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  1. Hi Bibs, No problem at all. Just got your e-mails. Thank you very much for the quick fix.
  2. Hi, I am not sure whether moderators can look into this or it is one for His Bibsness only but I thought I would give it a try in public before taking His time unnecessarily. I am seeing ads when I browse the Forums even though I have just automatically renewed my subscription to the Forums (through Paypal). Have I done something wrong? Is there a fix? Thanks in advance.
  3. Welcome I was in Hobart last year, in the final stage after cycling through the eastern coast of Tasmania. What an amazing place It is and it must be really special to drive over there in an Evora! I would love to go back at some point. Very jealous! Enjoy in good health!
  4. +1. I was wondering the same, but I guess they can run a timeline of special limited editions from the last couple of decades and compare them ad infinitum. Seriously. They probably don´t need suggestions for the future as I think there is still plenty of content they can develop, including buying guides comparing cars from different eras but similar budgets, for instance. It may also show a bigger picture of the "industry" around the brand and its products. I think they could also provide some perspective into the different cars and the situation of the factory at the different times, talking to the guys involved, etc. or on the current suppliers for the older cars, interviews with specialists/enthusiasts, plus I am sure there are plenty of race cars and special cars that could do with some show light... Ah. And I would like to see what they have to say on the Elan +2 or the first Elite, for instance. Anyway, thumbs up from me. I have enjoyed the first year.
  5. It dors look very nice and like new on that picture. Enjoy!
  6. Lee, Really heartbreaking to read what you are going through. I concur with what others have said. They have expressed very well what I felt when reading your post. Just want to add that ever since you joined this forum you have come across as someone honest, positive, with a genuine enthusiasm and always willing to help others on here, and myself particularly. I am sure that this is only a reflection of your broader person and that you will find your way through this difficult situation and that your daughters and wife are in good hands, as I am sure they know. i wish I could be of more help.
  7. I just came across this and thought this might be useful for some of you. Apparently a recall has been issued by Lotus in regard to the steering column of the MY18 Evora. It seems to be related to safety in case of accident and not an actual defect/lack of performance. See the link below to an article in PH: Evora Recall
  8. @plenty I lost fourth gear, and my car was stock when I lost the gear (and still is) so I am not sure to what extent my experience/cause of default is relevant to you, but I guess it is still "one of the pieces" that gave up... . I am wondering if the EV430 kit played a role in your case. In my case, I did some reading and considered shortly the Jubu set but, since I live 1 1/2 hours away from them, I opted to have Komo-tec opening the box and change/upgrade the bits required with what I was told were newly developed OEM bits. I have no feedback on the Jubu set, unfortunately. I was also told at the time and read feedback here suggesting that it is wiser to open the existing box and replace the required bits than to get a new box. At least once you open it you can have a look and replace anything with upgraded pieces, so that you have additional peace of mind on the actual state of your gearbox. The cost of the replacement bits was negligible (below 200 Euros, if I recall correctly). The substantial hit came from the time spent getting to the gearbox and dismantling the whole thing, as you will have read elsewhere already. The car has been faultless since the work was done and the gear lever action is much improved now, as I also changed cables, etc. It is also true that I am generally considerate to the gearbox and not using the car on the track. To prevent further damage I stopped driving the car and had it transported to Mendig. I think that is the general advise, too. Hope this helps and that you can enjoy the car again soon.
  9. I am liking it, too. I would add a small crane and you have a Lotus tow vehicle. Edited to add. You may need a V8 conversion for that, too.
  10. Is it a repeated incident or a one-shot? Not sure if this helps but my car (which was owned by Lotus, prior to me) has had the clutch and some gears replaced (at my cost) by Komotec around 8-9,000 kms. ago. Some months after the repair was completed, I experienced serious problems to engage reverse one day, after some high speed cruising in the autobahn. When trying to park the car after one and a half hours of fast driving and a few minutes of standing still, it was not possible at all to engage reverse. I left the car parked for a few hours in the street (in a position where I was sure I could leave only engaging forward gears...) and when I started the car again it all worked fine. Still a mystery because, since then, I have never had the issue again (touch wood).
  11. Hm. This is part of the "essential criteria" for some of the posts, though. I guess it is part of the future and a pill we will have to swallow. Hopefully it will not apply to all new products. There is a full range of different profiles, too. Looks bright.
  12. We should not let that happen... I would happily join you in the celebrations. Just my 2 cents (maybe slightly over enthusiastic after the great time I had), but while I agree that repeating the same thing every year over and over again would probably discredit it, I am sure the product range and history of the brand is deep enough to ensure that different things can be done at different scales each year (or every two years as and when the opportunity arises). It was my first time in the factory and one of the surprises was that it is actually a nice place to spend a day in, with the nice alley surrounded by trees, etc. I am sure there are many ways of making good use of the premises for the visitors, turning it into good marketing for Lotus/Gelly. Probably even more so once the upgrade/refurbishment for the new visitors centre is completed.
  13. I spotted you and even managed to take a couple of pictures of your car on track. If interested I can post them / send them after verifying the quality (of the layers of dust).
  14. I would also like to thank and congratulate everyone involved for a fantastic celebration. From the guy who brought the idea and inspiration to the factory (anyone's guess who that was...) to Lotus and Geely (for buying into the idea and investing heavily in making a success out of it) and to the different clubs for all the enthusiasm shown in displaying their cars and bikes. It is evident that a lot of care and attention to detail was put into organising it and it turned out pretty impressive. You all proved to be great hosts! The standard is very high now and it obviously left us willing for more... Hopefully next year. Funny enough, I ended up with my sons in Snetterton instead of the Norfolk show-ground after taking the wrong shuttle when leaving. That gave us some additional track time and made us effectively one of the last to leave the party.
  15. It is a Seat 600 based on the Italian equivalent (the 500 was not really available/popular in Spain). The car that made motor cars popular and affordable in Spain. We also call it the “pelotilla” or small ball.
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