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  1. Ha ha. Maybe that combination grants you access to town centres in the festive days, then. I have spent quite some time myself setting up a Sport 240 and almost got there now (if only I were in a position to place an order 😂) but with more choice on the Cup 250, it must be pretty hard on your nerves. 😃
  2. It is hard to judge from the configurator, but Azure blue and the red interior seem to come along nicely. The darker interior blue could also work for me, but I guess not for you if you want contrast. Daytona blue seems to match the darker blue a bit better, too. Green with red interior? Black and red? Solid yellow and black alcantara with yellow stitching (if it is possible) might work for you, then. Not easy to find many suitable matches for me, in all honesty.
  3. I am in exactly the same spot but on the other end of the stick. I would love to have an Elise but fear I would never forgive myself for selling the Evora to buy one. If it has to be one car that you will keep... would it still be the Elise over the Evora?
  4. I have not seen it, but I guess it is a nice PR effort and good to have (some of) the facts they can publish in one place. I will try to find it here. Anyone knows if it is only available in the UK?
  5. Emoticon would go with the times. In all honesty, that picture looks treated to me. I hope we don't end up in Decepticon.
  6. We are talking about 8-9 years ago, so it is probably not relevant to the OP, but here is my "process". I shortly considered a Subaru BRZ when I started looking at a "momentum" sporty car where I could carry the family (I also had an NB Mx-5 and a first generation Rx-7 at the time). I had heard about Project Eagle but the Evora was out of reach for me. I decided to go to the dealer nonetheless. The Evora was tested before the Subaru (due to lack of interest of the Subaru dealer) and that was it. I never tested the Subaru, actually. It took me almost two years to get one, though, after lot
  7. This seems to be where they are heading New racer for 2030 More details on the latest issue of Evo, apparently.
  8. Sherlock was off duty, so he asked me to try... Wishful thinking but there seems to be only one car on the charger... Looks like the logo on the truck has been blurred intentionally, too.
  9. That car si on the cover of Absolute Lotus’ current issue.
  10. It is indeed nice in its pure, simple lines. Very jealous. 240 Sport would also be my choice. If I could. They seem to be in high demand, too, as delivery time seems to get moved back significantly each time we hear of an order. Enjoy!
  11. Welcome / Benvido (from a fellow Galician), I cannot help with your query but I hope you don't mind me posting here this video. I am confident this must be your car. And maybe you? 🙂 Roadmantcs - Exige Scura Black Angel Now that we are acquainted with the car it would be great to hear more from you and the car. 🙂 Cheers,
  12. Top Gear's first drive in the Elise Sport 240
  13. Genuinely curious. What was so bad about it, if I may ask? Was the refusal to sell them based purely on esthetics or rather on dynamic shortfalls? I remember chatting to a technician in a Lotus dealer saying that the GM powerplant (the turbo, basically) didn´t suit the car. Are they good cars otherwise?
  14. Carbon panel and bootlid you could always get later, couldn't you? Not sure you can get sound insulation done later on. Truth is, I don´t particularly like carbon fibre, so I am maybe not well placed to say anything. Extremely jealous. 🙂
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