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  1. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    The (car) Hornet (with permission from Honda)
  2. 4th gear died further problems

    Hi, I went through something similar late last year. Fixing should be possible. To the best of my knowledge 4th and 5th gear in the CR box have been re-engineered and are together (one-piece). In my case, gears 3rd through 6th were replaced. The pieces were not the bulk of the cost, though. I attach a link to my thread on this here and to @Hedgehogfromhell's recent thread on losing 6th gear here. He will probably be updating his. I hope you will find a suitable solution.
  3. game over...

    You were doing fine all the way up to this point. Seriously, enjoy it!
  4. game over...

    And a corner for myself to live in...That sounds lîke an impressive man cave. Living the dream. You are a strong contender for TLF's "man of the year" award. Congratulations!
  5. Evora GT430

    Thanks. I would have thought there are other wheels available in the market which would be fit for purpose.
  6. Evora GT430

    Thanks for the reply. I assume it is a NO in capital letters, just as in the 410, but it is a shame, in my mind. Not willing to bring back the discussion about where is Lotus heading generally and with the Evora specifically and whether their product placement is right or wrong but, IMO, it would make sense to get the most hardcore 2+2 in the market while they have everything ready for it. In a few years time the performance difference between the different variants will not be so relevant (and can be tuned up anyway even nowadays) but the versatility and GT ability of the car would have been increased. That is what the original Evora was all about. I agree otherwise that I am not willing to pay double the money for essentially the same car I currently own with no substantial modification. They will need to look elsewhere for new clients (which I was four years ago).
  7. Evora GT430

    Congratulations! Would you mind asking if they would mind putting the rear seats back on this one, please, now that it is not a limited run car?
  8. 6th gear is dead

    Hope you get a better outcome than myself from your discussions with the factory. Hopefully the situation in the factory is changing for the better since I had the issue. I know the feeling. In my case it came in the worse possible moment, too, going through a divorce, and it was just an act of determination/ statement of manhood to have the car fixed. I am happy I did it, now. Fingers crossed for you.
  9. 6th gear is dead

    Just came across this thread. Sorry for you Simon. A link to my thread on my similar "experience" has already been added by Jonny (Bravo73). Good luck with Customer Support. My car was a newer, ex-Lotus car, with 40,000 kms on the clock and half of the mileage done by them and they refused to make any goodwill contribution... I was not impressed. Maybe you are luckier as you are closer to them. You are certainly more mechanically focused than myself, so I do not want to sound pretentious or tell you what to do but, having followed other's advise myself, I would advise against driving the car with the box as it is currently. Getting to the clutch/gearbox seems to be also more expensive in the Evora than in the Exige and the most significant part of the invoice. I bet if you can do part of the dismantling work, you will significantly reduce the cost. I was told that parts had been re-engineered and gears 3rd through 6th were replaced as part of the work, even though the failure, in my case, was due to 4th-5th gear. All in all I took advantage of the situation to replace the clutch and cables and my gearbox is now much better than before, though. Hope you will leave this behind and be able to enjoy the car soon.
  10. New car!

    I was going to bet on an Evora N/A but I am now inclined to think that you bought the only Motorsport green Exige cup from a certain individual based around New Forest... Do I win the Elise 111 S?
  11. won't go into 4th...

    Good news, then. Happy for you.
  12. won't go into 4th...

    Hm, I hope yours is just a one-time issue related to adjustment, temperature or something random, but I had a similar symptom last year on my Evora S and ended up with a major repair. I attach a link to my thread on my issue. Apparently older Evora gearboxes with close ratios are more prone to having this issue, because Lotus was using its own ratios/pieces which proved not to be up for the job. New 4th-5th gears seem to have solved this issue on newer cars. I am uncertain as to whether this same sort of issue has appeared before in an Exige's gearbox, though. I don´t recall anyone having had this issue on an Exige, so hopefully for you, you are into something different. Lost gears 4th and 5th The piece itself was 175 euros, if my memory serves me correctly, but the bulk of the cost came from the time spent getting to it... The gearbox is more accessible (ie. cheaper to fix) in the Exige, though. I just hope yours is a different (smaller) issue. Fingers crossed.
  13. 410 seats?

    Well, you can always fit them in the S now and then transfer them to the new 410 car, when it arrives.
  14. Evora 10th anniversary tour?

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Approximately how many days would you plan staying?
  15. Evora GT430

    The size of the tyre in the picture they posted in Facebook suggests an Evora, doesn't it? Enjoy the drive!