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  1. I assume it is the case but, can anyone please confirm if it will be possible for kids to access all areas, including the factory’s premises?
  2. The end is great, too. Low seating position is not always the best. 😂 Watching your episodes makes me miss my ‘84 Rx-7 but also realize how much work is involved to get things right. Really good work. 👍
  3. Arregueti

    Waving and/or giving a thumbs up

    I usually wave to what I consider "same cars", with varying success. Recently, I waved unsuccessfully from my Evora to a German registered Lotus Elan +2. He would not even look. Maybe he was lost and looking for directions...or thought I was driving a Lamborghini. The best reaction I got so far was from an Elan M100. When we came across each other, the passenger almost jumped over the windscreen to say hi. We thought the guy was going to leave the car. My sons couldn't stop laughing. It is also funny how often I get waved back when I am on my Mx-5. That car has the highest rate of "wave success" I have seen so far, and from very diverse drivers. High numbers on the road help too, I guess.
  4. Arregueti

    The Weird and Wonderful Driving Laws

    ^ Luxembourg applies the same rule. To the surprise (and sometimes expensive repair cost) of most people coming to live here from other countries. You can also be fined for not cleaning your license plate.
  5. Arregueti

    Evora GTE Registry

    ^ that car is serious car porn...
  6. Arregueti

    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

    Sounds great. Looking forward to reading more about it (and currently looking at flights )
  7. Arregueti

    Exige 4C project

    I do understand that the Evora does not have the same kind of beauty as the e-type and that a beautiful design is a priority to you. The funny thing with the Evora is that despite probably not being as beautiful as an e-type, the fact that it is (one of the few) mid-engined 2+2 makes its design and lines very challenging and special, quite a beauty given the challenge, at least to my eyes. A Stratos replica must be something. Good luck with your decision process. That is a nice decision you have to take. 🙂
  8. Arregueti

    Exige 4C project

    Moving from an e-type to a Franken-Exige sounds like quite a move. How would you be using the car? Is open-roof motoring a priority? Wouldn’t the Evora be a tempting proposition, given your motoring history? With the savings on the coach building (and headaches) you could also afford an Elise, too.
  9. Arregueti

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Very sad. Not much to say, Lee. Hold her hand and keep hope.
  10. Arregueti

    Lotus Engineered Art by Black Art Graphics

    I guess it depends to what you compare the cost. It fills the wall nicely and is cheaper than a painting or glass-framing a fancy poster.
  11. Arregueti

    Lotus Engineered Art by Black Art Graphics

    I am not sure whether you are aware of this, but it looks like soon there will be no more Lotus on the catalogue. I thought some of you might be interested to read this:
  12. Arregueti

    Evora GT430

    What a picture. That olive green looks amazing.
  13. I agree. And it just adds to the charm of the car, having some history. It is the clutch you may be worried about, though.
  14. That is a print screen from the configurator that was available back in the day. I know because I used it. To the OP: Congratulations. My car was also owned by Lotus, also a press car (as I found out later with pictures showing the tires being used similarly as yours above) and its UK registration number was AU61CEX (which funny enough can be read in more than one way ), so they must have been next to each other in the line. Enjoy the car.
  15. Arregueti

    America's Finest Lotus Collection

    It does look impressive. Thanks for posting!