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  1. Oh. That is very kind of you. I feel honored for the invitation. Early September is a bit tough for me because of family commitments, but I will really consider it and see if I can arrange things Taking the Evora to the Alps again would be nice and I would love to drive there in convoy with you guys.
  2. @Cayman Thanks for the detailed reply. Your car looks great and in good company in that video. To add some confusion Lotus’ own paint code for my car is C155 (Racing Green Metallic). Mine seems to be the second and last of two 2012 LHD EVORA S in Racing Green Metallic and it was a LHD EU press car, so I guess they were close in the production line. Mine was used in Italy. Here is a link to it appearing in an Italian blog detailed test, including some race track video and footage. on the Evora S
  3. @Cayman Interesting. That looks pretty much like the paint in my car, but mine is supposed to be British Racing Green, according to the certificate. I guess they changed the names. I am also curious about the original registration plate of that car. Mine was also an early MY12 and a Lotus press car at the time, AU 61 CEX. Do you mind sharing yours?
  4. Congratulations! That was quick!
  5. I am not sure this is the right place, but given that there are some pictures (and I couldn't find an "Exige Tests" thread), I link it here: Petrolicious take on the Exige Sport 410
  6. Petrolicious' take on the Exige Sport 410 - no video unfortunately Some common places and the writing style sounds familiar for those in the know, but good to see the car being praised so highly.
  7. Welcome Olivier (from a Spaniard living in Luxembourg). I would really love to own an Elise of some sort, too. Just a bit difficult to justify for now as I already own an Evora. Hope to see you around some nice roads in Luxembourg with the club or otherwise. Wishing you plenty of joy with car.
  8. I normally agree with your posts, Justin, but that one made me shake and sweat... I am on the lookout for some anti-anxiety pills.
  9. I don't understand the negativity about the camo either. It is just marketing IMO. It is green and yellow, to start with. I sometimes wonder if there is some sort of reverse psychology being used in some of the posts.
  10. It looks more like a runway or airfield to me. I like that EVIJA / ALIVE reflection.
  11. I see. That area is between the two main rivers. Will explore it next season. There are plenty of beautiful towns and spots in the whole area. It is specially charming with the autumn colors. Hope you enjoyed.
  12. Great pictures. Where is that? Somewhere in Rheinland Pfalz, maybe, close to the Rhein or the Mosel?
  13. That new icon is not the Evora nor the Evija... It isn’t a targa or roadster, either, is it...?
  14. Petrolicious' take on the Evora GT - no video unfortunately
  15. I agree. It is probably a statement about simpler affordable cars (on which I can agree). On the other hand, they included the quote below about the Lotus, which sounds like picking a winner to me, but chose a different car. Hard to understand when you normally decide with your wallet.
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