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  1. From what I saw, it seems that German prices will carry a healthy 10% mark up (or safety net as per the post above) on top of current exchange rate differences… 76000 gbp turns into 96,000 euros (88,000 euros being the direct conversion). From memory, it looks similar to pre-Brexit price differences on the previous range and hard to justify, IMO. It will certainly prevent me from buying new from Lotus, just as it did in the past.
  2. Indeed. They were probably just trying to show where the front is and that it will be mid-engined. It would have been nice, though. 🙂 Maybe it is the laser equipped James Bond edition
  3. Is that a centered steering wheel, à la Mclaren F1?
  4. Wow! It does look amazing in that last picture. I tend to prefer shier colours but that is really nice. I guess you will put the PPF to test if you plan to use it mostly as a track-day car. Hope you can enjoy some good miles in it soon. Congrats, Lee!
  5. Quite some machinery there to keep you entertained. The Lotus looks great and eager to amuse you . Enjoy!
  6. Indeed. I was secretly hoping he would now return, given the new situation at Lotus.
  7. @Peters4I don´t think it has anything to do with how fast you turn the key. I had those codes a number of times recently, too. In my case, a new battery seems to have solved the issue (it is an early MY 12 with what apparently was the original battery).
  8. Thanks @JimH I thought it might be a different compound. Should have checked the obvious first. Thanks again.
  9. Can anybody clarify what FSL stands for in the description of the Pilot Sport 4S? MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4S FSL EL I am trying to follow Rallysax's advice and go for the standard (ie. not branded) XL tyre, but I am not sure if this is the one. Thanks in advance.
  10. It is there as a second warning to tell you to refuel.
  11. @Cdm2018 A new battery is a good starting point, I would say. How old is yours?
  12. Just to update this thread. The car has kept having this issue. Running well, just a forced idle and, in the worse instances, an override to my throttle input. Took it to its annual maintenance on Monday. Had to clear the codes to be able to climb the garage ramp... it seems that my OBD reader deleted the engine’s history, so Komotec could not get to the root cause. After some driving around the area (and the good hour at brisk pace on the empty autobahn at 7:00 AM to get there) there were no signs of the codes coming back, but I decided to change the battery nonetheless. Played safe and went for the standard Varta. No wish to add lithium batteries charms to the equation... it seems to go fine now. I hope I will not have to update this further. Fingers crossed.
  13. I see. I didn't know it was planned for demolishment.
  14. Arregueti

    Lotus Emira

    That is quite a statement! I fear some of that is true (just see who is at the helm in their latest (and first Emira's) commercial. Let's just see how much room the current team has to still make the new cars feel like a Lotus. So far they seem to have won a battle. The fact that the Emira is there is probably just a testament to the resilience of the (former and current) team at Lotus that pushed for the Evora. After putting together the Evora and seeing it "not reach its sales objectives" they have pursued a similar, if watered down, route. I "just" own an Evora, so I am not a "proper" fan, but it is still purer than most other cars I have come accross and a very exciting car to drive. I think it is a good thing that the Emira takes over where the Evora set the path but we will have to wait and see what it really ends up being. I don't think all is lost for the "true" Lotus fans. The Elise came after the Elan M100 after all. For me, it will all depend on how well the Emira sells and how strong will Hethel be within the new "global" Lotus.
  15. Thanks, @Bibs Not sure how to read your post. Are you referring to Emira or Elise production? (funny that FE stands both for First Edition and Final Edition...) If I got it right, the Elise production site will not host Emira production, so what is the harm in leaving that production facility running for a couple more months (assuming they have available chassis, parts, etc.). Is that "factory/building" going through refurbishment so quickly? For the Elise the problem seemed to be the opposite. They seem to be reluctant to extend production beyond their preset deadline and would be limiting some choice on some minor things (which I can also understand to a certain extent as their priority is elsewhere now). Anyway, I guess if I want one hard enough I should be able to find one.
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