieds for you =====>

  8. 10 hours ago, 2GOOD said:

    @Stubox it’s not this car up for sale at Sytner Select Warwick is it?

    Yep. Fabulous car and had fun with it on track as well as road. Definetly sweet spot of Exige range. Not used it anywhere near enough.
    Moved on after 5 Lotus on the trot, but might be back if the new Evija styled Evora based product is good enough.  Increasing number of cars to try and diminishing time....

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  9. The 410 in standard trim and used properly will generally get flagged at every TD except doningtons ‘noisy’ day and maybe on a good day at a silverstone 105 day.

    I ran 2bulars quiet pipe and it measured 99-101 when tested at different circuits. I was still warned at Goodwood when overtaking someone as somehow the combined noise pinged the meter.

    Only seen/heard @Trevsked using the lotus track exhaust on the Evora 430 at Goodwood and castle Coombe and his was comfortably under 100.


  10. This is Lotuses 72nd year so I suspect the awaiting masses will need to brace themselves for some 72nd anniversary special models dressed in the F1 Lotus 72 colours of red and gold?

    You would also hope there would be something at Goodwood ‘for the drivers’ , or at least maybe ‘for the dealers’ to help move the current stock and maintain sales through to the ‘new’  product, because  without an energised and robust dealer network you’re fubarred, 

    Or maybe we just settle for a new font ? 

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