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  1. Arregueti


    Is it a repeated incident or a one-shot? Not sure if this helps but my car (which was owned by Lotus, prior to me) has had the clutch and some gears replaced (at my cost) by Komotec around 8-9,000 kms. ago. Some months after the repair was completed, I experienced serious problems to engage reverse one day, after some high speed cruising in the autobahn. When trying to park the car after one and a half hours of fast driving and a few minutes of standing still, it was not possible at all to engage reverse. I left the car parked for a few hours in the street (in a position where I was sure I could leave only engaging forward gears...) and when I started the car again it all worked fine. Still a mystery because, since then, I have never had the issue again (touch wood).
  2. Arregueti

    Future of Lotus

    Hm. This is part of the "essential criteria" for some of the posts, though. I guess it is part of the future and a pill we will have to swallow. Hopefully it will not apply to all new products. There is a full range of different profiles, too. Looks bright.
  3. We should not let that happen... I would happily join you in the celebrations. Just my 2 cents (maybe slightly over enthusiastic after the great time I had), but while I agree that repeating the same thing every year over and over again would probably discredit it, I am sure the product range and history of the brand is deep enough to ensure that different things can be done at different scales each year (or every two years as and when the opportunity arises). It was my first time in the factory and one of the surprises was that it is actually a nice place to spend a day in, with the nice alley surrounded by trees, etc. I am sure there are many ways of making good use of the premises for the visitors, turning it into good marketing for Lotus/Gelly. Probably even more so once the upgrade/refurbishment for the new visitors centre is completed.
  4. Arregueti

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    I spotted you and even managed to take a couple of pictures of your car on track. If interested I can post them / send them after verifying the quality (of the layers of dust).
  5. I would also like to thank and congratulate everyone involved for a fantastic celebration. From the guy who brought the idea and inspiration to the factory (anyone's guess who that was...) to Lotus and Geely (for buying into the idea and investing heavily in making a success out of it) and to the different clubs for all the enthusiasm shown in displaying their cars and bikes. It is evident that a lot of care and attention to detail was put into organising it and it turned out pretty impressive. You all proved to be great hosts! The standard is very high now and it obviously left us willing for more... Hopefully next year. Funny enough, I ended up with my sons in Snetterton instead of the Norfolk show-ground after taking the wrong shuttle when leaving. That gave us some additional track time and made us effectively one of the last to leave the party.
  6. Arregueti

    Another interesting non Lotus spot

    It is a Seat 600 based on the Italian equivalent (the 500 was not really available/popular in Spain). The car that made motor cars popular and affordable in Spain. We also call it the “pelotilla” or small ball.
  7. Arregueti

    EVO GT430 vs 911 GT3

    You can also just push the narrower flat end of the cap against the back side of the tap and it gets stuck (at least on my S it works).
  8. Arregueti

    Evora N/A vs Evora 410/430

    Interesting. I guess it is all very personal and also dependant on the conditions in which you tested the car, but I would say that the M2 is a very fun and playful car, with the right size for back-roads. It is indeed very different to an Evora in that it is less delicate and more brutal with all that torque but it can be as playful and very good fun, too. Horses for courses, obviously, though, and the Evora still has the edge as a dedicated sports car. IMHO.
  9. I assume it is the case but, can anyone please confirm if it will be possible for kids to access all areas, including the factory’s premises?
  10. The end is great, too. Low seating position is not always the best. 😂 Watching your episodes makes me miss my ‘84 Rx-7 but also realize how much work is involved to get things right. Really good work. 👍
  11. Arregueti

    Waving and/or giving a thumbs up

    I usually wave to what I consider "same cars", with varying success. Recently, I waved unsuccessfully from my Evora to a German registered Lotus Elan +2. He would not even look. Maybe he was lost and looking for directions...or thought I was driving a Lamborghini. The best reaction I got so far was from an Elan M100. When we came across each other, the passenger almost jumped over the windscreen to say hi. We thought the guy was going to leave the car. My sons couldn't stop laughing. It is also funny how often I get waved back when I am on my Mx-5. That car has the highest rate of "wave success" I have seen so far, and from very diverse drivers. High numbers on the road help too, I guess.
  12. Arregueti

    The Weird and Wonderful Driving Laws

    ^ Luxembourg applies the same rule. To the surprise (and sometimes expensive repair cost) of most people coming to live here from other countries. You can also be fined for not cleaning your license plate.
  13. Arregueti

    Evora GTE Registry

    ^ that car is serious car porn...
  14. Arregueti

    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

    Sounds great. Looking forward to reading more about it (and currently looking at flights )
  15. Arregueti

    Exige 4C project

    I do understand that the Evora does not have the same kind of beauty as the e-type and that a beautiful design is a priority to you. The funny thing with the Evora is that despite probably not being as beautiful as an e-type, the fact that it is (one of the few) mid-engined 2+2 makes its design and lines very challenging and special, quite a beauty given the challenge, at least to my eyes. A Stratos replica must be something. Good luck with your decision process. That is a nice decision you have to take. 🙂