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  1. Evora Sport 410 Parts for Evora 400

    @Stubox Thanks for that. We are definitely in the era of alternative facts.
  2. Evora Sport 410 Parts for Evora 400

    Hm. Good point. So we need to push for a +10+2 being made available.
  3. Evora Sport 410 Parts for Evora 400

    Thanks, @Bravo73 My post was misleading. You are probably right. Differences would be "subtle". But isn't there still a different geometry and ECU tune, too? I guess I replied my own question because you can get those, too.
  4. Evora Sport 410 Parts for Evora 400

    Maybe I got it wrong, but I recall that it is/was not possible to have a 410 in 2+2 configuration. Is it possible now?
  5. Evora Sport 410 Parts for Evora 400

    The fact seems to be that these wheels make the 410 the only "condemned" 2+0. You can have a 400 and a 430 in 2+2. Does not sound right to me.
  6. Gold FFM?

    I understand that. I was just suggesting an alternative "gift" and building on CocoPops point. Except for serial Lotus buyers we only need one CoP (which some of us already have anyway).
  7. Gold FFM?

    ...Or if, upon renewal, you can choose one out of a range of possibilities...(eg. CoP, Valet Pro kit(s), Merchandise, battery charger, etc) Just saying
  8. The Evora 400 Diaries

    That clock must be set to the new Hethel Meridian Time.
  9. TLF GT430 Club

    It is indeed a thing of beauty. Enjoy the ride!
  10. Petrolicious and Lotus

    Time to bring this thread back to life. With a short interview with Julian Thomson discussing his Dino and the Elise, nonetheless. Julian Thomson on his Dino and the Elise
  11. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow Exige S

    The amount of light on that sky. :-)
  12. Oops!

    Congratulations! I look forward to reading your thoughts on the different attributes of both cars. Also regarding colours.
  13. Lotus Reveal 798kg Elise Sprint

    Thanks for sharing. With so many wings popping up through the range these days I wonder whether these will be called "the Halfords years" in some years time. I know I may be in the minority here, and that these cars appeal to a certain public which seems to be the only one buying Lotus nowadays, but I prefer the more subtle cars. Hopefully there will be a place for those also in the future.
  14. Future of Lotus

    I wonder where does this leave Lotus? The EV independent mainly-sports-car manufacturer that shares (not only) a Chinese factory with Polestar?