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  1. Future of Lotus

    @The Pits See to believe. A Lotus enthusiast, one of the die-hards nonetheless, asking to have a flat four engine in a Porsche Lotus. Seriously: I agree. If the Elise was a little cheaper it would be much more competitive in the accessible sports car market. And I also agree that it is much harder to achieve than to say. Some choices will have to be made. JMG seemed to suggest that the Elise may as well be left as it is, with no further investment, as a wink to the company's roots before they go upmarket. That is where you seem to be trying to take us, too, Mr Pits. Would that allow to make it cheaper, though? I just cross my fingers that they will keep it. IMO it is now part of Lotus DNA, just as much as the fibre glass in the first Elite.
  2. Hi from Porto, Portugal

    Boa tarde Mário, That was a nice introduction. It seems you joined the Lotus fraternity at the right time, too, as Lotus just announced they will be recruiting soon. Good luck with your master's degree and your search for an Elise.
  3. Elise 140 and Exige IPS to be discontinued?

    Thanks. I was hoping there might be something else coming instead but it is unlikely they will invest in a new power plant for this gen Elise. It is a bit sad to see the basic Elise go, but I guess it is the sign of the times. I really hope they will manage to propose (and sell) an affordable “basic” sports car in the future line up.
  4. Apparently the Elise 140 and the (formerly known as) "IPS" versions of the Exige350 and 380 will be discontinued shortly. At least that is what one of the leading European dealers claim. Is this official? Due to low sales, I guess. But will the Elise 220 be the sole proposition?
  5. Evora GT410 Sport launched

    This is an interesting discussion and relates also to the thread on the strategy for launch of new models or lack thereof. Since my example below refers to the 410 I will post it here. In my view, you need to add the following to the equation for prospective European buyers and, specially, dealers: I will take myself as an example. The new GT 410 (+2) did capture my attention, so I had a look at the price list attached in two columns to the press release and did run some very quick numbers in my head. When you apply the current exchange rate and exclude therefore the exchange rate factor (and you should given that Lotus forces their European dealers to buy in Euro), European buyers (be it private buyers or dealers) seem to be asked to pay a mark up of around 15-20% compared to UK buyers, both for the car and the options...just for crossing the Channel. That does not even take into account the fact that the gap is potentially bigger when you include the currency fluctuation. If I was looking at actually buying the same car in the UK, the gap would be huge! Much more so than for other car brands when you do the same exercise at comparable price positions. I did this very exercise with an Elise Sport 220 and a BMW M2 some weeks ago, as I was considering buying a new car. I am still wondering how the dealers are supposed to make that work financially in an already very limited market. And then you have to add that some cars are refreshed by the time the previous versions are just delivered or still freshly placed in the showrooms. I guess Lotus does know this and still sticks with it, but it must be specially tough for European dealers in an already very competitive market... I struggle to follow the logic, I must admit. This is not a rant, by the way. This is simply an attempt to explain why sales are fading this side of the Channel...
  6. Evora GT430

    @Snoopy1969 I can not say for sure whether it is exactly the same shade of green, probably not, but it looks very very close. I think it suits the car very well, making it look like a stealth fighter or a classy GT car, depending on the light. I can only imagine how characterful it must look in the 430 with that big wing breaking the lines.
  7. Evora GT430

    That looks familiar. Very classy and purposeful indeed. I can only approve, but I am certainly biased.
  8. Pictures wanted - All Colours!

    Racing Green Metallic (C155)
  9. Recommendations for treating leather

    I tried directly with their main site. Will try next time. Thanks for the lead.
  10. Recommendations for treating leather

    Thank you, @Snoopy1969 the issue with Swissvax is that there was no way of processing the order... I gave up after three or four attempts asking them to receive payment instructions... they were not too interested in selling me their products. @auRouge wow! That is quite some attention to detail.
  11. Recommendations for treating leather

    Keep calm, gents. I shall provide an independent appraisal in no time.
  12. Recommendations for treating leather

    May consider moving my residence to the car, then
  13. Recommendations for treating leather

    That is very kind of you, @Bibs. I did find my way through their site, though. They seem to have different product codes for export. Order placed now and looking forward to trying it (on the car )
  14. Recommendations for treating leather

    Perfect. It needs to be delivered to Luxembourg. I will look for sellers on eBay/Amazon. Thanks to both of you.
  15. Recommendations for treating leather

    Hm, brilliant. Trouble is they do not seem to ship outside of the U.K. Will try to source it elsewhere. Many thanks for the lead.