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  1. Kimbers' one looks like a mega-bra. I would go for that one.
  2. I experienced something similar on my maiden trip in my Evora, when I picked it up in the UK with my elder son. On the way to the ferry in Dover I was moved out of the queue and instructed to get the car into a warehouse where a strict looking female officer was waiting for me. I was then invited to open the boot for the car to be inspected, my son gently popping up and smiling from the rear seat, much to the surprise of the efficient officer. I was allowed to leave, greeted with a smile, and a phrase that sounded like "that is a beautiful car, sir. Enjoy."
  3. Germany does not have pricing for the base model yet (ie beyond the FE), apparently.
  4. You cannot beat that Twingo, though.
  5. You never have enough fun in that part of the world. I have never been as scared driving as in Melbourne, with those special rules you use there for "turn right coming from the left, at the end of the traffic light cycle in just a few seconds before they all come against you from the other side". More so because I discovered this local speciality in my first drive into Melbourne, just after landing and picking up the car from the rental company. The fact that the car we used had reversed wiper and turning light controls did not help either... You think you are indicating your turn and suddenly the wiper starts going frantic... My girlfriend was almost in tears (still don't know if it was laughter or fear). Not to mention the wildlife jumping at you when you leave the towns or your habit of burning eucalyptus intentionally around your towns and using road signs to warn drivers. Love the continent-country, though.
  6. New benchmark. That is indeed the way to downsize and streamline a car collection. Congratulations!
  7. I am biased because my car is dark green, but I like it as it is... Otherwise I would probably go with copper, which I think would suit nicely the light interior. Nice problems you have. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. Congratulations! I was following that auction/car, for the sake of curiosity. That was apparently a Luxembourg registered car until now. Enjoy!
  9. Havenโ€™t posted here for a while. To my eyes it looks nice from below.
  10. Or add a windscreen and we got the template for the new Elise. Looks great but I guess it is difficult to convert into a car rolling from a production plant.
  11. Please do. And add plenty of pictures. I would be all over the moon if I had that anywhere near me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Is it a keeper or does your contact plan to move it on?
  12. Arregueti

    Emira GT4

    Komotec seems to have ordered two and they currently run Evoras in the European Lotus cup, so maybe there is a hint there.
  13. What a couple of +2s in the first picture. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜
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