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  1. Nice. Congrats. I can't help but think that he chose the wrong shoes for the first drive.
  2. That garage+car combination is shouting for a Petrolicious video. You better start rehearsing your script and story telling. We are sending them your details. Awesome, as you are!
  3. I agree it does look “poor” and unfinished. I don’t see it wearing nicely in the front of a 21st century 2M GBP hypercar either.
  4. Good for you. (I think we should add a "Fingers crossed" emoticon in the reactions area of every post. )
  5. @Escape Possibly. But I was reading this differently, as if they would measure who had more charge left at the end of the race and then declare that car a winner even if that car was not the first.
  6. A category for autonomous cars? And energy consumption taken into account for the classification?
  7. I use OBDLink (Wifi for iOS in my case) on all my cars following the recommendation by @TBD a few years ago. It has its own app for iOS and works smoothly on the Evora S.
  8. Yes, that was my car’s fix, too. I thought it only concerned the 4xx cars but it seems to be the same issue for all.
  9. That was a 2010 concept so maybe they will just be taking a different direction now (I refer to its placement in the market and not to the design). At some point there was some discussion on here about a more conventionally built (ie. cheaper and in larger numbers) more accessible Lotus to compete with the Mx-5. For me the relevant point is whether it would overlap with the Elise (as a more comfortable "tourer") or they exclude each other. Since they would actually serve slightly different purposes (or rather be directed to a different audience) it would be good to be able to choose to go for one or the other. Given where Lotus seems to be heading I guess it is a hard case to argue in favour of keeping both running simultaneously. It is probably all day dreaming for now anyway.
  10. I know this is probably more suited for the "Future of Lotus" or its own separate thread, but given that the quote was added here, I will just ask here (Moderators, please feel free to move to a separate thread if you think it makes more sense). If there was to be a 2020 Elan: Do you think this will run alongside the Elise (at lease initially) or as an Elise replacement as from its launch? Is it safe to assume that it will be mid-engined RWD as it will be based on the Evora or would it be front engined (or even FWD) as the Elan?
  11. I like it more than I thought I would, given the few things I had heard or read about it. It is very cohesive and pulls the ball forward quite some miles in termes of design. The rear is indeed unique, I will need to see it more to adopt it completely, but as a statement of intentions it’s a very loud one. I think it makes all our cars look old (and that is a compliment). As a design exercise I think it passes with flying colours. I am also looking forward to the next generation of Lotus for the average Joe (and cross my fingers that they will still be affordable).
  12. And what was your best laptime?
  13. I think I understand exactly how you feel... Following on Willi's comment above and though I am not sure whether it will help you, I have had something similar for the first time very recently. After doing this (red lights coming in the dash and cutting injection at 5,000 rpm) it went back to normal, when I shut off and restarted the car. Then, suddenly a "engine check" light appeared and it threw a code stating that the car is running lean... I decided not to use it more and I am taking my car to Komotec tomorrow. Fingers crossed it is nothing serious (for both you and me).
  14. Great initial posts (I was really laughing out loud when reading your summary of your Irish trip) and I am sure your input will be very valuable, too. Welcome!
  15. It may have been asking you to fulfill your plans and stay in France. Jokes aside, I am sorry I can not provide more help but I had something similar in my first trip in the car with the family all the way to Bayern. Never got to discover the root cause of my sudden limp mode... Good luck with identifying the issue.
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